How To Increase Clicks To Your App Landing Page

The projected revenue of mobile app enterprises currently stands at 5.2 billion Canadian dollars. What’s even more interesting is that mobile usage in Canada alone is one of the highest in the world with 26.1 million mobile internet users.

Users spend on average 1.42 hours a day using the internet through their mobile devices. 54% of these individuals buy goods and services online via mobile.

If you’ve been ignoring your mobile audience, you can see how much you’re missing. You need to leverage on those numbers and convert them into revenue for your business.

Your app landing page would be a great starting point. Read on to discover how you can optimize your website landing page to increase the number of clicks you get.

1. Inner Beauty Is Overrated: Your App Landing Page Needs to Be Sexy

The whole concept of “inner beauty is what matters” is a whole lot of baloney. Not to veer off topic but have you ever found yourself attracted to someone who’s, well, not-that-easy-on-the-eye?

If you have congratulations! You’re officially part of the 1% of the people on the planet who do.

You’ve got to like the exterior of something or someone before you think to yourself, “Hmmm… I wonder if they’re as beautiful on the inside…” Don’t try to convince yourselves otherwise.

The point here is packaging matters – a lot. It’s the first point of contact your customers have with your business.

So you have to make the landing page sexy. Use a clean modern design that doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary clutter on it. A landing page creator comes in handy for just this purpose.

2. Balance out You Videos / Images and Copy

Nearly every blog out there that gives tips on how to increase traffic to and clicks on your landing page will always emphasize how important it is to have great copy. That’s not in contention so you can relax if you were expecting anything to the contrary.

Great copy is indeed very important. But, it’s not the only thing that needs your attention.

You want the perfect combination of beauty and brains. If it’s skewed on one side, well that won’t do your brand any good.

Just to drive the point home, think of this. You are presented with two landing pages on your browsing escapades.

One has a promotion that’s full of lengthy, albeit great words and descriptions that tell you why you need to grab their offer now! The other is a WordPress landing page has a mix of images/videos with amazing descriptions telling you how great the product is and why you need it in your life ASAP.

Which of the two is more likely to get you to click on the page? Obviously, the one with a mix of images that break up the long arduous paragraphs of text.

A video landing page works too. It has numerous benefits, the most important of which is strengthening your brand engagement. People love video content!

3. Display an Image of a Mobile Device

At first glance, this technique might seem redundant but it’s actually quite effective. Showing an image of a mobile device on your app landing page does two things.

First, it reinforces the context of the app’s use. Your customer instantly establishes that this is something for their Android device, iPhone, or iPad.

Second, you can use a screenshot or video inside the viewing area of the device image to demonstrate how to access the offer through the app. This will prompt your visitors to think, “This could be interesting…” before going ahead to click on the CTA.

4. Use the Right Colours

In case you missed the memo, human beings are visual creatures. You need to understand their psychology and leverage on this information to tailor your landing pages to grow your sales.

Believe it or not, landing page color could be the difference between getting that all important click and losing that potential lead forever. Use the psychology of color to customize your landing page and generate those coveted leads. Here are some highlights to consider.

  • If your target audience is predominantly female, you need to stay away from brown, orange and gray. They prefer different shades of green, blue and purple.
  • If your target audience is predominantly male, don’t use brown, orange and purple. They’re drawn to black, green and blue.
  • If you want to cultivate trust among your app users, blue inspires confidence. It’s a color that says, “Hey, I’m your friend… I’m here for you… I’m dependable… You can trust me…”
  • Yellow might be somewhat of an odd color to use but according to the Business Insider, it tells your visitors that you’re fun and friendly. It activates the excitement center of the brain that heightens emotion and response. Apparently, it could also cause nausea so hey, pick and choose.

Squarespace landing page templates come in a variety of color themes. Check them out, test out this theory and see which ones you’re drawn to. If it works for you, it’ll work for your website visitors.

5. Use Bullet Points

Highlighting the key features of your app shoots the important points into your visitors’ minds. They aren’t called “bullet points” for nothing.

Today’s customer has a short attention span. So if you can’t say what’s so great about your product in a few memorable bullet points, well, you might as well not say anything at all because it makes no difference.

Breakdown the key features of your product and place them at the top of your app’s landing page. Make sure you highlight the specific features that solve your customer’s problem.

You can then give more detailed information further down the page. It gives your visitors a chance to consume the information at their own pace.

6. Use Images That Trigger an Emotional Response

Here’s the thing, using photos of real people on your landing page is more effective in increasing the CTR than using images of scenery or other objects. You might get it right with the color but lose on the images you choose to use. 

If you use an image of say, a world map, what product does it communicate to the visitor? Can they tell what your business app is about?

Perhaps your business is a travel agency. Maybe you were trying to tell prospective leads that you can offer them vacation packages at competitive rates.

But, does that image communicate this fact? No. The image of the map could represent anything.

What’s more, does it evoke any emotions in you? Most likely not. Using images of people having a great time while on vacation, elicits an emotional response. That’s more likely to get you a click.

7. Avoid Visual Clutter

If a potential lead finds their way to your app’s landing page, only to be met with visual clutter, they exit your page faster than a bat out of hell.  People are generally turned off by visual overloads.

There’s too much going on to make any meaningful impact on your visitors. If you’ve visited websites that have neon-colored flashing words popping up on the screen with pop-up messages appearing every few minutes, you know how incredibly annoying this can be.

Now imagine this happening on your mobile device? The screen is way too small to have all that action going on.

The rule of thumb is: If it doesn’t point to the CTA, you must cast it away. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to post redundant information simply because it supports your CTA.

Less is more. Your app’s landing page shouldn’t be an eyesore.

8. Strategically Position Your Call-To-Action

The screens on mobile devices are tiny compared to those on PCs. For this reason, you might think that turning your app’s features into mobile icons is appropriate.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The features need to be clearly labeled on your landing page so that your visitors know how to find the information they seek.

It also goes without saying that the CTA on your landing page should be placed in a position that’s most conspicuous to visitors. Front and center is a great position.

The Bottom Line

Your mobile app landing page is a gateway to your website’s product/service offerings. It plays a major role in determining what amount of revenue you can earn based on its CTR and lead conversion rate.

All the elements discussed in this article play a major role in increasing traffic to your app landing page. Use them to make you some real money.

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