10 Tips For Working With A Video Production Company

Want to know a few, amazing facts about video?

  • 74% of all online traffic will be through online video
  • Landing page videos can increase conversions by 80%
  • 4x as many customers rather watch video than reading product information
  • 500 million people watch videos on Facebook… every day

The demand for video will continue to grow. With it comes a need for quality content and video production. Though, not all marketers, content creators, and business owners understand the basics of video production.

No worries.

Employing a video production company may feel intimidating. Yet, it provides the quality viewers demand. This article will take you through the important factors, questions, and answers when working with these providers.

And… action!

10 Tips for Working with a Video Production Company

Video production is a challenging process. There’s more to it than a camera and calling action. You’ll learn how amateur the production can be done when doing so on your own.

Video production companies provide a wide range of services:

  • Scripting
  • Equipment
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Animation
  • Distribution

… and much more.

It’s a worthwhile investment to produce the best possible content for your audience. It allows you to continue on with your tasks while placing the heavy work into the hands of professionals.

Here is what you need to know about working with these companies:

1. Create a Goal

Brainstorm and share your ideas for the goal of the video project. Ask yourself what result you want delivered after the video is live. Get specific about the target audience, direction, and content of the video.

There will be a compromise between expectations and reality.

2. Develop a Budget

Develop a budget range that provides flexibility without derailing the goals.

Consider funneling a part of other marketing budgets to experiment with video production. Let’s say 10% of the total budget. This number will change once you begin shopping around.

Understand the scope and scale of the project.

A short, 30-second teaser for YouTube does not hold the same time, money, and resources as doing a 10+ minute feature for a landing page.

3. Use Reference Points

Collect a variety of reference points to provide direction for the video:

  • Advertisements you’ve seen
  • Marketing materials you’ve collected
  • Suggestions from employees
  • Social media posts

Take a look at what the competition is doing. Set a baseline by using their research and build upon their success. Track the trends and popular videos.

4. Do the Due Diligence

See what video production companies have to offer.

It’s important to find a company that will deliver upon your needs while working withing your budget. A cross-examination of published work, demos, and back-and-forth with the company will do the due diligence.

Go one beyond by learning industry terms, equipment, and the process. This will give you an expectation of what happens when you hire the company.

5. Sign Off

Get everything in writing.

This document will help you understand the process of production. It’s there so you (and the company) are able to develop milestones and expectations. It will allow you to adjust the budget when appropriate while keeping the project within scope.

Sign off on the work once the document has been produced.

6. Set Expectations

Hold the video production company accountable for their work.

This includes:

  • Sticking to the budget
  • Deadlines
  • Promised quality

Do expect these individuals working on other projects but keep it aligned by referencing the workflow document.

Set expectations for yourself:

  • How you’ll keep the project on track
  • How you’ll distribute the video once it’s ready

Production may take weeks. This can create stress unless you’ve set expectations of what needs to be delivered and how you’ll control yourself.

7. Stay Flexible

Your vision may cause difficulty in realization. A lot of information and references have been submitted. Yet, no project will match 1:1.

Patience is key.

Early drafts of the video do no represent the full concept of the video. Much of the work happens in post-production. Try to see through what’s presented during the early stages.

A hard thumb throughout the process turns you into a pixel pusher. One that places too heavy a focus on the design versus the underlying elements. Focus on the core features of the video before you disrupt the production workflow.

8. Provide Feedback

Give an honest review of the draft and finalized work.

Expectations and guidelines were created for the reason of producing a piece of work that matches your needs and desires. You are the client. It’s okay to get firm with the company if they are unable to deliver.

There’s a method to great feedback.

Honesty also provides feedback so they may improve future efforts. These future projects could be your own.

9. Trust the Experts

You chose to work with experts because:

A. You do not have the resources to produce video

B. You’ve seen the quality work they provide

Let them do what they do best. Step back and let the experts be experts. You’re welcome to provide creative criticism and feedback.

The best production companies will integrate suggestions. They will take these suggestions while sticking to their knowledge of industry standards and skill set.

10. Think of the Future

Will you develop a relationship with the company? Have you seen success with video and want to do more? Think of the future — divide the budget so you may work on new video projects.

Track the results of the video efforts. Measure the ROI once live and cycle back to creating reference points which now include your own.

And… cut.

That’s a Wrap!

2017 (and beyond) will be massive years for online video. Social media, video marketing platforms, and live streaming have been established. The amateur hour is over in the World of content creation.

There is a fine balance between speed, cost, and quality.

Working with a professional production company will help you to balance the budget, produce great content, and do so quickly. That’s not possible through DIY methods.

Video is the big thing. It will make all the difference. So… roll the reels!

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