It’s Viral! 7 Ways To Make A Viral Tik Tok Video Online

Over 500 million people from around the world use TikTok monthly. That’s a lot of potential viewers a business can reach each month simply by producing short online videos.

Sure, you could try to gain the attention of an Instagram influencer or turn to to try and create a viral music video, but TikTok is turning out to be the way to go for forward-thinking companies.

TikTok online videos are a great way to reach a specific target audience. The best part? The platform is home to videos that are easy to make and quick to go viral.

What more could you want out of a video marketing tool?

However, you’ll need to do more than just upload a video of someone singing. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Here’s how to make viral TikTok marketing work.

What is TikTok?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then we’ll go ahead and give you a rundown of the social media platform.

Basically, users can upload short 15-second videos of someone lip-synching, dancing, or doing skits. The creators of the TikTok app actually claim that it’s the top destination for short-form mobile videos.

Quite the claim, right? The best part is that it doesn’t have to include music, like the formerly most-popular It can, and it’s great if it does, but people have gained fame and attention simply by uploading short, creative, and unique videos.

In 2018, the app became so popular that it was the number one free app on the App Store. You can be that if people have downloaded an app 800 million times, then it’s got quite the reach.

Now that you know what people use the social media app for, it’s time to learn about how to go viral.

1. Perform a Celebrity Challenge

Lately, celebrities have created goofy challenges to participate in and hashtags for people to use. One of the easiest ways to go viral on the TikTok app is to participate in one of these challenges!

You might remember the most recent one, the #inmyfeelings challenge, or the #tumbleweedchallenge. Jimmy Fallon created both of these challenges, and all together they gained over 19 million views.

Find the most relevant challenge and have a member of your team perform it as an individual. Or, even better, you can get super creative with it and film it as a whole office group.

The goofier and crazier the better!

2. Target the Right Audience

Don’t make videos for people over 30. There are other platforms for that!

If you aren’t targeting the right audience on TikTok, then they probably won’t find it relevant and won’t engage with your content.

60% of active users on TikTok are 16 to 24 years old. This means that to create a viral video, you’re going to want to cater to that age group.

Think about the kind of music that’s hot right now and browse the other popular videos to find out what users are currently engaging with.

If you’re going to use this video production platform for business marketing, then it’s actually a great idea to assign someone from your social media or marketing team to browse the app daily.

Have them browse the platform daily to look for hot hashtags, new trending videos, and other niche areas in which your business can infiltrate. The key to going viral, after all, is doing something ridiculous and being the first one to do so.

3. Play it Cool

Just act natural! Members of Generation Z are different than Millennials. If you’re trying to target Gen Z’ers with TikTok, then you’ll need to actual natural.

Why? They’re not easily swayed by brand names and overly-promotional online videos.

They love their autonomy and independence, which means that if you want a video to go viral, you’ll want to avoid trying to “act cool.”

Create an account and upload genuine content on a regular basis. Build up a natural following through your humor and great video marketing and production skills.

Don’t go over-the-top with crazy production stunts, either. The value of this platform is that regular, everyday people can create and upload short videos.

While you’ll want to add some sort of production value to your videos, don’t try to make them look too flashy. This target audience will be able to spot the inauthenticity and won’t go for it at all.

4. Create Your Own Hashtags

Okay, so this viral video marketing tactic will require that you have a little pull when it comes to attracting top names and influencers.

GUESS recently launched a new campaign featuring popular TikTok creators.

They used the hashtag #inmydenim and had famous TikTok creators upload their own videos. Then, they asked other people to film and upload their own videos.

If you can replicate this strategy, then you might be able to go viral. Try to work on contacting hot names and artists on the app first, and then go from there!

This is a fantastic way to get other people actually interacting with your brand. That’s what makes this online social platform so great.

Vlogging is great, and you can make money vlogging, but it lacks the interaction aspect that TikTok offers between companies and customers.

To find the best hashtags on TikTok, you’ll need to expand your thinking. If you’re trying to promote #makeupbrushes for a new campaign or video, then think about similar hashtags.

Try to think like a customer. What other hashtags might they be searching for that would bring them to your content? Maybe you can include hashtags that include names of brush brands you promote or famous makeup artists.

5. Create Tutorial Videos

High-value marketing videos offer something of, well, value. To harness the full power of TikTok, you’ll want to invest in casual in-house productions.

Use this space to show off key features or functions of whatever you offer to customers.

Do you sell hair products? Provide users with a short 15-second video of how to style your hair on-the-go.

Do you sell clothing? Upload a 15-second video of five quick items you can pair with your new jeans for a cute summer look.

The options are endless! Get creative and have fun with it.

Even if you don’t have an in-house production team, an external video marketing company should be able to help you create visually stunning and high-value tutorial videos.

In tutorial videos that are short, try to use graphics to help make your points stick out easily.

6. Be Unique

Have you seen that video of a girl who learns to dance from scratch in a year?

She filmed herself dancing every day for a year, edited it together in short clips, and then uploaded it to show her progression.

This is a genius idea! When learning how to make a viral video, try to be this unique. Think of something really cool that your company does, offers, or sells. Now, make a video about that.

Some unique ideas for TikTok marketing and viral videos include:

  • A video-a-day challenge
  • Telling a story that people can get involved in
  • Create suspense with cliffhangers every day
  • Create a unique character that viewers can fall in love with

The options are endless, and the key really lies in ensuring that whatever you choose to do, it’s unique!

Don’t try to copy anybody else (unless you’re participating in a celebrity hashtag challenge, of course). This will help you stand out, which increases your chances of going viral.

7. Understand How Things Go Viral

If you really want to know how to make something go viral, then you’ll want to be smart about when and how you’re posting it.

People tend to watch videos at work. They do so when they’re not too swamped with other things, which means that it’s a good idea to post a video on a Monday or Tuesday.

Do research in your specific industry as to what other kinds of videos have gone viral.

Think about their content, their story, and the kinds of videos your competitors might be producing, too.

This will help you learn about successful viral videos in order to replicate their success.

Get Help with TikTok Online Videos

Ready to take the leap? Do you want to start creating TikTok online videos now?

Great! We’re here to help. Well, at least with your video content in general.

We can’t promise that you’ll go viral, but we do know a lot about successful video marketing for companies of all sizes.

We make videos that inspire and drive action. That’s exactly what you’re looking to do with TikTok videos. To go viral, you’ll definitely need to ensure the videos inspire action of some sort.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to speak about your video marketing needs. We’ll listen to you talk about your company, your company’s woes, and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Then, we’ll help you formulate a solid video production plan and provide you with a quote. What happens next is up to you.

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