7 Stellar YouTube Tips for Beginners

7 Stellar YouTube Tips for Beginners

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that true, then a video, which is essentially a series of pictures, must be worth hundreds of thousands of words.

This does seem to be the case when it comes to content marketing. Video content is consistently the most shared and viewed across social media platforms. Simply put, if you want to catch people’s attention, videos are the way to do it.

Of course, making a great video and publicizing it is easier said than done. That’s why we have these 7 YouTube tips for beginners to help get you started.

Why YouTube?

Before we jump into our YouTube tips for beginners, let’s back up at take a look at why it is so important for your business to have a YouTube channel.

Simply put, if you’re serious about using video marketing to grow your digital strategy, then using YouTube is a must. While most people know that Google is the world’s largest search engine, they are sometimes surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine.

It’s not enough to simply post videos directly to your website or social media channels. YouTube will give your videos a bigger platform and will provide helpful analytics to help you track your progress.

That said, creating a YouTube channel is not a silver bullet that will jump-start your video campaign for you. It’s all about having the right strategy.

1. Choose Your Camera Wisely

Your video is only as good as the equipment you use to record it. While just about everyone now carries a phone that can record video in seconds, most phones do not have the necessary video quality to produce professional videos.

Also, don’t forget to consider audio quality when choosing your camera. If the audio sounds warbled or distorted, this will negatively impact your videos.

Purchasing and learning how to use high-quality video equipment can be costly and time-consuming. This is why many companies choose to work with a video production company to create their videos. Working with video experts allows you to focus on important things like lead generation and conversion.

2. Don’t Forget About SEO

No digital marketer would dream of posting a blog post without researching keywords to make sure it was search engine optimized. The same should go for every video you post to your YouTube channel. Effective SEO is key to making sure that your videos get found.

First, give each of your videos a descriptive title. Also, make sure to use tags, which are keywords that help people find your video. Finally, make use of the description box to write a short but power-packed description that will help tell YouTube searchers what your video is about.

3. Post Content Regularly

If you aren’t posting video content on a regular cadence, then you don’t really have a YouTube channel. Posting videos on a predictable schedule helps to capture people’s attention and build a regular audience.

A good idea might be to pre-record a couple of videos before you launch your YouTube channel. Then, you can schedule them to release a couple of weeks apart.

You should also give yourself an ambitious yet achievable goal of how many videos you want to post. For instance, you may seek to post one video every two weeks. The key is to fill your channel with good content so you start gaining traction.

4. Be Social

The operative term in the word “social media” is social. And while YouTube is a search engine, it is also a social media channel. If you want to have success on your company’s channel, you need to interact with partners and customers.

A great way to build your network is to work with partners and tag them in your content. This can help both of your grow your audience. For instance, a local brewery building their YouTube channel could work with a local food truck to produce video content and promote to one another’s audiences.

Also, make sure to push out your YouTube content on your other social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter can be effective avenues to share your content and to encourage customers to do the same.

5. Fill Out Your Profile

It’s great if YouTube users find your videos based on searches or social media shares. But you want to make sure that, when users find your profile, they also find out the information you need them to know about your business.

This is where your profile comes in. Brand your page with your company’s logo and imagery to increase brand recognition. Also, include links to your website so that visitors to your channel can convert.

6. Know Your Target Audience

Simply creating content isn’t enough to get folks paying attention to your channel. Rather, you need to create content that will interest them, and that they will want to share with their network.

Think about what your product is and what your target audience needs. For instance, if you sell a complicated piece of equipment, you could use YouTube to provide a tutorial for how to use it or maintain it. If you sell a consumer product like clothing, you can create entertaining fashion advice videos.

Keep in mind that not every strategy will work for every product. Ask yourself what your specific customer will be looking for, and provide it.

7. Consider YouTube Ads

If you want to take your YouTube campaign to the next level, you can consider buying ad space. YouTube advertising can help you target demographics by a specific age, gender, interest, or geographic location.

That said, be careful not to rely too heavily on ads. When it comes to social media channels, organic growth is usually the most effective. Ads are successful when used as a supplement, rather than a key strategy.

Put These YouTube Tips for Beginners to Work Today

With these YouTube tips for beginners, you will be on your way to starting a successful channel that will elevate your brand.

Ready to get started making professional quality videos for your business? Contact us for a free quote today!

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