7 Youtube Genres that are Very Popular Right Now

Did you know that YouTube has almost two billion active users worldwide? And that more than five billion YouTube videos are watched every single day?

Today the video-sharing platform is home to a diverse range of influencers. It’s a great place to learn new skills, relate to others, and have a good ol’ laugh online.

You may be planning to create and release online video content for your brand. But which YouTube genres and video formats ensure views?

We’re here to help with our list of the top seven YouTube Genres that are popular right now. Gain inspiration for your next video here!

1. Beauty

Beauty YouTubers are known for their expertise in makeup and skincare. Their videos usually take a range of different formats.

These formats can include makeup tutorials, vlogs on makeup and skincare routines, and product reviews. The latter is especially relevant now more than ever. This is because authentic reviews are important to customers who are considering making a purchase.

And within the beauty industry, these top vloggers know best!

Favorites, ‘best ofs’, and ‘empties’ are more formats that are popular among beauty bloggers. In these, vloggers list their favorite products. For example, a beauty trendsetter may list his or her top 10 favorite moisturizers and explain the benefits of each.

In videos showcasing ‘empties’, beauty vloggers show the products they’ve used up at the end of the month. These videos perform well as they display the products that the experts have actually finished – meaning they must be pretty good!

Haul videos were made famous by beauty YouTubers and are now used among other niches such as fashion or even tech. A beauty haul video involves the vlogger discussing the latest products they’ve purchased so viewers can see what’s trending in beauty.

2. Comedy

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? There are many types of YouTubers that focus solely on getting their viewers grinning, but even different niches incorporate laughter into their content. For example, some beauty gurus have added an element of humor into their makeup tutorials to produce fun, unique, and personalized content.

YouTubers that specialize in comedy are famous for poking fun at everyday human problems, creating skits and characters, and generating content with the simple purpose to crack their fans up.

Just like most comedians, comedy YouTubers are quick-witted and are shamelessly self-deprecating!

Jenna Marbles is one notable example and the popular YouTuber boasts over a whopping 20 million subscribers!

3. Gaming

Gaming is one of the most popular genres on YouTube. Video game enthusiasts from all around the world gather to view content focused on video games that played on various gaming consoles.

Video content created by gaming YouTubers mainly focuses on helping viewers improve their skills and providing entertainment to a gaming-focused audience.

However, the most commonly produced video format by gaming YouTubers is the ‘let’s play video’.  This features a gaming YouTuber recording their screen while playing a video game, providing commentary.

Often these commentaries provide tips and tricks, entertainment, and humor for viewers. So, these formats definitely suit big personalities!

Felix Kjellberg of PewDiePie is the most popular gamer YouTuber of all time, racking up over 95 million subscribers to date!

4. Travel

There are many types of vlogs and the travel niche is one that suits this format well on YouTube.

Before the surge in travel vlogs, travelers relied primarily on books and websites to plan vacations. Today, however, viewers are taken along on adventures by travel vloggers and are lent helpful travel recommendations along the way.

Usually, travel YouTubers split their content according to location or attraction and present their travel experiences through highlight videos or detailed vlogs.

Such travel videos are an ideal way for viewers to discover a location or activity in great detail without actually visiting. Whether viewers live vicariously through travel vloggers documentations or if they use the videos to help plan trips, this is one YouTube genre that shows no sign of slowing.

Marie Fe and Jake Snow are a popular travel couple that creates fresh, exciting, and beautiful travel vlogs that provide inspiration for travel around the globe.

5. Health & Fitness

YouTubers focusing on health and fitness detail and film their workout routines and discuss diets with their audience to inspire viewers to lead a healthier lifestyle.

While some post long full-length workout videos that viewers can try in the comfort of their own home, others post short snappy clips that guide their audience through quick workouts.

Others post a variety of different videos ranging from short to long-form content.

Adrienne of Yoga With Adrienne has a following of over 5 million subscribers and posts a range of diverse yoga routines from mindful, restful practices to the more fast-paced and intense.

Adrienne also posts several series of routines which include various 30-day yoga challenges. As it sounds, the viewer engages in these challenges for a month, practicing yoga from each video for 30 days. Video series are a great way for viewers to keep up training momentum and test themselves.

6. Food & Cooking

For those who love to cook or for those learning, cooking and lifestyle YouTubers are an excellent source for new recipes and guidance in the kitchen.

Cooking YouTubers showcase their culinary skills by creating food vlogs that focus on how to prepare dishes, dietary advice, and cooking tips and tricks.

Many YouTubers specialize in one specific cuisine or type of food, while some cover a variety. For example, Deliciously Ella, who has over 240,000 subscribers, focuses on cooking yummy and comforting vegan dishes.

7. Fashion

Fashion vloggers are usually trendsetters that showcase their own personal style along with upcoming trends hitting the magazines and shops.

Some of the content displayed by fashion YouTubers includes look-books showcasing outfits and haul videos displaying their latest purchases.

The lucky YouTubers that perform particularly well usually go on to designing their own fashion brand or clothing line – living the dream!

YouTube Genres That Work

These are just seven YouTube genres that are popular right now, but if they don’t fit with your brand there are plenty more niches that perform brilliantly too.

Likewise, many of the video and vlog formats mentioned can be applied across different genres and topics so you can adjust to your company accordingly!

Ready to build your brand across YouTube? Let us help tell your story – check out what we can do for your brand!

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