Dear Music Videos, Meet the Next Big Trend: Album Trailers

Gone are the days when you rush back home to catch the premiere of the new Britney Spears music video on TV. 

Since the rise of the Internet, we consume visuals from our favourite artists through social media and YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine and is the largest streaming music service worldwide.   

The more we’re attached to our screens, the more our attention spans have shrunk. Research shows we can only focus for 5 minutes due to our exposure to news feeds and 10 minute or less videos.

Artists have a small window to grab the consumer’s attention. A great way to cut through the noise is by posting album trailers.

Album trailers don’t break the budget and are a great marketing tool to generate hype around a new project.

But First, What Is an Album Trailer?

Album trailers are short-form videos that provide a sneak peek into the look and feel of an upcoming music album. They’re a fun way to promote an album through a movie-like trailer and have become part of the industry’s landscape. 

Album trailers are designed to pique the viewers’ curiosity and they should have the following five elements:

Introducing You and the Album

Depending on how a viewer has stumbled upon your video, you need to make it clear whose project it is. You should show viewers who you are and the music you make so they can see why you’re relevant.

Think of the video’s colour palette and which editing techniques best convey your music. You could use fast cut shots for up-beat music or slow panning shots for more atmospheric music. Or show your journey through a montage.

Visuals and Text

Did you know 99% of the information sent to the brain is visual? Focus on using striking imagery to draw in your viewers.

Sprinkle text within the album trailer but don’t overdo it. Let the text complement the images and video for an effective end result. But use text for your CTA at the end.

Feature Your Name and Logo

Including your name and logo is essential to connect the trailer’s story with the viewer. Showing the name and logo at the beginning makes you stay in the viewer’s mind.

If you don’t add your name, you’ll have an awesome trailer but no one will know how to pre-order the album or where to follow you on social media.

Social Proof

You can harness the power of social proof in your album trailer. Pick footage where you’re playing in packed venues to show off your fanbase. Or show a clip of you and a well-known producer working in the studio together.

CTA (call to action)

The most important ingredient to the album trailer: the CTA.

If you forget to add it, the album trailer is pointless. Be sure to add your social media links and include where your fans can pre-order your album.

Remember to include:

  • Artist’s name
  • Album name
  • Image of the album cover 
  • The release date
  • Audio from one or two tracks
  • CTA  

Tips for Making a Trailer 

The best album trailers work when it plays like independent story or experience. When brainstorming, ask yourself “what will my audience learn or feel as they watch this?”

You need to inspire your audience to take action.

Here are features you can add to your album trailer:

Involve Your Fans 

Emotion is the driving force of connection and you can tap into the viewer’s emotion during your video. You can explain your inspiration behind the album’s lyrics, whether there were any creative blocks and the highs and lows of production.

Add footage of you working in the studio with raw takes of the songs that’ll feature on the album. Or create a montage of concert footage. Fans will feel a part of the music-making process and it’s an elegant way to show your album’s journey.

Add Humor

You don’t have to focus on music alone. You could add humor with a light-hearted skit, for example. Funny content spreads like wildfire and makes an impact even if a viewer doesn’t know your music. This is a great way to boost engagement and further your reach.

Less Is More

If you don’t want an elaborate album trailer, you can always keep the style minimal. Doing this will build curiosity and anticipation for the album. As long as you create a mood and an aesthetic with the soundtrack and images, the album trailer will garner interest.

Slow-moving landscapes and more abstract clips are popular with atmospheric music. Try to be experimental with your album trailer as they’re more likely to stick.

The Benefits of Album Trailers 


You don’t need a massive budget for an effective album trailer. The best video trailers show the artist’s creative process and offer a few snippets of songs.

If you’re in Toronto, looking to build hype for your new album, contact Viva Media. Viva Media will create a buzz with an unforgettable album trailer that will reach fans, old and new.

Designed for Our Digital Age

A study showed that 30-second ads performed far better than 15 – 60 seconds. Anything too long will induce the viewer’s fatigue and you’ve lost a potential customer.

Short-form content like album trailers can draw attention, raise awareness and expand your reach. With an overload of information and the fast-paced music industry, album trailers can cut through cluttered timelines. So share key information about the album and CTA without wasting time.

Music drives social media. Data shows that 63% of users agree that they are discovering new artists on social media. But users also engage with new music all the time without knowing it.

First, a group of fans tune into the video drop on the same day. Then the second group will see the stills, memes and screengrabs of the video and then search the video.

It creates a snowball effect that can play to your advantage. Social media helps the artist make a lasting impression and exposes them to a new audience.

Here are a few ways to harness the power of social media for your album trailer:

  • Share the video on Twitter and Facebook

  • Make video your Channel Trailer on YouTube

  • Set album as “Featured Video” and “Channel ad” on Youtube

  • Edit a 15-second snippet for Instagram (add the full-length URL in the bio)

Why Not Music Videos?

The Crazy Budget

Let’s face it. Artists don’t want DIY music videos, they want video production companies to help bring their vision to life. And a ton of work goes into music video production. There’s pre/post-production, script-writing, casting and location scouting to name a few.

Production can range from $20,000 to $500,000. 

A price-tag like that isn’t always an option for artists. And in our day and age, short-form content can make just as much a splash as a 4-minute music video.

Times are changing

In the ’80s and ’90s, channels were dedicated to broadcasting the newest videos (hello MTV!). Artists had to make a 4-minute video that would convince the consumer to peel themselves off the couch and buy their CD.

Fast forward to 2019 and CDs are collecting dust on our shelves. Record companies have slashed music video budgets as they’re not considered profitable and streaming services have taken over.

Many artists make music videos but from their own pocket. After viewing them on YouTube, fans hop onto Apple Music or Spotify to stream their music for free.

Not that music videos aren’t important. They form a large part of the artist’s creative vision and invites viewers to connect with them on a deeper level. Music videography also has the power to reach millions of viewers.

But times are changing and millennials want short and snappy content. Music videos will continue to exist and the stronger, more creative ones will survive. But, because of how we share videos on social media, bite-sized music videos will stand out better in an avalanche of content.

Are You Ready to Create an Album Trailer?

Artists from pop to punk are harnessing the power of shorter attention spans and using this marketing tool to generate buzz. And whether we love them or loathe them, album trailers are here to stay.

If you want help with your video marketing strategy, contact us here for a free quote today.

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