We make videos that inspire and drive action.

What we do is make video for business and brands, but who we are is a small team of curious people. Curious about your business, what makes you special, what you’re experts in. We want to know the what, the why, the how–pick your brain and turn the findings into a video.

We’ve spent the past seven years learning about businesses small and large, new and old, local and abroad. Our passion is to take what we learn from you and turn that into video content that can accomplish anything.

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How we got here

Back in 2013, Matthew started whipping up small local videos and creating content under the name “Viva Media”

Then, like a dead baseball player out of a cornfield, came the brand video and our first big break. We built it, and they came.

As the projects rolled in, we started collaborating with artists, designers, animators and filmmakers from all over the world. Sure brand films were our original bread and butter, but we got hungry for more: an advert, a testimonial, a song.

What’s next on the menu? You tell us.

Our mission

Once upon a time, you had an idea; A spark of genius that stemmed from a desire to solve a problem. That idea was the beginning of your brand…

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Why You Choose Us?

Excellence in the ordinary

We don’t just bring it when the cameras are on; We believe in bringing our best in everything that we do, whether people are watching or not.

Be open and honest

Great stories require a certain level of vulnerability, and that’s what we’re all about. We are always transparent with each other and our clients so that we can do our best work.

Act early, act often

We do not procrastinate or wait around for things to happen. We are always proactive in seeking ways to improve our client’s experience and our own.

Make it happen

We do not see obstacles, we see opportunities. Even when things seem impossible, we always find a way to make it happen.

Every voice matters

We take care of one another and treat every idea, person and client with the same level of respect and commitment.

Act like an owner

We take pride and responsibility in everything that we do as a team, and never label any task as “not my job”. When we work with our clients, their business is our business.

Keep it creative

We take every opportunity to flex our creative muscles, pushing ourselves to think in new ways and to challenge the status quo while being thoughtful leaders.


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