7 Reasons Why Quality Photography is Important in Your Marketing Plan

Here’s another fun fact:

Canada’s photography market alone generated a whopping $765 million revenue in 2017.

All these should already give you a clearer idea on why photography is important. That you need high-quality, well-curated images in your branding and advertising arsenal as soon as possible.

But how exactly can quality photography boost your marketing strategy?

That’s what we’re here to share with you. So, keep reading to learn all about how to make your brand stand out with awesome photos!

1. Using Pictures to Talk

Think about it.

Do you think people will spend so much money (and time) on having images captured, whether by their own hand or by a pro’s, if they didn’t put any value on photography?

Or would popular photo uploading site Instagram attract the attention of 800 million Grammers if it wasn’t important?

Many of these folks use these photos to advertise themselves (or their products) in some way. Because they know that in the world of marketing, seeing is believing. Pictures talk, after all.

Using vivid, vibrant, and creative stills can help you instill your brand’s legitimacy in people. Whether the subject is people, objects, or events, you can convey your brand’s message faster to your market than simple text.

We have our brains to thank for this too, seeing as it processes images 60,000 faster than written words.

2. Using a Direct Message

You know those funny memes? Those image macros shed some light on how you combine pictures and text the right way. They’ve become so popular not only because they give a dose of that much-needed daily laugh, but also because they hit home for a lot of us.

So, when planning an ad, take a page out of meme creators’ books. That part where they come up with a direct message made all the more real by an image.

Modern photography helps you avoid long-winded explanations. They’re a message in themselves.

Quality images (with a touch of creativity) already gives you a way to communicate your brand’s message. Add a strong caption (a highlight of your products and services), and you can have a winning ad right there.

3. Engaging an Online Audience

In 2017, North American marketers spent more than C$270 billion for their advertising activities. The majority of this, they spent on digital advertising. Why?

For the simple reason that more than half of the world now uses the Internet! So, not having an online presence can mean the downfall of your business.

Where exactly do pictures come into play though?

Well, you can bet that hefty chunk of investment goes to social media posts.

For a smaller business, quality images used in social posts bring a special edge since they can attract a local crowd. After all, so many people seek alternatives to popular brands. They rather choose mom and pop stores or local businesses.

So… Why not use that edge to your advantage? You can compete with large campaigns by appealing to community spirit.

Post photos of how your business helps the neighborhood. Give them a look into your production process.

Always remember that loyal customers are the lifeblood of small businesses. These consumers are most likely locals, so tap into their scene ASAP.

4. Photography is Important When Presenting a Professional Face

Outside of Polaroids or vintage pictures, low-resolution images aren’t very appealing. Cost savings are tempting, but taking iPhone photos of your otherwise professional products/services can bring your credibility down.

Spending more on quality products is why people turn to handmade, local goods. Why would you do your work a disservice by taking bad pictures of it?

With photography marketing’s sleek images, you can communicate professionalism to your customers. Potential partners also judge you by your work and presentation.

Featuring the creative flair of your products shows individuality. Your strengths should always be at the forefront. It’s through well-crafted photos that you can present your brand’s professional face.

If you don’t have the eye for taking pictures yourself, many top-quality photography services exist to help you.

5. Going Viral is Effective Marketing

Who wouldn’t want to reap the effects of viral posts? They’re some of the most effective branding tools out there, with the potential of making your brand known to the entire world.

Do you remember that one tweet by a hopeful teen to Wendy’s asking for a lifetime of chicken nuggets? It broke the record for most retweets.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption benefited from the campaign as well.

As you can see, going viral is important to a lot of businesses. While your posts might not reach those lofty heights, you can still make lasting impressions.

Photographs can reach a wide audience if it resonates with them. Depending on how you frame your product, you can convey a lot of ideas.

For instance, bright, fun colors can spark happy feelings. Nature photos can make anyone feel relaxed and calm.

Couple that with hashtags, and you double engagement on your posts.

Those two methods tell people that you can not only follow trends but also set them.

At the same time, using professional photographs improve that effect. Because pro photographers know exactly how to present your products or services in the best possible light.

You may not go viral, but all those new followers can become potential customers.

6. Building a Friendly Environment with Industrial Photos

Another great way modern photography can help you engage your intended audience is to capitalize on industrial photos. You can use these images to present your business facilities.

Capturing the daily workings of your workspace with well-composed shots attract clients. Add videos where you cast a good light on your people, and you can also impress potential partners and even investors. Furthermore, it lets people know your organization takes pride in maintaining a friendly environment.

This is also how you attract new and skilled employees. Remember, no one wants to work in a dingy space.

7. Showing off Exciting Previews

Let’s say you already have a strong following online and that your business is doing well and is not only stable, but also thriving.

Where can you use photography marketing then? To create excitement through previews!

Well-presented future projects can generate more leads. They attract new blood while also keeping your existing customers loyal. For the simple reason that your images can tell them that there’s more to look forward to when they do business with your brand.

Think of how shoe companies show off their new designs for their sponsored players. Doesn’t everyone else get excited? That’s great photography at work.

Don’t Stop at Photos

In business, one of your top priorities is the quality of your products. But, your presentation is for those that are on the outside looking in.

You see it every day online or in the real world. Through ads popping up on websites to every commercial on TV or on YouTube. Being able to share that same spotlight is why photography is important.

Building your own targeted and well-presented marketing requires every advantage you can get. But your advantage doesn’t stop at amazing photos.

Check out these resources for more information on how you can gain the upper hand.

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