7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using an Animated Logo In Your Promotional Videos

If you’re considering using an animated logo, then good- you should be. As many as 70% of marketers believe video’s the medium that drives the most conversions. 

In light of that, it’s imperative you make the most of all your video content. By simply using an animated logo, you’ll enhance your promotion and product videos massively. 

 So, let’s dive into a few of the benefits of using such animations!

1. Boost Brand Awareness

One of the core functions of a company logo is to increase awareness. The aim is to craft something that sticks in the minds of your customers. Needless to say, by using an animated logo you create something a little more memorable than bog standard logo designs. 

When brands use static images for logos, it can take consumers a few times to interact with the visual before they make the connection between your logo and your company. 

Whereas with animation, you can better communicate your brand’s message- through the vibrancy of the motions and colors.

2. Engage with Mobile Users 

Did you know the amount of people using mobile devices to surf the internet has now surpassed that of desktops? 

In fact, back in 2015, as many as 52.7% of mobile phone users from across the globe browsed the internet via their mobile device.

This means you need to design your online presence to fit onto a smaller screen, so using animated logos within your videos not only makes them more appealing, but it also increases the likelihood of visitors reading your website copy.

3. Utilize the Power of Story Telling

No, we don’t mean producing a full feature-length movie in the form of a logo animation!

Instead, consider how your animation connects with your audience. It should help to tell the story behind your company. Think of it as an opportunity to shed light on your business’s values. 

Are you a brand that’s full of fun, life, and energy? Or, would you rather people take you more seriously? You can easily use your logo animation to convey this- so make the most of this resource!

4. Stand Out From the Crowd

This point kind of links with brand awareness. Animated logos are more likely to connect with your target demographic on an emotional level.

Perhaps the design puts a smile on their face? Maybe you’ll make them laugh? Or, will your animation conversely disturb them? Whatever your angle, an animated logo is a fantastic tool for standing out from the crowd. 

By cleverly using colors, sounds, and motion you’ll captivate and hold your viewer’s for much longer than a static logo. Consumers are continually bombarded with content every day, so animation allows your brand to stand out within a crowded marketplace. 

5. Improve Your SEO

Animation as part of your promotional material can work wonders for improving your website’s SEO. Dynamic content is far more likely to be shared amidst your followers. 

Social shares and mentions are fabulous for organically producing backlinks back to your- which as we all know, is essential for increasing your position on major search engines. 

Like we’ve already alluded to, web pages featuring motion graphics are more likely to capture and retain the attention of visitors. Google’s algorithm takes note of how long people stay on your site and will reward you in the form of SEO.

Last but not least, Google also sees whether you’ve uploaded animations on YouTube. Google loves it when you embed content from YouTube; this is hardly surprising when you consider Google owns this platform, so it’s only natural they want ways to promote these videos.

6. Stay Consistent

Once you’ve established an animated logo for your brand, you should use it wherever you can.

One of the keys to creating a strong brand is consistency. So, use your animated logo wherever you can to reinforce your brand visuals. 

For example, if you’ve commissioned the production of marketing or explainer videos for your business, insert your animated logo in the corner of each of the frames. 

Alternatively, you can feature your logo as an intro slide before diving into the bulk of your content. This is amazing for giving your brand a more professional feel. 

7. It Doesn’t Cost the Earth

When poorly done, the costs of advertising your content online can soon rack up. Whereas, an animated logo can be used not only as part of your marketing videos but in numerous other ways. 

8. You Can Use Animation Elsewhere

It’s not just your promotional and product videos where animated logos come in handy. Rather, you can enhance these resources as well:

Your Social Media Platforms 

You can publish your animations on your business’s social media handles. Video content has become increasingly popular over the last few years, so jump on the bandwagon and create something that resonates with your audience.

If you’re yet to settle on an animated logo, why not use it as an opportunity to connect with your following? Post a few options and have them vote for the one they like the most. People love getting involved!

Your Web Pages 

You could try inserting your animated logo on the banners of your web pages. This is an amazing way of making your site more interactive.

Want to Get Going with an Animated Logo?

If you resonated with the benefits of an animated logo, please feel free to reach out to us and see how we can help you get the ball rolling. We look forward to working with you soon! 

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