How Corporate Videos Can Improve Internal Communication

When it comes to the employees in your office, communication is key. Communication occurs through phone, email, instant message, or face-to-face. Regardless of the medium, communication expresses intent and keeps productivity flowing. Notice one type of media we didn’t mention? That’s video.

The likes of YouTube and Vimeo have made us think that videos are good only for entertaining. Videos can be used as more than a means to kill time though. That is, if you’re making corporate videos.

What are corporate videos exactly? These are video clips made for internal use throughout the company. They’re not always released to the public.

According to a 2015 report from Melcrum (a research firm in the United Kingdom), when it comes to internal communications, 54 percent regularly use video and 93 percent are prioritizing it more than ever. What do you employees think about videos in the office? Are these seen as a way to waste time or as a powerful communication tool that can improve relations?

After reading this article, we sincerely hope it will be the latter. We will now explain how corporate videos can improve internal communication in the workplace.

A Warm Welcome for New Team Members

Your company is growing and expanding. Part of that growth means bringing on new team members.

It’s important to make a new hire feel valued and welcome, especially within the first few weeks. In fact, a proper orientation for new hires has been proven to reduce the rate of employee turnover and get the employee more excited about the job.

One great way to make a new hire feel like part of the team is by making a welcome video. You may not have the resources to personalize these videos for each new hire, so be general.

Don’t talk about specific positions. Instead, talk more about the company, like its history and its successes. Paint your words in broad strokes, as getting too specific with achievements can date the video.

You can opt to show the video as part of orientation to all new hires. You can even send it right to a new hire’s email inbox. That will certainly make them feel special.

Setting up New Employees for Success

Now that your employees are getting situated, it’s time to train them.

That said, training employees can be time-intensive. You often have to devote days, sometimes even a week, going over all the safety requirements at your workplace.

It’s important not to skimp on safety training. If an employee, new hire or not, hurts themselves on the job, you could be responsible. That could result in legal fees and a dent in your company’s reputation.

Training videos can save you a lot of time. You can bring in new hires for an afternoon and have them view a series of training videos. They’ll learn the procedures for safety in the workplace.

That said, unlike your welcome video, you can’t use the same training videos forever. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updates its procedures every now and then. You need to make sure your videos are up-to-date, too.

Boosting Employee Morale

What about your employees that have been around for a while? They too can benefit from corporate videos when it comes to morale.

As anyone knows, doing the same thing day in and day out can get stale. Even your most talented, seasoned employee can do their job with their eyes closed eventually.

This leads to a sag in employee morale. Your employees come into the office every day and do their job in a zombie-like fashion. This can slow down productivity.

To rejuvenate your employees, add some spirit back to the workplace. One way you can do this is by making video updates about the goings-on at the company.

Have you recently brought on a new client? Did you just close a huge deal? Are sales up from last quarter?

These are the things your employees want to hear about. They likely had a part in achieving those results. Hearing about the company’s successes will remind your employees how important they are.

That, in turn, will increase their morale.

Now, it must be said that these spirit boosters are not a permanent fix. Eventually, your employees will forget about the video you sent and its positive message. Make these videos a regular occurrence to keep morale high.

Promoting the Company Brand Through Corporate Videos

What’s your company’s brand?

This isn’t a trick question. Your brand is at the core of all you do. It’s your message, your inspiration, the way you deal with customers.

In other words, it’s crucial that all employees have a solid understanding of your company’s brand.

The company brand is rarely a static thing. It’s a set of values that evolves and changes over time. It could be that a new product, service, or even customer demand requires a slight tweak in branding.

If you have older employees who have not been taught about your company’s brand, why not make a corporate video that fills them in? You can show this to new hires, too.

It’s especially important that employees who communicate with customers via phone, email, social media, or face-to-face be well-versed in the company’s brand. A gaffe could damage your reputation and lower employee morale.

If your company’s brand undergoes any major changes, such as switching logos, tagline, or rebranding in some other way, make another video. Your employees will appreciate it.


Communication is the backbone of a company’s success. All employees must be on the same page on all office topics.

Corporate videos keep employees in the know. From new hires to seasoned veterans, everyone will have a clearer understanding of rules and procedures, company successes, and branding changes.

Are you interested in making your own corporate videos today? If so, contact Viva Media. Our branding and marketing company specializes in media production services.

Our services include script writing, creative development, marketing strategy, video filming, set lighting, audio recording, editing, and sales plans. Call us today to learn more.

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