How to Use Video Email Marketing (and Why You Should)

How to Use Video Email Marketing (and Why You Should)

Video is booming, and digital marketers are scrambling to take advantage of it.

One way they’re doing this is through video email marketing. Including video as part of your email blasts can increase click-throughs. It also has a 280 percent higher rate of return than traditional emails.

So what are all the benefits of adding video to your emails, and how can you get started? Read on to find out more:

The Benefits of Video Email Marketing

Video is a powerful tool. Using videos in your email marketing gives you several advantages over standard email content.

It’s Easier for Your Audience

Let’s face it. People are lazy.

Many people don’t have the time, patience, or interest to sit down and read a long email or blog post.

They especially won’t have much interest in doing so for an organization that they know is looking for their money in some way.

They’re completely justified in this. As marketers, we thrust ourselves into people’s lives. In most cases, they don’t come to us — we go to them.

That’s why you should strive to make things as easy on your audience as possible. And it takes less work to watch a quick video than to read a long press release.

Video email marketing gives your audience the least amount of work to let you into their lives.


People spend half their day reading boring emails at work.

When they open your email, they need to feel like it will be less of a work-like experience and more about entertainment.

Videos provide so many opportunities to express creativity. They can tell stories. They can feature cool visuals, humor, and impressive displays.

Producing fun, entertaining videos to promote your campaign or pitch your product will give your audience a reason to listen to what you have to say.

Personal Engagement

Building relationships is one of the most important marketing and public relations goals of any organization.

A big part of building these relationships is engaging people on a personal level. Unfortunately, this is often difficult for many organizations.

Your logo represents your brand, and your written words represent your thoughts. But these methods can still seem a bit too inhuman.

Video gives us the power to speak directly to people. To put another human on screen and show that there are real individuals working together toward a common goal.

Your organization doesn’t need to be a nameless and faceless corporate giant. You can use video to feature your leaders and staff and build a rapport with your audience.

Video is a unique tool, and one of the best ways to establish more personal relationships with your customers.


Creating videos for your email marketing gives you a leg up in other marketing efforts as well.

Those videos aren’t just useful for email.

You can post them on your website. Videos are content, and optimized content boosts your SEO and drives more traffic to your website.

You can also post the videos on YouTube and on the native video features on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. It’s a great way to build your audiences and improve engagement on social media.

A well-made video doesn’t just get posted once. You can send your video out at different times in a strategic fashion.

Videos require a lot of work to make, but you’re rewarded with a versatile marketing tool that can be used through multiple channels.


How many friends do you see sharing links to press releases on Facebook and Twitter?

How many friends do you see sharing videos?

Without a doubt, the answer to the second question will be higher than the answer to the first.

Videos are fun and easy to share. They attract eyes and attention. And social network algorithms make videos a priority on newsfeed.

Maybe your video will encourage your readers to forward the email you sent. Or they may just link to the video on its own on social media. Either way, you’re encouraging your video to spread naturally.

Of course, any video you make has the possibility to go viral. With a bit of luck, your organization could be at the heart of the next ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze. And it could all start with your video email marketing.

How to Add Video to Your Emails

Unfortunately, adding videos directly to your emails is not as simple as it may seem.

While more and more email clients are adding video streaming, the biggest ones like Gmail and Outlook do not yet support video playback as a feature.

It’s inconvenient, and we hope this feature will be added in future updates. But for now, it’s safe to assume that you will need to send a reader away from their email in order to watch your video.

So where will you send them? You could upload your video to a video-hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo. You could also post the video right on your own website.

Then comes the trick of getting them to click on the link to watch.

Luckily, most emails allow you to turn a static picture into a clickable hyperlink. You can use this feature to simulate the appearance of a video player.

Take a screenshot of your video, and edit it to include a centered triangular play button. This is a universal indicator of a video. Readers will click to play, directing them to the page where the video is.

Things to Remember

Generally, autoplaying videos are often frowned upon. If you decide to just include your video as an actual link, don’t set it to autoplay. But if you opt to use the static image with the play button, the viewer will be expecting the video to play, so autoplay may be acceptable.

Keep your introductory videos short — not more than a minute long. As we covered earlier, inconveniencing your audience is a bad idea. Save the long, in-depth videos for people further down the buyer’s journey.

Anything you use in your video email marketing must include a call to action. Give your viewers a clear next step in the process.

Start Producing Videos

If you’re ready to kick off your video email marketing, you may be searching for a video production company to help you make quality content.

Viva Media is a full-service video production team based in Toronto. Check out our services to see how we can help improve your email marketing.

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