7 Promotional Video Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

7 Promotional Video Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Digital marketing continues to evolve. As digital marketing trends change, it’s important to keep your business in the know.

One trend that continues to grow in popularity is the use of videos. Did you know that 87% of marketers use video content? Images and blogs are still common, but these days, consumers love videos!

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Now is the ideal time for your company to use video marketing!

Need ideas for using video to grow your company? There are plenty of ways to incorporate videos into your marketing plan!

Consider creating a promo video. A promotional video is a great way to get your business’ name out there.

If you’re interested in creating a promotional video, you’ll want some insight. Many companies make avoidable mistakes when creating video content. Don’t fall into the same issues!

Here are 7 promotional video mistakes to avoid making.

1. Cramming Too Much Information Into a Short Video

Most videos should be no longer than a few minutes. This means your video needs to be concise but also entertaining and informational.

The key? Stick to the topic at hand. With a promotional video, your company is the focus.

What information do you want to share in a video? There are no wrong or right topics to consider in the video. Looking for some helpful topic ideas?

Consider these video topics:

  • New product or service/product launch
  • New social media campaign
  • Competition your company is running
  • DIY/how-to
  • Tips and tricks
  • Brand documentary
  • Expert Q&A session
  • Holiday greetings

With video marketing, have a message goal in mind. Are you trying to sell a new product? Want customers from a new demographic?

The video purpose will drive the pertinent information you’ll need to cover.

2. Disjointed Video Content

Videos need to be cohesive! All content should flow in harmony.

The visual images need to match the voice. The tone and words need to fit the topic that is being discussed.

Harmony is an important part of a video’s effectiveness. If all of the pieces don’t flow, your video will be choppy. A disorganized video can be hard to watch!

A video that isn’t easy on the eyes and ears won’t give your company the boost you’re seeking.

So how do you create harmony in a corporate promotional video?

Plan out the video before creating it! Know exactly what will be said. Know which images will be displayed at which time.

3. No Script/Bad Script

Have you ever watched a video and thought “who wrote this?” You don’t want this thought to cross your clients’ minds!

To avoid a jumbled video with no real purpose, have a script and ensure it reads well. Speak it out loud before ever setting foot in front of a camera.

No one gets a script right the first time. Be willing to make edits! With some time and changes, your script will be perfect.

4. Forgetting a Call to Action

In any media that your company creates, a call to action must be used. A video is only useful if you give your viewers an action by the end of it!

Know the purpose of the video!

Is your goal to boost the number of users who receive your weekly newsletter? To tell viewers about a competition your company is running on social media? To persuade clients to buy a new product?

Whatever the purpose, ensure your video uses a call to action to reiterate the purpose. Have users click on a link. Or prompt them to visit your website.

Your call to action needs to be friendly and natural. It shouldn’t be pushy!

With the right call to action, your video marketing will produce measurable success.

5. Not Sharing on Social Media

Odds are that social media marketing is part of your overall marketing plan. You’ll want to market your videos using social media!

There are a variety of platforms you can use. Critical platforms include:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

When using social media, be sure to host and share the video!

Host the video on YouTube and on Facebook. Native uploads to each platform will get you many more views.

At the same time, sharing is just as important. Sharing increases your viewing chances.

6. Not Using Teaser Videos

Want to really grab your clients’ interest? Then use teaser videos!

Release short snippets of your promotional video before releasing the entire thing. Teaser videos are a great way to intrigue your clients.

Post teaser clips on YouTube. Share them on Twitter. Grow a cloud of interest for your upcoming full video release!

The more interest you can draw pre-release, the more successful your promotional video will be.

Without teaser videos, you risk hard selling pitfalls. We like to relate hard selling to telling someone you love them on the first date. This can scare your date away and ruin any potential of a future!

Slow and steady wins the race! Build interest by using short teaser clips.

7. Not Creating a Campaign

Video marketing isn’t as simple as creating one five-minute video. When it comes to video marketing, pacing is ideal.

Avoid information overload. Try for a video campaign versus a one-time release.

Create shorter videos that break a topic into shorter segments. This offers many benefits, including:

  • Shorter, more concise videos
  • Less risk of losing client attention and interest
  • More time focusing on the big topic
  • Viewers are kept informed and entertained

Just as marketing isn’t a one time focus, neither is a video! Make your video marketing a full on campaign.

Need a Promotional Video? We Can Help!

Video production isn’t an easy skill to master. Instead of spending months ramping up on video creation knowledge, why not work with the pros?

At Viva Media, we have a team of video production experts. Allow us to take you through the production process. From pre-production to the marketing phase, you can count on us.

Our full-service video production will boost your company’s visibility. Contact us today and let’s help you create videos that drive sales!

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