How to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign Go Viral

With video content marketing on the rise, you’ve probably wondered how you can use it to grow your own business and make deeper and faster connections with your target market.

However, it can be seriously difficult to know where to begin — and how to create the kind of video that everyone wants to watch.

If you struggle with this, then you need to keep on reading.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about how to make a video go viral.

From understanding the kind of content that resonates with your target market to optimizing your videos for SEO, by the end of this post, you’ll be a viral video marketing expert.

1. Get to Know your Target Market

The first step in learning the ins and outs of viral video marketing?

You need to make sure that you’ve done the proper research when it comes to the kinds of videos that your target market is the most likely to respond to.

This means that you should know the average length of the videos they watch, as well as the overall messages behind the videos they’re most likely to share. You can also pick up tips on the style of videos they enjoy the most. Do they like animated videos, for example?

Or, do they prefer to hear directly from the leaders of a company in the videos that they watch?

This is where social media can seriously come in handy.

Take a look at the videos that your market has viewed or shared in the past. What can you learn from these videos? Also, now is the time to start watching a few of the viral videos of the past.

Sometimes, the best way to understand how to make a video go viral is to learn from those who have already done it.

Understand what these videos did right, and start brainstorming about how you can make those ideas work for your brand.

2. Hire the Right People

As much as you’d love to believe that you know how to make videos go viral on your own, the truth is that you know you need the help of a professional.

Even if you’re a great writer, you may not know anything about video editing or how to get the right lighting on a shoot.

Remember that, especially if you’re shooting on a location outside your home or office, there can be lots of red tape when it comes to securing the proper permits.

The same goes for finding the best people to actually act in your videos!

A professional agency can help you with writing, lighting, and casting. They can also help you to create the most effective videos possible when it comes to length and the aspects of your business that your video should highlight.

They can offer an outsider’s perspective on what makes your brand unique, and what they think people would be the most likely to want to learn more about.

3. Don’t Forget SEO

Of course, if you really want to know how to make a video go viral, you also need to think about more than just the script and the casting.

You also need to ensure that your video is properly optimized for SEO.

But how can you make this happen?

First of all, start doing the proper keyword research. Keywords are what people type into a search engine like Google or Bing when they’re looking for a product or service.

To conduct the right research, you can use free tools like this one.

Once you’ve chosen a few keywords, make sure you’re putting them in the right places.

This includes in your title, your video description, and even in the closed captioning that you choose to include.

You should also get as specific as you can when it comes to how you choose to categorize your video.

For example, instead of just “home improvement,” try things like “DIY flooring repair” or “Install roof tiling.” This will ensure that the people who are already on the hunt for content like yours can find it ASAP.

4. Promote your Video Like Crazy

The final step in learning how to make a video go viral?

Make sure that you pull out all the stops when it comes to promoting it.

This includes sending it out to your email lists, blasting it on social media, and even encouraging your employees to send it out to their friends and families.

You should also frequently take a look at the statistics and analytics of your viewers. If you notice that most people are viewing it at a certain time of day, then you can re-share it on social media at that time.

Then, make sure you get active in the comments section!

Thank people for watching and sharing, and ask them questions about what their favorite part of the video was.

How to Make a Video Go Viral: Wrapping Up

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand how to make a video go viral.

Remember to focus on finding the right professionals and people to help you to bring your ideas to life. Know what your market wants to watch, and where they’re the most likely to share it.

When in doubt, keep in mind the value of working with a professional.

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website to learn more about how to take your content to the next level.

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