10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Video Production Company in Toronto

Want to increase your business’s branding? Take advantage of YouTube, the platform where a billion users watch a billion hours of video each day. Of course, to maximize your return on investment, you’ll need to hire the right video production company in Toronto.

Finding the perfect video partner will ensure that your finished product will help you achieve serious marketing success. After all, 43 percent of consumers are open to watching video content. However, the content needs to be pitch-perfect for your target audience to indulge.

If you’re new to the process of uncovering the best video production company in Toronto for your needs, start by asking these 10 questions.

1. What Kind of Insurance Do You Carry?

Begin with this question and you can save yourself plenty of time.

Any professional video production company in Toronto should carry general liability insurance. This type of insurance protects them and their clients in the event that something goes wrong.

Without general liability insurance, a production entity is taking undue risks with their own people and equipment, as well as with your investment.

2. How Do You Determine Project Cost?

Before any work begins, you’ll need to figure out how much your video project will cost. Don’t assume that a one-minute video will cost half the amount of a two-minute video. They could actually be much closer because of other considerations in pre-production and production.

Most the time, video companies will have a system to map out the anticipated cost of each project. Then, they will explain each step and its related price to you. That way, you can budget accordingly and feel better about knowing where your money is going.

3. Can I See Your Portfolio of Work?

No portfolio? No go. That should be your mantra when looking for a video production company in Toronto.

Although most places will have a portfolio online, all should be able to send you samples of their work. Take the time to watch all the videos they send and see which ones appeal to you — or don’t appeal at all.

4. What Types of Projects Do You Prefer?

Finding the right video company is a lot like diving into a personal relationship: You deserve to make a lasting “match.” And that means you have to ask immediately about the kinds of projects each video company most enjoys tackling day-to-day.

Ask about the video company’s preferred types of corporate projects during your initial interview. This allows you to see if their creative leanings dovetail with your own. If not, you may be better off seeking another partner.

5. What Differentiates You From Another Video Production Company in Toronto?

Each video production company in Toronto has its own persona. Plus, the team members that make up the behind-the-scenes video crew bring their own competencies to their jobs.

Therefore, one of your goals when investigating video providers is to find the company that seems easiest to work with based on your ultimate objectives.

Obviously, the answer to this question will vary widely because each video company has its market advantages. Listen carefully to the response you get and see which types of differentiation matter to you.

6. What Types of Technology Do You Use?

Video technology has changed dramatically in just the past couple of years, so look for a video company that has kept up.

Most high-end, serious partners will offer you the chance to benefit from everything from leading-edge post-production software to drones. Be sure to request a tour of your top video companies’ facilities to see their futuristic tools.

7. How Do You Maintain a Safe Working Environment?

As the old adage goes, “Safety first.”

Depending on where and how your business’s video will be shot, the risk of damage to items or people could be lower or higher. Therefore, any Toronto-based video company must incorporate safety practices into its core protocols.

Don’t just take, “Sure, we practice safety,” as an answer to this question. Press for specifics to ensure your peace of mind.

8. What Do You Need From My Company to Begin?

Itching to get your video content rolling? First, figure out what your video company partner needs from you beyond a signed contract and initial down payment.

For instance, are you looking for a video production company to take your basic idea and run with it, providing everything from scripting to casting? Or do you have the project mapped out and ready to be shot and edited?

Talk this out upfront so each party understands its roles and responsibilities.

9. How Long Will It Take You to Complete My Video?

Obviously, you don’t want to wait forever for your video. That’s why you need to set timeline parameters up front.

Although videos can take a little longer to produce if actors are unavailable or preferred sites aren’t up to par, you still deserve to have a deadline for your material.

One note: If you’re in a rush, expect to pay premium rates for a “rush job” video that doesn’t cut corners.

10. Can You Help Us Market Our Business Video?

After your video is complete, do you know how to make it shine and get views sooner rather than later? A savvy video production company in Toronto will be able to assist you in making sure your video is seen.

Consequently, try to find a partner that can work with you on the marketing and branding elements of your video, not merely its completion.

Get on the Video Bandwagon Before Your Competition Does

With video being a hot commodity that’s expected to get even more powerful as a marketing tool in the coming years, you can’t afford to ignore it as a promotion vehicle.

Find a video production company that you can work with to develop at least one video, and branch out accordingly. Although 18 videos is the average monthly number produced by businesses, you don’t have to start that high. Even one well-constructed video will put you closer to your aims.

In the mood to learn the insider video tricks that make video content that sticks? Check out our tip-heavy blog today!

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