Explainer Video Production: The Secret Sauce of Going Viral or Going Home

You have a great new product that you’re about to put on the market. To promote it you make what you think is an amazing explainer video production but a few weeks go by and your video has barely gotten more than a few hits. What did you do wrong?

It’s not hard to make a good explainer video but poor planning can cause it to take a turn in the worst kind of way. To help you make your video and product go viral around the world-wide-web, here are a few tips that you should take to heart before picking the camera back up.

1. Keep It Short 

It’s no secret that most humans have the attention span of a caffeinated puppy dog but that’s not the only reason why longer explainer video productions don’t go viral. The majority of people who are going to be viewing your video are going to do so on social media. 

These people are just scrolling through their feed to procrastinate or to fill time while they’re waiting on their food to cook. They don’t have time to watch a long video about your product. You need to make your video with short bursts of activity in mind. 

2. Display a Single Message

You’re going to be making a short video. You don’t have time to cover a million messages. Your audience isn’t going to stick around to get to your main message if you have a bunch of other subjects that dance around it. 

Before you pick up the camera again figure out the main point that you want to get across to the viewer and then focus on that. 

3. Know the Audience You’re Making It for 

Speaking of your audience, another thing you need to decide before filming or even writing up a script is who they are. Do a short study to find what group of people can mainly benefit from your product. 

Once you have the answer to your little bit of research, make sure your script represents them. If you forget about this one vital factor your video will lack focus or bring in the wrong crowd of people. 

4. Avoid Talking About Features

This sounds strange because when you’re marketing a product the first thing you’re going to be tempted to do when making your script is talk about its features. If you do this you won’t be able to hold anyone’s attention. 

People care a lot more about how a product can benefit them than what the product actually does. So, for the video, you want to have someone talking about how your product has changed their life instead of filling up space with all the bells and whistles. 

5. Create an Attractive Thumbnail 

A video can’t go viral if it’s not getting any clicks. One of the main things that someone is going to judge before clicking on your video is what the thumbnail looks like. It’s sort of your video’s business card because it’s the first thing that anyone sees. 

This being said, you want it to look good. Make sure that it gives off the overall mood of your video. Also, don’t use text.

Thumbnails are typically small images so if you use text your audience won’t be able to read it. It just clutters up the image without providing anything beneficial. 

6. Hire a Professional Voice Actor

If your video calls for a voice over, your audience will definitely be able to tell if you cut the budget by hiring Jane the secretary to provide it. You need to hire a professional.  

If you don’t hire someone with voice training your audience won’t be able to concentrate on your product or message because they can’t stop thinking about how robotic the voice sounds. 

7. Have a Powerful Headline 

Another thing that your audience will judge you on before even clicking on the video is your headline. You want this headline to clearly tell the viewer what the video is about while not giving anything away. 

It should just be a quick blurb that grabs someone’s curiosity enough to click on the video. You can also go with an emotional title that rips at someone’s heartstrings. Experiment by trying both and see which one gets you more hits. 

8. Have a Call to Action

Your explainer video shouldn’t end when the viewer is done watching it. You need to have a catchy call to action that causes the person watching to do something once it’s over. 

This can be something as pushy and having them check out your product page or something simple like asking them to like and share the video. 

9. Don’t Expect to Go Viral Right Away or Ever for That Matter 

Your video won’t go viral over the course of just one day and if you go out of your way to make a video that will go viral then it never will. If your main focus is to make your video go viral your message may become lost. 

Instead, make a video that focuses on the ideals of your company and the point that you want to get across. The rest will come if you keep the other principles on this list in mind. 

Make Your Explainer Video Production Viral

It’s not difficult to make a good explainer video production but it is hard to make it go viral. When talking about your product it’s easy to want to make a long video with several points but this will only deter viewers away. Use these tips to make sure everyone in the world sees what you have to say. 

Ready to get started on your explainer video project? Let us help you make one that the internet won’t forget. Contact us to get a quote on our video services! 

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