5 Tips for Marketing with Instagram Video

In today’s obsession with technology, you need to use it to your advantage for selling your company or brand. In fact, it’s the best way to advertise without breaking your budget.

Making fun, easy videos you can post on social media, like Facebook or Instagram are just smart marketing. Did you know an Instagram video can potentially get millions of views? Well, it can.

It’s hard to make it through your day without seeing people’s faces glued to their phones, so why not get your brand in there, as well. Imagine how many views you could get just from the morning rush alone.

People on the subway, or standing in line for coffee, or waiting for the bus can number in the thousands each and every day. People love to share what they like or relate to, so now you can increase your views.

Why Instagram Videos?

Instagram has millions of users on a daily basis. Plus, there is the option for business accounts which identifies you as a business and also gives you access to other insights and tools to help grow your name.

You can set up contact connections so views an get information about your business or even contact the business directly for information or to place orders.

It seems people don’t read anything longer than a description of their lunch picture, which is likely, ‘yummy’. We have become a very visual world.

Because it is completely visual, you can get users attention and, with the right content, keep their attention.

Here we will look further at the best tips for using Instagram videos.

1. Use Humor and Creativity

Making people laugh, or even smile means you have not only reached them but they will remember you. It can showcase your product or business in a fun, yet serious way and keep the viewer engaged.

People love to share things that make them happy or laugh, so there is a good chance if your video makes someone laugh, they will want to share that with someone else.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be ‘roll on the floor’ hilarious to get attention. Cute animals work if it’s appropriate and other fun ways to get views can be very effective for engaging viewers.

professional video production company will be able to help you there.

2. Promote Your Video

Once you have your Instagram video up, use it. Keep it moving to ensure you get as many views as you can. It’s a great idea to use your other social media platforms, as well.

You can connect them all together, your Facebook and Twitter and your Youtube channel can all be connected to Instagram to reach more people. Then invite your follows from one to the others.

People don’t actually have to have an account on Instagram to view Instagram video and other content. If they follow you on Twitter, you can direct them to your video with a link.

Offer viewers some kind of deal or discount for your brand by inviting them to share or tag or comment on the video. This will give you a good idea of who and how many are being reached.

3. Interact

Getting follows means you need to follow people, as well. As you want people to like and comment on your content, you need to do the same for theirs. Following and commenting on similar content or potential follows is a great way to grow your brand.

It’s also very important to read the comments people leave on your videos. Yes, even the negative ones. It’s vital to your business to know what is working and what areas need to be improved.

You will be able to sort out the serious comments from someone who is just attention seeking, but you should still read them all, just the same.

Also asking viewers to share or tag a friend is another way to keep your content moving and relevant. it also keeps the content moving and into the views of more people.

4. Test the Waters

If you are concern about costs or unsure how your Instagram video will fair in the market, you can always have a short, test or demo video shot. This way you can send it out and figure out from the reaction how the longer one will do.

This again is where the comments section comes in handy. You can sift through the comments left on the video to find out what worked and what you need to do to improve it.

You can send it out with questions to the viewers with specific questions or some more general for feedback. These can make a big difference in what your next move will be.

5. Get Personal

To keep yourself and your business unique, you should get personal with it. Showing yourself or some of the staff on the Instagram video is a great way to humanize and personalize your brand.

Show your viewers the background of where it all happens, maybe how it all began and how it has grown. People love to hear rags-to-riches stories, in particular, if they can relate to you.

Allow your viewers into your world. Even a short clip of you talking to them directly can increase your following. Let them see how the product is made or talk about how you came to be.

If you have family members working with you, show your viewers that, to give you that ‘real person’ touch.


Creating your own personal Instagram video for your business is just smart marketing and can be made to your budget. With close to 75% of internet traffic being videos, it just makes sense.

From product description to how-to videos, there is no better time to jump on board with Instagram videos for marketing. Ask a professional team about their idea for what they think might work best with your brand.

Get shooting, get uploading and get hashtagging your way to a more successful business. It’s an instant world, get it seen on Instagram.

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