How to Design a Video Landing Page That Converts

How to Design a Video Landing Page That Converts

Did you know that including video on your landing page could increase conversions by a massive 80%?

That’s right.

If you want as many conversions as possible, you can’t afford not to use video on your landing pages.

However, you can’t just throw any old video up and expect to see results. You need to create a targeted strategy that’s designed to appeal to a specific group of customers and avoids common rookie mistakes.

Want to get all the details on creating the perfect video landing page?

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Know Your Goal Beforehand

Before you even think about shooting a video or designing a landing page, you need to set a clear goal.

What do you want the customer do on this page? Which segment of your audience will the page be aimed at?

Avoid goals that are too general – the more specific you are, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed.

For example, if you run an online clothing store, you should avoid goals like, “Sell more clothes.” Instead, set specific targets like, “Encourage female customers aged 18 – 24 to sign up to our mailing list.”

Having a specific goal helps you to make decisions, and means it’s easier to track the success of your landing page.

Design an Attractive Landing Page

We’ve all seen the tacky, 90s-style landing pages that are covered in bright red text and flashing graphics.

Not cool.

When you create a video landing page, you need the design to be at the front of your mind – not something you take care of as an afterthought.

Your landing page should reflect your brand identity, match well with the rest of your website, and showcase your video effectively.

That means you’ll want plenty of room to embed the video, and nothing too distracting going on around the space where it will be displayed. When viewers scroll down, they should see information relevant to the video.

The page should look coherent and whole, so make sure that the colors, fonts and other design elements used in your video are replicated on the actual webpage.

Don’t get so caught up in creating video that you display it on an ugly page.

Create Highly-Targeted Videos

If you’ve already set a highly-specific goal, this shouldn’t be too hard.

When you create your video, you should have a specific type of viewer in mind, and you should refer to this viewer whenever you need to make decisions.

Does your buyer like lots of information before they make a purchase? A product explainer video could be perfect.

Or does your buyer need lots of social proof before you decide to buy something? A video showing real people using a reviewing your product could be ideal.

You should also consider how much time your viewer has to sit and watch videos – if you’re trying to appeal to a busy professional, a 40-minute video won’t go down well.

On the other hand, if you’re selling an expensive product or service that people need to think seriously about, a ten-second ad would feel way too short.

Keep your audience in mind during every stage of the video production process.

Keep Video Length Short and Sweet

As we’ve discussed above, keeping it short is usually smart when it comes to landing page video.

Most people are busy, have short attention spans, and want to get the information they need in the shortest time possible.

It’s been found that a video between 1 and 2 minutes long works best for standard explainer videos, while 2 to 3-minute videos can work well for audience members who have already opted in.

Watch your finished video back, and ask yourself whether the message could be conveyed more quickly. In most cases, this will result in a more polished video that doesn’t contain loads of unnecessary fluff.

To create a successful video landing page, you need to be concise.

Customers want to learn about your product quickly – not be subjected to a 2-hour history of your brand.

Focus on High-Quality Video Production

How long would you stay on a video landing page if the video looked like it was filmed on a potato?

Not long.

To drive conversions, you need to create video that looks polished and professional.

That means no shooting on a dodgy webcam or mobile phone, no terrible homemade graphics, and no cringe-y video transitions.

If you don’t have video production experience, it makes sense to hire a professional. Although it will cost more, you’ll see much better results, and won’t risk harming your company’s reputation with poor-quality content.

If you don’t fancy being onscreen yourself, consider commissioning an animated explainer video. These work particularly well for new concepts or complex products.

Video alone won’t help you win leads – it needs to be the right video.

Experiment with Autoplay vs. Press to Play

This is a controversial topic – should you have your landing page video play automatically?

While some find that this works well and increases the number of customers who view their video, others find that irritates customers and drives them away.

By carrying out A/B testing and asking for customer feedback, you can figure out which method works best for your landing pages.

If you’re unsure and you don’t have time for testing, it’s safest to stick with the traditional press to play option – you won’t risk annoying potential buyers.

Include a Clear Call to Action

Your video landing page needs to include a clear call to action.

Develop this based on the goal you created at the start of the process, and be sure to offer a clear way for customers to take action.

This could be clicking a link to visit another page on your site, signing up to a mailing list, or contacting you for a quote.

Don’t waste a great landing page by forgetting your call to action.

Why Use a Video Landing Page?

Creating a video landing page is a great way to show off your products, boost conversions, and strengthen your brand identity.

Use the tips above to create awesome landing pages that help grow your business.

Need more video production advice? Check out our blog today.

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