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As you hop out of your car to pump gas, grab a latte, or run for groceries, look out! James Franco, Dennis Quaid, Jessica Chastain, Kevin Costner, Idris Elba, and Michael Cera are all on the scene. All of these renowned actors are filming in Toronto.

OK, so they’re on one end of the camera, but it’s artists skilled in Toronto video production who are amongst the many that make them look so good on screen. So why not choose a local company when you’re in the market for videographers to turn your own organization’s marketing and communications need into gold.

You Came to the Right Place

Congrats! No wrong turns here. In fact, it turns out (see what we did there?) that Ontario is one of the biggest production centers for film and television in North America, according to the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

The OMDC reports that in 2013 (the last time data was available), video production, television, and film companies paid out $423.3 million in salaries to 46,250 jobs and the growth shows signs of only going up, up, and away.

So it makes sense that when shopping for a Toronto video production company, you don’t have to go very far.

Those companies are ready to compete for your business and have honed their skills to make sure they get just the right shot.

Let’s Get to Learning

Do you prefer your chosen production team hone their craft as they go, learning by doing? Great news, many companies have been in business for years, refining and tweaking and picking up new techniques, software, and equipment processes as they hit the market.

Want to go by the book?

Students have the opportunity to master Toronto video production by enrolling in courses such as the Digital Enterprise Management Specialist program at the University of Toronto Mississauga with courses such as “Advanced Video Production” and “Technology & Creative Expression.”

Enrollees at The Art Institute of Vancouver who specialize in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production get immersed in topics such as “Digital Cinematography” and “Scriptwriting.”

We can smell the newly sharpened pencils and feel those sharp new folder creases now.

But basically, the point is, Toronto video experts are schooled in life lessons, history of their field, equipment, and more, and they come out of their studies – whether in school, internships, or out in the field – ready to serve you and your video needs.

When Failure is Not an Option

OK, how is this even a phrase? Is failure ever an option? For the sake of this blog, we’ll just say that in the case of your video production, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

Yet, sometimes, videos do fail.

But in today’s world, they don’t just fail and then go gently into that good night.

Videos fail spectacularly and then they’re posted online (FOREVER), where they’re subject to relentless and ruthless ridicule.

You do not want your organization to be the subject of comments trolling. Don’t let your company “feed the trolls.”

So it’s shameful that there are organizations who continue to spit out content that leaves them open to the trolling. Just. Don’t. Do. This.

It could be the biggest argument yet on why you should bypass DIY, the lowest-cost/cheapest-option bidder, and go with the best fitting Toronto video production company.

They alone know how to point that camera at you, shine the most flattering light, and portray you in your finest glory. After all, you’re trying to get a specific message across. Why take a short cut that could result in something unusable (the least negative impact) to something that could humiliate the company, turn investors away, and lose you business?

You want to win! And you know how to do it!

The Cost of Doing Business

So, you may not be a George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, or Quentin Tarantino (but hey, if you are, thanks so much for reading our blog!).

That doesn’t you can’t afford to implement Toronto video production into your marketing or business plan.

There are many resources to help you get you started but let’s start with one piece of serious advice:

All video is not the same, all videographers are not the same, and all results are not the same.

Before you farm out your request for services to Craigslist or the lowest bidder, remember: This person/team is going to represent you and your team. Your end goal is the most awesome, accurate, amazing output.

Those are all A’s, and that’s why you want an A-Team working for you as well.

So the following are just a few things that factor into the costs that go into your video production quote:

  • Before: (script writing, actor casting, finding locations and all the red tape that goes into permission to shoot, safety, lighting, etc)
  • During: (equipment – you want your videographer using top notch equipment BOTH at the time of the shoot AND AFTER, for editing and effects), plus little Hollywood-type touches such as wardrobe and makeup
  • After: (cutting and editing, plus all the enhancement potential such as voice overs, graphics, effects, music, and more)

Even if you have the most detailed, exacting image in your head for your video, it’s a great idea just to chat with prospective videographers to get an idea of whether it’s a match made in celluloid heaven. Many offer totally free consults, too.

Now See the Big Picture

Really, step back from the screen. (We know you’ve got at least one, probably a couple, in front of your face.)

Maybe you’re thinking, This sounds really great, and I’d love to know more, but it just doesn’t really apply to me. I don’t need Toronto video production for my business at this time.

That’s where we’re going to open your mind a bit.

Don’t just think “video.”

What the whaaaaaaaaaaat? No, really, stay with us for a moment.

Expand your mind a bit and think about services that videographers may specialize in that really could enhance your business.

How about:

  • Translation or videos in different languages?
  • E-learning and other corporate tools for departments such as training and HR
  • Public service announcements
  • Industry-specialized services such as virtual home tours for real estate and public service announcements for the government

It’s actually pretty easy to see that there are many ways to fit professional videographers into your life whether you’re in front of the camera or just giving direction. And… cut!

Straight to Video

Back when we had VCRs (what?!), something going “straight to video” was an insult.

Today, we want to cut straight to video to get you what you need. Whether you’re exploring corporate video production needs, something a little more personal (such as interview practicing, milestones such as weddings and birthdays), or more, we want to hear about it.

And no worries, we’re not recording you.

Please leave us some stories of when you’ve implemented videography and how it’s gone. Hopefully, you don’t end up on one of those “fail” collections.

But even if you do, it’s going to be OK. Check out the resources here, or even post a request for help below.

We can’t wait to see you on screen!

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