How to Make an Explainer Video That Massively Boosts Sales

Billy Mays, the well-known face behind the Oxiclean infomercials might just be the most famous explainer video host of all time.

Mays had a natural talent for sales and when he began his career with the Home Shopping Network, his ratings took off from day one. There is something infectious about his big personality and enthusiasm that makes products fly off the shelf.

But Billy Mays is not the only person to have found success marketing product with informative videos. The strategy is used in almost every industry. To make the most of your efforts, check out this article on how to make an explainer video. We will let you in on the secrets of the pros.

How Explainer Videos Boost Sales

Explainer videos can help you explain all about your product or service in a very short time and in an engaging way. In order for a potential customer to want to buy your product, they have to understand what it is and why they need it.

Most of the world’s population watches at least one video a week which means that you have a ready-made audience if you choose the right place for your explainer video. The more shareable your video is, the more viewers you will have for your video and the more potential customers you will gain.

An engaging marketing video that is focused on your target audience will help to build trust with your potential customers and encourage them to buy your product.

How to Make an Explainer Video

Explainer videos should be about ninety seconds long. During that time, you need to explain what your product or service is while keeping your audience engaged. That means that you need a great script.

Consider your target audience. Who is going to be watching this video and what do they need to know?

It may help to have an outsider work on your script. You need someone who can look at your company with fresh eyes and help to convey your message to a new audience.

Once your script is written, you need to hire some talent. Try to find a voice actor that makes sense for your product and target audience.

Then it’s time to film or animate your video. Make sure you get multiple takes of every scene for the editing process later on.

After filming, you will want to select some music for your video. This will help to keep the attention of your audience and evoke their emotions. It also helps to pace your explainer video naturally.

You may have a song in mind for your video, but you can get into trouble with copyright issues if you aren’t careful. Consider downloading a tune from an online service that specializes in that kind of thing.

Script Tips

Script writing is difficult no matter what industry you’re in. Check out these tips for help to get started.

1. Make your script short. The last thing you want is your viewer to get bored and tune out of your video before it has a chance to get to the point. The less you say, the more likely it is that people will stick around to hear it.

2. Keep it simple, silly. A quality explainer video focuses on what the issue is that your potential customers are having, and then presents your goods or services as the solution to that problem. Once they know they need it, you tell them where to buy.

3. Focus on the benefits. When you are trying to bring a new audience to your product or service, you may be tempted to list all of its great features. But even if someone thinks something is really awesome, that doesn’t mean they think they need it. Explain to them how your product can make their lives better.

4. Hire a professional voice actor. While you might be tempted to save money by reading the script for your video yourself, you should really hire a professional. They will be able to get your message across clearly and at a good pace so that people will be able to understand it.

5. Get a little wacky. While your goal is to explain the benefits of your product or service, if you bore your potential customers then you won’t get the chance to demonstrate. Try coming up with some sort of quirk for your video and have fun with it. If you can get people to smile, they will connect with your brand and want to make a purchase.

6. Don’t overspend on visual effects. While it’s nice to have high-quality sets and professionally animated shorts, the visuals in your video are not all that important. With the right script, they are mostly unnecessary. The goal of your visuals should be to reinforce whatever your script is saying, if you have too much else going on it will take their attention away from your message.

How to Launch Your Video

After you’ve finished making your explainer video, you need to launch it well if you want it to gain traction and make its way around the internet.

Try uploading it on a platform like YouTube so that it can spread naturally. But you will also need to market the video yourself.

Consider putting it on the homepage of your website so that all potential customers will have a chance to see it. You can also send a link of it out using your social media, email database, or blog.

More Helpful Articles

Now that you know how to make an explainer video, you can educate the public about your product or service.

For more helpful articles, check out our blog today.

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