Is Your Animated Explainer Video Actually Effective?

Is Your Animated Explainer Video Actually Effective?

An animated explainer video is an effective marketing tool and a powerful method of communication in the modern business world. These videos condense and clarify complicated topics, making information understandable for a broad audience.

When you’re trying to convince customers that you’re worth their time, you only have a small window to work within. The average person’s attention span is little more than eight seconds, so your video has to be uncomplicated and engaging.

Your animated explainer video has to be brief, interesting, and able to clearly communicate your company’s message to the viewer.

If your animated explainer video isn’t helping to increase conversions, it may be time for some improvement.

Read on to learn more about what you can do to make sure your explainer video is effective and that you’re taking advantage of this important marketing strategy.

Keep It Short

As a general rule, an animated explainer video should be as brief as possible. Shorter videos will be more engaging than longer ones so you’ll lose less of your audience.

Shorter videos are also easier to remember. Your content should be concise in order to maintain high engagement and encourage information retention.

Videos that are between one and two minutes long with a script of less than 150 words are generally best. That length of time is enough to convey important aspects or benefits of a service or product while still maintaining more of your audience’s attention.

Trim it Down

Keep in mind that video length selection is sometimes a compromise. You’ll probably have to reduce some of the content you wanted to include for the sake of keeping your video engaging and to the point.

For more complicated topics, a longer video may be necessary. However, know that a large portion your audience probably won’t watch the entire video. In this case, it’s a good idea to present your most important information first.

Revise Your Script

A poorly written script will never deliver the same results as a succinct and engaging one.

As previously mentioned, a shorter script ensures that more of the audience will hang around long enough to watch your entire video. Approximately 150 words is a good length for an explainer video’s length.

The Script’s Purpose

Length isn’t the only thing that makes a good script.

A well-written script clearly defines a problem that a customer may have, explains why your service or product is the solution to their problem, demonstrates how the service or product will work for them, and includes a call to action telling the viewer what to do next.

It’s helpful to carefully consider your company’s image and mission when script writing. You should distill key information so that you’ll be able to present what really matters in your video.

When Your Script Needs Improvement

If your video isn’t giving you the results you expected, consider going over your script, changing the way the message is conveyed, and condensing the information.

Hiring an outside professional video company is a good decision, as they’re well-versed in gathering essential information and putting it together to create a top quality video.

These companies can produce portfolios of their work so you’ll have an idea of the kind of videos they create.

Sound Quality Matters

Sound quality can have a huge negative impact on what would otherwise be a good animated explainer video.

From your choice of narrator to your music selection, sound is important when it comes to creating a video that people will actually want to watch.

Your script will contain the foundation of your message, so it’s imperative that it’s delivered in a clear, persuasive manner.

You may benefit from hiring a professional for the job. Voice-over actors are trained to use their voice in ways that are understandable and compelling.


Music selection is critical to a good explainer video. Music sets the mood and pace of the video and can:

  • Make your video more compelling
  • Hold your audience’s attention
  • Complement and enhance your message
  • Cause an emotional response that makes your video more memorable

Thoughtful music selection will greatly improve your video and will increase its overall impact.

What to Avoid

Your video’s sound should never make potential customers want to turn off the volume.

It should also be clear enough that there’s no question in the viewer’s mind of what was said and what it meant.

For better explainer video results, you may need to give your sound quality an upgrade.

Beyond the Script: Visuals for Storytelling

Don’t rely on your script to explain your product or service’s benefits, features, and advantages. A great script is a good thing, but people want more than just words when watching animated explainer videos.

Explainer videos are the artful integration of thoughtful script, appropriate music, and helpful visual information. These intertwine to tell the viewer the story of your business.

Animated explainer videos are so effective because they appeal to both emotions and reason. They compel the viewer to act after convincing them that giving the company a try is a smart decision.

This conversion is the result of the persuasive quality of interesting visuals backed by your concise script and the right music.

Great visuals reinforce your script’s message and are essential to your video’s storytelling ability.

Put Emphasis on Benefits

It’s fine to use your video to tell your audience about what your product or service offers. However, your emphasis should be on the benefits of choosing your company, not just product or service features.

Your video should tell the audience why they should choose your company and how it will improve their lives.

Potential customers generally want to know how what you’re offering applies to them. What will it do for them? How can it benefit them more than a similar product or service?

In order to convert viewers into customers, your explainer video has to clearly communicate to consumers why your product or service is advantageous to them.

Keep your emphasis on benefits to the customer, not a long list of features.

Maximize the Potential of Your Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos are one of the best ways to attract potential customers and introduce them to your company.

The exceptional ability of videos to quickly familiarize viewers with a company’s values and goals, in addition to products and services, makes them essential to modern marketing.

If you’re interested in putting this powerful tool to work for your company, we’re here to help. Contact us for a free video production quote today!

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