Meet the corporate video production team behind Viva Media
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About Our Company

Serving all of Toronto and the GTA, Viva Media is a dedicated full-service video production company based out of Downtown Toronto.

What sets us apart?

The foundation of our business is one built on passion. We love what we do, we’re good at it, and it shows. We’re driven by our own need to be creative, to raise the bar with every project, and we have no interest in churning out cookie-cutter videos.

Nothing makes us happier than watching one of our beloved clients gasp, or cry tears of joy, as they watch their video for the first time – and that happens quite often! At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Behind Viva Media is a multi-faceted team of videographers, video editors, copywriters, animators, directors, and project managers. We never stop striving to raise the bar and we enjoy pushing our team to exceed expectations on every project, big or small. From creative development, writing, casting, scheduling, set design, cinematography and editing, all the way through to final delivery of a project, Viva Media is the complete, full-service package.

Our clients know what they’re getting when they hire us and that’s why they trust us with their brands.

Meet The Team

Matthew Watts

Creative Director / DOP

Matthew’s three years of project management experience with non-profits, governments, and private businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, is invaluable to the success of Viva Media’s wide range of clients. Matthew not only understands and anticipates clients’ unique needs, he challenges the notion of what a full-service video production company is.

Matthew understands that without thoughtful integration of a brand’s key messages, the success of a project is sure to fall flat. With years of experience in marketing and public relations, and a sometimes-overzealous passion for research, copywriting and digital marketing, Matthew is the messaging authority at Viva Media. Furthermore he serves as a talented interviewer with a knack for putting people at ease while extracting the very best sound bites.

Letter from Matthew Watts

Devon Schmoll

Toronto Videographer / DOP

As a cinematographer, Devon’s objective is simple: to make each Viva Media project the best one yet. Always growing and pushing the limits of what is possible, Devon thrives under pressure and is determined to over-deliver on every project.

A relentlessly self-taught camera operator with over three years of experience, Devon’s fervent attention to detail, his unique ability to spot the beauty in any environment, and his dedication to the craft of filmmaking have helped elevate Viva Media into a league of its own.

Devon specializes in production and the camera department, working in a variety of positions such as 1st, and 2nd camera assistant, videographer, and director of photography. He has shot a variety of projects including short films, music videos, corporate events and videos, and is experienced working with a variety of project settings and budgets.

Will Kristiensen

Video Editor / Copy Writer

A professional writer and a film production graduate from Ryerson University, Will believes in understanding his clients’ product and message inside and out. From conceiving an exceptional idea, to putting the final touches on a project in post, Will’s passion for exhibiting high quality work is indisputable.

His on-set experience and training from industry leaders, gives Will a broad understanding of the complete filmmaking process. Whether in the editing suite, conceptualizing a winning script, or capturing cystal clear audio on-set. His attention to detail and devotion to original, creative concepts takes our projects to a higher level.

Graham Heaney

Toronto Videographer / DOP

A graduate of the “Trebas Institute, Film & Television Production” program (2012-2014), Graham is a freelance videographer and editor with the ambition to become a feature film editor. He is passionate about creating beautiful images, and using light and cameras to tell a story.

Graham specializes in post-production and the video editing department, working in a variety of positions such as data manager, assistant editor, storyboard artist, and animator. He has edited a variety of projects including short films, music videos, corporate events and videos, and is experienced working with a variety of project settings and budgets.

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What We Value


Viva Media’s number one objective is to produce videos and commercials that get noticed. We love a challenge and strive to blend original, captivating storytelling with attention-grabbing visuals. In an industry that is constantly evolving, we stay ahead of the latest video production trends and technology to ensure our work is always fresh.

Our clients benefit from our team’s experience throughout a range of industries including oil and gas, corporate, forestry, marketing, government, and not-for-profit. Clients appreciate that every project is professionally maintained from start to finish with the same project manager who provides professional and timely progress and budget updates.

Our success is rooted in the solid foundation of respect, collaboration, and open communication we have with our clients.

Where To Find Us

A5-80 Birmingham Street
Toronto, Ontario
M8V 3W6

T: 647-749-8842
E: info@VivaMedia.ca

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