High Value Marketing Video Production on a Budget

There are three elements to any business project: speed, cost, and quality.

Do you want it done quickly, but done well? That’s expensive. How about really well, but cheap? That’s going to be slow. Your only other option is fast and cheap, but you’ll end up with an inferior product.

For video production, quality is not something you can afford to bargain. This is the digital age and your clients care about the condition of what they see and watch.

The quality of your marketing video production will determine the integrity of your brand. As already stated, it does not come cheap. Check out these tips for creating high-quality video production that won’t leave you bankrupt.


Video production is not all lights, camera, and action. There’s a lot of work that happens before the cameras start rolling. Planning and strategizing before production begins is essential to saving a few bucks.

Do you have a well-designed budget prepared? Have you considered the cost of videographers? How many actors should be on your payroll, or will you be hiring animators? Will you need to scout locations, or decide and animation style? What equipment are you renting?

Once you tackle the budget, make sure you put together a summary of what you want out of this project. This proposal should state the five W’s – who, what, when, where, and why. Make it short and sweet.

The last step before you hit the set is to find real answers to the questions raised in the budget and the proposal. What companies will you be using to meet your production needs? This is where you will pinch any pennies possible. There are tons of vendor options out there, so spend lots of time on this step, but don’t forget to never compromise quality for cost!

Lastly, before you move to the bright lights of your marketing video production, make sure you’ve figured out every possible need or issue that may arise. You should have a shooting schedule that details what will happen day-by-day, even hour-by-hour, on set.

One episode of scripted television takes about one to two weeks to complete. You’re probably not creating a thirty-minute work, but use this as a guideline for how long you’ll need to create something great.


This part might be the most fun, but it should take far less time than your pre-production planning stages or you risk eating through your whole marketing video production budget. This is what you prepared for!

No man in a production is an island – you will have to communicate across different departments and teams of people that may have never worked together before. These circumstances create a prime environment for communication breakdown.

Although you’ll be hiring marketing video production experts, you’ll still have to be actively participating in every stage of the production process, making sure to communicate issues both remotely and face-to-face as they occur.

This doesn’t mean that you need to micromanage! You’ll have to find that delicate balance between collaboration and control. Getting in the way of production will only delay your project and end up costing you more.

Finally, one thing most amateur producers forget to consider is the need for insurance. No one wants to expect something unfortunate to happen, but when you’re working with expensive rental equipment, it costs a lot more to not be covered.

How much would it cost you if your rented equipment is damaged? Just a couple bucks more can take your coverage from $2,500 to $10,000. Make sure your insurance check, should you need it, won’t leave you out in the cold.


You’re almost at the finish line, but the chance of busting your budget can still happen post-production. The marketing video production process is not done with you quite yet.

At this point, you’ve amassed all the footage you’re going to get. Most likely, you haven’t budgeted any time or money for an expensive re-shoot, so you must accept what you’ve got.

Now you’re working closely with your editor to piece together a great piece of marketing video production. Here’s where things get tricky – every little change you demand of an editor will cost you, and those costs pile up quickly.

Remember, every minute of footage amounts to about an hour of editing. Hopefully, you didn’t forget to include this important consideration in the pre-production phase!

Restrain your inner critic when reviewing your footage. Remember that perfection is not attainable, and maybe recruit some outside eyes to give you confidence and a fresh perspective.

Another expensive editing concern in the use of licensed material. What music are you using in your marketing video production? Do you need to pay a hefty licensing fee? How about for images and sound effects? Is this in your budget?

Again, don’t let an easily overlooked element, like licensure, throw you off your budget. It especially helps to work with an editing authority to make sure you’re minimizing your cost. The experts will have more industry knowledge and resources for you to choose from.

Last but not least, make sure you’re taking notes throughout the whole process! This will probably not be your last marketing video production, so reflect on your strengths and weaknesses to try and make your next project your best.

Step Up Your Marketing Video Production

There are endless marketing advertisements out there all competing for the attention of potential clients. How can yours break through? Remember the three elements of every business project, only two of which you can actually attain – fast, cheap, good.

Your marketing video production doesn’t have to break the bank. It does, however, require a thorough consideration of the countless details involved in such a project. A good strategy goes a long way in completing a great project.

Let the experts guide you through the process. Come armed with a vision and the outline of a plan, and our free quote will help you accurately develop a budget. Once you’ve collected your estimate, our crew will be ready to

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