7 Important Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Hiring for a Corporate Event

Global video consumption has skyrocketed. This growth has been spurred mostly by changing consumer tastes. People now, over any other method of communicating information, prefer video.

To that end, over 1 billion hours of video get watched every day on YouTube, 45% of Facebook users watch at least an hour of video each day and 89% of marketers say that video is at the core of their campaigns.

If you’re a company looking to take your next corporate event into the 21st century by increasing its reach and engagement, you’re probably considering producing a professional quality video of it. To accomplish this, you’re going to need an excellent videographer.

Not all videographers are created equal though. To help you find the right team for the job, here is our suggested questions to ask videographer list!

1. What Are Your Qualifications?

This is among the most basic and important questions to ask a videographer. A videographer’s qualifications can help you better understand their experience. That experience will allow you to formulate how their skills will translate into your project.

To help frame your qualifications conversation, talk to your perspective videographer about what your vision is for your corporate event. Then, ask if they’ve done anything in the past similar to what it is you’re looking to achieve.

The more relevant jobs and portfolio pieces they can show you, the more assured you can be that your videographer will get the job done.

2. What Is Included in Standard Service Packages?

Most video production companies have varying packages that outline what it is they’ll do for your project and what’s outside of their scope. To make sure that there are no unplanned expenses down the line and that everything you need to get captured during your event gets captured, confirm with your videographer that the package you’re purchasing is adequate for your vision.

If you’re finding that certain aspects of your corporate event will fall outside of your production company’s purview, figure out what it would cost to add those services on. If your videographer cannot accommodate the services you need, it’s worth searching for a more flexible production partner.

3. Will the Project Be Delivered on Time?

If the final deliverables for your corporate event have a hard due date, you need to make that clear to your production company. Typically, videographers will have a standard turnaround time for projects that are similar in scope. If you need a job rushed, most production companies will be able to accommodate for an additional rush fee.

4. Do You Have Referrals?

When working with any company, referrals are key to deducing the quality of service you’ll get. That’s why asking for referrals should be among your top questions to ask videographer.

Most videographers will be able to give you testimonials directly or point you to their company’s Yelp or Google review pages. Any production company that’s unable to give you testimonials should raise a red flag.

5. How Will Rights Work?

Understanding rights is an important aspect of any video production agreement. Rights will dictate what footage you are able to utilize and how you can utilize it.

For starters, ask your videographer if your company will have rights to both the finished product and raw footage that’s recorded from your project. If you’re only entitled to the finished product, ask how your videographer plans on using the raw footage.

If you’re uncomfortable with footage being resold or reused that’s shot at your event, make that known.

Furthermore, when you understand what aspects of your project you’ll have rights to, make sure that those rights are comprehensive. This will ensure your ability to recycle your video content into other marketing materials and broadcast your video across whatever mediums you see fit.

6. Who Will Be Present at the Event?

If you establish a good rapport with the person you’re doing your video production deal with, you may want them to be the one that’s actually managing the work. With some companies though, the practicalities of managing their business won’t allow for that.

If the video professional you talk to is going to send another person to your event to manage your project, ask to meet the person they’re sending so you’re confident in their abilities.

7. What Equipment Will Be Supplied?

Quality equipment can make or break your corporate event video. That’s why it’s important to include this query in your questions to ask videographer list.

The base requirement for a reputable videographer will be for them to supply their own camera. If audio is important to your event, however, you may want to understand what kind of sound capturing hardware your company will be utilizing.

Also, if the room your event is being shot in is dim, you’ll want to ask if your videographer will be bringing their own lighting. If not, ask your videographer’s opinion on whether or not you need to invest in renting quality lighting so they can adequately shoot your space.

Wrapping Up Our Questions to Ask Videographer List

Picking the best videographer for your corporate event will directly affect how your project turns out. To help you better understand the company you’re hiring, we recommend using our above questions to ask videographer as a guide.

These questions will help you better assess not only the qualifications of who is filming your event but the scope of their services which can help you predict costs and stick to your timeline.

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