Here’s Why Nobody is Watching Your Video Content

Here's Why Nobody is Watching Your Video Content

So you’ve made some killer marketing videos.

You put effort and time into them and uploaded them online. You should be able to sit back and watch the views rack up. So why isn’t anyone watching?

The thing is, you’ve got just eight seconds to catch a viewer’s attention and make them continue to watch. There’s no doubt that we are viewing tons of online video nowadays. It’s a great way to promote a product or service.

In such a crowded space, you need to make your content stand out. You’ve already invested your resources and time in your video. Now it’s time to put effort into getting more views and clicks.

This article explains exactly why no one is watching your video content, and how to fix that.

Your Video Is Way Too Long

Video content is successful if you’ve got the viewer to watch past those first eight seconds. Grab their attention with a powerful opening that doesn’t take up too much time. It doesn’t mean that after that you should then start to bore them, however.

Your audience doesn’t have the time to watch content that will take up most of their day. Save the long-form content for more in-depth topics.

It’s Targeting the Wrong Audience

The first question to ask when creating visual content is: what does this have to do with my brand?

Research your current and prospective customers and really try to understand what they want to watch. For example, a cat video may be entertaining, but is it helpful to your customer?

Get help from a media production company to craft a strategy that works for your brand.

Your Video Content Is on the Wrong Channel

What’s the largest video marketing platform? If you answered YouTube, you’d be correct. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the only place people consume videos.

Native Facebook videos, for example, get TEN times as many shares as YouTube!

Determine the channel you use by focusing on the favorite site for your target customer. If you’re targeting Generation Z, that will be the YouTube demographic.

You’re Promoting It Wrong – or in the Wrong Place

Once you’ve created video content, only half of the job is done. You now have to get that video out there and promote it. A multi-channel promotional strategy is the best way to get more eyes and more clicks on your content.

For example, Snapchat and Instagram both have a feature that allows someone to “read more” of a short clip. Take eye-catching 15-second video and put on these platforms to drive traffic to your site.

It Has a Misleading or Just Plain Bad Title

Titling a video is both an art and a science. You should think of it as a subject line in an email. Make sure it accurately describes the content and isn’t so vague it turn offs a potential viewer.

And remember, no clickbait! Yes, it’s tempting to put an eye-catching title to get clicks. But inauthentic content makes your customers lose trust in your business very quickly.

Keep titles short. No more than 60 characters or the title will get cut off in search results pages.

The Description Isn’t Great

So, congratulations, you’ve got the viewer to click on your video content. They will then read the description to get an idea of what it’s about. A vague one isn’t going to make them curious, it’ll make them close the page.

Remember, your target audience’s time is valuable. Make it worth their while to view what you’ve created. Keyword match to what the user is searching for and they’ll be motivated to watch.

The Hard Sell

One of the worst things you can do is make a video that reads as too “salesy”.

Bad videos are ones that do not benefit the viewer, they just serve as an ad for the creator. Most people want an experience, they don’t want to be sold something. Your content can still be a sales pitch, but don’t make it an obvious one.

Add value to your viewers’ experience, or entertain them, THEN make your pitch.

You Aren’t Linking Your Video to Your Site

Visibility is key to getting your view count up. Take advantage of opportunities to link your video content in different places. You should be putting the link everywhere that you can.

Some great places are in everyday communication with customers and industry partners. Enlist your employees to do the same and you’ve just added a huge amount of potential linkers. You can also make the video a feature on your home page.

The Content Is Irrelevant or Old

The online world moves fast, and a video with outdated content will get low engagement. If the product in the video has been discontinued, consider making new videos.

However, don’t get rid of the old video just because it’s out of date. Some viewers may want to refer to older content, especially to compare to newer versions of products or services.

The Video Suffers from Bad Production Quality

In a competitive space like the internet, well-produced videos will have much more of an edge. Take time to think about the impression your content is going to make on a viewer. Does it look professional, or like it was thrown together by an intern in your marketing department?

Among the things a video production company provides is attention to detail. Sleek transitions and superior video set your video apart. And that means more eyes on it, more attention, and more clicks.

Supercharge Your Video Content Now

If you really want great video, enlist a media production service. They can optimize your content in ways you may not even have thought about. There are technical aspects they will be better at, like optimizing the video transcript. This is an SEO necessity that a search engine needs in order to properly crawl your videos.

Get a professional to assist you in making outstanding videos.

You can get a project estimate and get your production on track today.

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