7 Youtube SEO Tips to Transform Your Digital Presence

Need some YouTube SEO tips for your promotional content? You’ve come to the right place.

In today’s day and age, it can be very hard to distinguish yourself online. There is just so much competition out there.

Marketing videos can help, as they can be an entertaining way to engage potential clients while also spreading your message.

But even if your video is unique and innovative, it can be hard to rise above other companies with similar products.

That’s where strategic SEO utilization comes in.

SEO can help your company stand out by making it easier for people to access and come across your content.

Youtube’s interface allows users to integrate SEO into all content published through the platform. When employed correctly, adhering to SEO guidelines can do wonders for your brand.

Here are 7 YouTube SEO tips that can transform your digital presence:

1. Find the perfect title

This should be the first step in forming an SEO strategy. What do you want to name your video?

But be careful. A bad title can hurt a video’s chances of appealing to a wide audience.

Make your titles descriptive, but catchy. Do not be misleading in any way, or you will start to see backlash against your video and your brand.

If possible, avoid wordy or jargon-filled titles. If your title is too long, it will be cut off when searched for on Google, and people will be less likely to want to click on it.

2. Keyword Tags

Keywords are the bread and butter of any decent SEO strategy. They are insights into the mind of your audience.

YouTube allows users to tag keywords into their videos, so their video comes up in search results. The more similar your tags are to the words that were searched, the higher up your video will be on the page.

What do you think your audience will type into YouTube’s search bar when they are looking for a specific video?

You should make sure your keyword phrases are specific.

Multiple keywords work especially well for YouTube, because the more relevant words you tag, the better chance you have to rank in their search results.

3. Descriptions

The video description is one of the most powerful sales tools that YouTube has to offer. In effect, it gives you a chance to pitch your video to the audience.

You can do a long description if you feel like you need it, but all that matters is that you have all the necessary information included.

You should include keywords and keyword phrases in your description, but do not overload it.

Remember, it’s a sales pitch. Keywords are important, but if your description is unreadable, you lose a certain amount of credibility.

Make sure you plug your website and any social media profiles as well.

4. Call to Action

If it’s relevant to your video, you should include a Call to Action button.

Those watching your video can click on the button within the frame if they want a chance to learn more information or perform a specific action.

A common use of a Call to Action button is to implore views to engage your company through social media.

For a Call to Action button, it’s important to test what works and what doesn’t. You can judge which buttons work best by how many clicks they are getting.

If something isn’t working, change it up.

It can also be smart to add text to your video that encourages action, just to reinforce the sentiment to your audience.

5. Social Media Integration

Of all YouTube SEO tips, this is the one that is most relevant if you want your content to attract a younger audience.

Social media is one of the best ways to spread promotional content, especially to millennials.

If you don’t already, your company should be utilizing social media to its fullest extent. Being able to attract followers to your page directly correlates to more business.

After you have a marketing video that you are proud of, share it to your social media page!

Those who are following your page will see it on their news feed. If they appreciate your video, they might share it to their page, or their friends will see that they liked/commented on it.

This exposes your brand to thousands of potential customers.

For this reason, it can be helpful to produce a marketing video that is humorous or has viral potential.

6. Paid Results

If you are inexperienced at YouTube SEO, you may want to consider paying to appear in search results.

This way, your video will appear toward the top of the page without you having to build your way up through page views.

If you have a quality promotional video, you will likely be able to have a long-term audience after paying for the first few days.

Investing in paid promotion can be a quick way to popularize for video. If you can afford it, it’s usually worth the money.

7. Thumbnails

Like your description, a thumbnail also works as a sort of sales pitch.You can use a thumbnail image to draw a visitor in to clicking on your video.

The image you choose should be a still of the video that is appealing and eye-catching.

You should also ensure that the image is high-quality and simple. If the image is too complex, a visitor’s eyes will not be able to focus on the image.

Choosing the right thumbnail is a crucial step. An image that draws someone in can translate to thousands of views.

 Summing things up

Feeling daunted? It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

But the world is incredibly fast-paced, and it is more important than ever to make sure that your brand is relevant to your base.

By utilizing the YouTube SEO tips above, you should be able to have everybody talking about your promotional content in no time.

If you’re looking for high-quality marketing video production, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how many ways that we can help you out.

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