Amusing Animations: Why You Should Use Animations in Marketing Videos

Today, putting animations in your marketing videos can make or break your production quality.

Many marketing videos with amusing animations have gone viral.

Marketing videos like PooPourri, which uses cool animations, has given it almost 50 million views and won industry awards. Like many other viral marketing videos, adverts like PooPourri, which use fun animations, have become common.

Below, we talk about why you should use amusing animations in your marketing videos. We also provide some pointers on where to start if you want to find out how to add animations to marketing videos.

Humor Sells

There’s a saying that circulates in the marketing industry – humor sells.

It’s why so many marketing videos – and marketing campaigns in general – are funny. Slogans, and even product names, often contain a pun that makes the item memorable.

A good example is the slogans of the Dollar Shave Club. They included puns such as “Shave time, shave money” and “Save on a shave.” These and other similar campaigns featuring comedy helped put the brand on the map and can help boost the audience approval of your video too.

Of course, when it comes to marketing videos, instead of slogans, you can introduce humor by adding animations. These animations can provide funny or humorous elements.

For example, this marketing video on train safety talks about dangerous activities. But it uses animations to downplay the dark nature of its contents and add a humorous twist. In this way, the dullness of the subject becomes fun instead.

You can use humor through animations in the same way for your marketing videos. Here are two more reasons why adding funny animations to your work can take your video production to the next level: Humorous animations help consumers remember you.

Even if the consumer doesn’t remember the business name, they can remember animations in it. This includes the animated mascot or logo. Then, they can associate that with the topic your video is about. Thus, your video becomes memorable Laughter makes consumers enjoy themselves.

This will make the consumer associate that good feeling with your marketing video, and thus, its product.

Amusing Animations are the New Black

It is currently trendy for marketing videos to contain either some form of animation or be entirely animated. Instead of a gimmick, there are good reasons why many video producers are adding animations in marketing videos.

Research shows that animations have become the new popular way to communicate marketing ideas for three main reasons. The first is that 65 percent of people that serve as your audience are visual learners.

Furthermore, 90 percent of the information that transmits to the brain is visual. This means that you should animate the information in your video instead of using audio or text.

It increases the chances that your audience will process and remember the content. The second is that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster. This means that even with a short video, the audience can receive all the information when you use visual animations instead of text or audio.

The third reason is that using visual aids such as animations in your marketing video increases conversions by 80 percent.

Research shows that after watching visuals like animated videos, there are higher chances that viewers will buy a product.

All in all, this shows that using visual content like animations in your marketing videos can boost the impact of your marketing video.

Ease of Production

Experts in video production have shown that including animated elements makes your work easier.

Using elements like animated people or animated text video makes explaining easier for the video producer.

When you’re creating your marketing video, including animations, will decrease the amount of effort and time you use. This includes the time that you would usually dedicate to framing, exposition, or angling. It also frees you from many other elements that go into making sure your message is getting across to the audience.

When dealing with animated content, you can communicate the exact dimensions of the work. You can also have a more precise storyboard for the video. This way, you have more control of the final product instead of relying on interpretations from directors or editors.

Also, when it comes to intricate videos, you can delegate parts of the video to an animator. This frees you up to give your full attention and effort to develop the best content. You can focus more on the themes and storyboard for the work.

However, if the video is simple, you can create them yourself. This lets you have finer control of the production quality of your marketing video. There is another way that animations make it easier to produce your marketing video. It removes the limitations that using live-action footage or text would.

Animation makes your imagination the limit. This way, you can create footage that would otherwise either be impossible. You can also make footage that would need a huge special-effects budget if it were live-action footage.

Ease of Conceptualization

With animations, it also becomes possible to break ideas down. Using animated video, it becomes simple to capture and portray abstract ideas.

When it comes to explaining complicated concepts such as logistics, Bitcoin, or the trade market, it is difficult with a camera. It is easier to animate in small parts of the process and how they are all interconnected.

To this end, the animated video has a big advantage when it comes to explaining the product of a marketing video.

Giving animated videos longevity is easier than for live footage.

If a video needs updating, it is easier to update the storyboard. After this, you can place the changes into action as an animated video.

There are even software tools like Vyond, which can allow you to edit your video in minutes. However, with a live video, you will need to do a whole reshoot to update your short video.


Animation doesn’t only make your work easier; it also makes it easier for your audience to understand your content. Kids and adults alike are most likely to identify with animated characters over models in marketing adverts.

Different types of animation styles are in videos. These styles have different benefits. They all help when it comes to helping your audience understand the content.

First, there is a whiteboard style. This style which features live drawing on a white surface or board to explain the concept. This style is minimalist. It assists in getting the audience to focus only on the elements you choose to draw out in the video.

The drawing motion also keeps the audience engaged as they wait to see what the final result of the drawing is.

Another animation style that engages the audience is icon animation. It also helps them remember content. This style uses static icons or images to explain content.

It is often used in comparison videos. For example, when showing the benefits of a product over its competitors.

Separate parts of the screen – or columns – can identify benefits versus costs. This uses static icons that are easy to understand.

For example, static icons such as dollar bills and clocks to symbolize time and money. All in all, using different styles to animate your work can make it easier for the audience.

They can focus, draw comparisons, and internalize the content of your marketing video.

Where Do I Start?

Experts on animation show several ways to learn how to make animated videos.

These generally vary when it comes to the tools and applications that one chooses to use. However, the beginning process is very simple.

First, one has to identify the story that they want to tell. After this, you create a storyboard. A storyboard is a sequence of panels that show each action from the characters in the animation.

The next step is creating voice-overs, and then determining the timing and the pacing of the video. After this, the next step depends on the specific animation tool that you want to use.

The factors you need to consider when selecting your tool are many. These are the animation quality, price, and machine specifications.

Simple and free tools like PowToon are for simple animation styles like presentations. Tools like Vyond let you make animations that are more intricate.

Many companies provide resources that will teach you more about video production.

The Take-Away

When you keep these four benefits in mind, it becomes easy to see how adding amusing animations can better your marketing videos.

They are currently a trending addition to viral marketing videos. They also add an element of humor that makes the video easier to remember.

Using animations helps you get your message across more. It also makes it easier for the audience to understand this message.

Besides, there are many levels of complexity when it comes to animating videos. This makes it easy for beginners to learn basic animation styles.

The simple styles are still effective as they work their way up to more intricate styles.

Check out this page to learn more about how animations are used in marketing videos.

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