How Videos For Internal Communications Can Increase Your Employees Productivity

Most of us understand how vital good communication is in the workplace. We have learned how to email with a targeted focus using professional methods.

But most of us do not realize how much videos can serve as excellent internal communication tools.

They allow users to see facial expressions and read body language. They also allow for hearing the inflection of words and more.

There is even an extra bonus when you use video for internal communication and that is in enhances work productivity.

What Is Internal Communication?

Internal communication is the function which allows co-workers and administration of any business to communicate with each other.

Internal communication within a company varies from business to business. Many have internal communication which is poor and inefficient.

Businesses with poor and inefficient internal communication can lose some of the following;

  1. Employees are less productive when internal communication is poor.
    • This is because teamwork doesn’t have set goals everyone agrees upon.
    • Employees do not know what to expect or how to prepare for their job duties.
    • Employees can feel left out of the office communication so they quit trying.
  2. Employees can become counterproductive and get into conflicts.
    • Counterproductive employees can happen when there is negative communication.
    • Conflict can occur when a boss or other employee barks orders or demeans another employee.
  3. Employees can suffer from low-esteem or morale.
    • There is nothing more unproductive in a work environment than an employee who feels they are not contributing.
    • In fact, there have been studies which suggest profitability due to employees not having good morale can drop 21%.
    • Employees who suffer from low self-esteem due to low morale at work do not want to come into work. They suffer through work and do not take part in an engaging or positive manner.
  4. You lose employees continual basis. You lose employees on a constant basis. This high turnover is due to poor communication.
    • When businesses don’t communicate about job expectations or provide positive reinforcement.
    • Businesses will spend more time, money, and effort or interviewing and hiring than on increasing sales or their business image.

Business Communication

What is effective business communication in today’s marketplace? One of the things which makes businesses much easier to administrate and work in today is internal communication videos.

Internal communication videos provide transformation for your business. If you think of your internal communication methods as dull and uninspiring, video is a new format which can liven up the dullest communication.

Statistics suggest one minute of video provides input and information worth over 1.8 million words.

We have helped CEO’s revamp their image and message. We do that through the presentation of videos which employees as internal communication tools.

CEO video messages build trust. Once an employee sees the face of the CEO and hears their voice they feel a part of the CEO’s team.

Leadership teams across the world are moving towards taping videos. They are using videos for their internal communication with their employees regardless of how big or small is their company.

Videos are now used more for internal communication education and training. Standardized Education and training work employee to employee at the same level.

It makes no sense for each employee to get different training and skill set learning which they cannot use with the same methods.

When you teach or provide continued education opportunities for your employees you must make sure every employee feels like they are part of the team.

They must also feel like their job skill training was the same as their co-workers or they may start to feel cheated.

We sometimes call video as internal communications an SEO hack. That’s because business videos can get to the first page of Google results much easier than a company newsletter.

Of course, you need the right video content for your internal communication need and that’s why we are one of the best in communication strategy. 

We produce nothing but the best in high-quality and value for your business’s budget.

Communication Strategies

Communication strategies for businesses regardless of their size or location must be consistent and open.

There are classes taught now on how to best use videos in your business’s internal and external communication method

If you are not doing it as a business you can be sure one of your business competitors are.

You should not wait to incorporate videos as one of your major internal communication tools. They help to increase your business productivity and image.

Some companies will use videos for their company announcement. This is very important when you need to control the information’s message and you do now want people to alter its core intent.

It is easy to do a video for internal communication purposes and have your employee’s process information.

It allows them to process the information in small pieces. This works better than a generic email which is misunderstood.

If you were ever a student in high school or college you may remember a teacher telling you 90% of all communication is non-verbal.

There is no communication method which provides better business development strategy.

Why Is Communication Important?

Communication for internal communication videos can be for event announcements.

The importance of video communication with this methodology is it makes every employee feel they are important.

How many times have you had written a newsletter about the past quarter or an annual report about the past year and no one reads it?

Videos solve the communication problem of not having time to read a company newsletter or annual report. 

Everyone has time to watch a video and feel the level of development and growth the company is experiencing.

How many times has your company had a professional presentation somewhere and it has not been videoed so you could use it for your company image?

Technology today allows you to have the video play within the email itself or as a link, the employees can go to at their will and discretion.

The video communication method allows businesses to;

  1. Reach out to many employees together at the same time.
    • You no longer have to meet with employees one at a time to explain a new policy or procedure. All you have to do is do a video for internal communication business needs.
    • You have given the employees a way to stay linked.
  2. If a business uses video as a communication method they can cut back on business travel.
    • You don’t have to travel to a remote location taking days of time and a lot of money on travel costs when you can send a video. 
    • Superb video production using professional commercial quality is sometimes better than being there in person where costly mistakes can happen.

Internal Communications

One of the most powerful tools you can use in business is a video for internal communication needs.

We produce videos at commercial levels in;

  • Branding
  • Explainer animations
  • Commercial Testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • Events
  • Education and product information
  • Music videos
  • Drone/Aerial videos
  • Voiceovers
  • 360 video content and more

There is no better way to connect with people. Video communication puts your company into the 21st century where the only place to go is up.

It is a powerful aid in telecommunications because of the visual display. 65% of us are visual learners.

Video internal communication assistance in increasing production cannot be overstated.

Employees when they feel in sync with each other and the company almost always have an end result of increasing productivity.

The convenience of being able to increase employee productivity with video internal communication methods is a bonus benefit. 

It provides more power than an audio call and less attention deficit than reading an email or report. 

How Can I Increase my Employee Productivity? 

We are the answer to increasing your employee productivity levels. We do this through video internal communications.

Video internal communication is cost-effective because its end result has no end date. The benefits just go on and on.

Video internal communication methodology is versatile and allows your company to tweak and modify it until you are satisfied with its message.

Video internal communication methodology have large engagement numbers which no other office communication can compare.

Traditional mediums of office communication performed a service which was needed at the time.

But businesses have come so far since that time. It is being a part of the future which allows businesses to continue to grow and develop.

One way to make sure your business does not get left behind is video. Video internal communication shows your employees and the world who you are.

It shows the world and employees your capabilities and talents in providing modern communication methods for greater results.

It doesn’t matter what your challenge is or your project needs video can be a part of the presentation and answer.

Every day your business waits to reach out to us to become a part of the 21st century may be the day you miss your golden opportunity.

Business waits for no one. We want to make sure you never have to wait for the future you can be today. Reach out to us now and we will be with you on your new path towards the future.

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