8 Benefits of Video Marketing

Regardless of what your business is, you need to advertise. There are countless clever ways to market your business, all with varying degrees of success. If you haven’t considered using video marketing, you should.

There are many benefits of video marketing that you can’t get through other forms. While it’s not new, there are just so many options available to you. You can make it new by getting creative with the type of video you use.

It’s a great way to reach your target audience and beyond. You can use it in so many different ways, and get it out quickly. Here are a few reasons you should be using video marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

It’s a television commercial in the palm of your audience’s hand. A short, catchy video not only gets your point across, it can be highly entertaining.

1. People Love Video

People are far more likely to watch a video than read text. The video does all the work. They hit play and watch. If’s it’s funny or animated or visually appealing, they will watch it several times.

Most people can’t be bothered to read much more than a quick facebook post. Giving them a video keeps their attention longer. It’s the best way to keep them viewing your ad.

2. Captive Audience

The whole world is staring at their phone screen. Why not let them stare at your product or service? If they are on their break at work, stuck on transit or waiting for a friend, they are most likely staring at their phone.

Capture the attention of the captive audience. You can entertain them with your video and if it’s clever, you are selling without seeming to. If you’ve ever been stuck on a streetcar in morning rush hour traffic, a little entertainment is a welcome friend.

3. Animation

Animation works on so many levels. It’s a chance to get as creative as you like and show your product or service in a new way. It’s perfect for selling something that isn’t traditionally fun or exciting.

Add some fun animation to take it to the next level. Selling a product becomes fun when you can give an inanimate object life. Make it dance and sing, turn it into an animal or a beloved character that becomes your mascot.

Animation makes people feel more relaxed and it’s a much softer sell. It doesn’t actually feel like advertising. It feels more like entertainment. People will remember your animation a lot longer, as well.

4. Best for ROI

You can easily keep track of how effective the video is. You can see how many views and shared the video gets. Plus, you can continuously update a video without having to start over.

Online editing can let you update videos all the time. They don’t even have to be perfect, just clear and entertaining. While the video isn’t always the least expensive option, it offers you the best return on investment.

5. Go Viral

The right video can potentially be seen by hundreds, even thousands of people. Even more. It’s so easy to share and use a video. Having it on your website, use in your email blasts and send it out over your social media platforms.

Social media is the easiest way to send your video around. It can be seen and shared by not only your target audience, your followers but shared with many more, as well.

Ideally, this is what you want. A clever idea in your video will spread faster than head lice at a daycare. You can easily track the video and see where it goes and how many views it gets.

6. Creatively Wide Open

There are just so many more options available when you use video. keep it simple, make it detailed, use animation, black and white. You can follow what is trending or branch out on your own.

it can really open the door to making your business or product interesting and appealing. The most clever videos are often the least complicated. A simple stick figure performing a small feat has the ability to tell your whole story in a very easy way.

7. Show Me

A video showing how your product or service works is very effective marketing. It lets the viewer see first hand how the product works and how it will fit into their own life.

It’s the perfect way to simply explain your service or product and let the viewer imagine themselves using it. Show it’s used, it’s benefits and why everyone should have it right now!

You don’t even need dialogue to make the point, as the video can explain it all visually. Take the mystery out by showing it. Take away the doubt and give the viewer their ‘aha moment’.

8. More Hits

The video will show up in an internet search and lead users to your web page. It keeps people there longer when you have a video. They may watch it several times over and then keep looking through your page for more information.

You stand a much better chance of capturing the attention with a visual image over just text. It allows the viewer a clear idea of how the product or service will impact their own life.

Play Again

If you have any doubt about the benefits of video marketing, get rid of them. A video can take even the most common bar of soap and turn it into a fabulous soap opera.

Your potential of being seen by a wider audience increases the more you share your video. It’s possible to use it on all your social media platforms, on your website, and in your email marketing.

It’s versatile and you are open to so many creative possibilities. Make a memorable video that gets seen and shared by as many people as possible. Using humor, music, wild colors, and easy instructions will make your video the best marketing tool you have.

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