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Offering our clients a complete in-house production solution, we evaluate the video content needs of your company across all departments (beyond the marketing department), and create a digital video content roadmap to consider all wants and needs. Our creative development team is always eager and ready to spearhead the creative development of a new exciting project. In a time where many videos are cookie-cutter replicas of one another, we’re striving to offer something new to our clients.


We establish objectives and determine which area of the buying process needs influence.


We create a concept and story that maximizes your message’s influence in the areas we define.


We execute and produce an animated or live-action video according to the production plan.


A brand commercial is your company or product’s introduction to the world. As the video agency to some of the world’s largest brands, we pride ourselves in our TV commercial work and brand spot creation. We have produced hundreds of brand spots for our clients to be broadcast on TV or released on the web.

The average brand spot is between 30 seconds and 60 seconds however the length generally depends on the use of the video (whether it is going to broadcast, to social media, or on our client’s website). Oftentimes we create multiple versions of the same spot so our clients can use them for multiple purposes.


A well-produced product explainer gives a detailed overview of a product in a short, easily digestible video. After watching a Product Explainer, the viewer should have a clear understanding of the product or service. These videos can be produced in many different styles but we have found that animated videos work best for many of our clients.

Product explainers can be used in a variety of contexts – our clients will often use explainer videos on their website or as sales tools. In our experience, we have found that these videos should be between 60 and 90 seconds in order to maximize viewer engagement.


Communications videos can be used to save your organization money with respect to training and travel, and bring a breath of fresh air to your training programs. Many of our clients are finding that programs such as employee onboarding, training, thought leadership and other forms of internal communications are far more effective when delivered in the form of video.

With our powerful analytics tools, we can give our clients incredible insights on who is watching their videos, when they are watching them and even down to what parts of the videos they have rewatched multiple times.


We have the privilege of helping our clients capture their experiential marketing in video. Whether it is a single-camera production, following a brand ambassador as they surprise and delight customers with samples and prizes, or a 10-camera event in a stadium with thousands of participants, we can activate your event at any size.

Prove the success of your event by having an experiential video that can capture the real stories that happened during your marketing activation, and keep the conversation going both digitally and socially.


When it comes to producing events, Viva Media brings together our background in video production with the experience of some of Toronto’s most experienced show producers. We also specialize on event strategy, focusing not only on the event itself but planning out pre-event and post-event activations to generate buzz.

We can handle all aspects of your organization’s next corporate event, from script writing and show scheduling to content creation. We have also produced some of Toronto’s largest professional services awards ceremonies.


Video case studies help showcase how successful your organization has been with your clients. They are some of the most powerful tools in your B2B marketing arsenal. Our fully equipped team produces videos in-studio or on-location across Canada and the USA.

Our roster of clients span various industries, including software, IT, banking, insurance, professional services, manufacturing, oil and gas and more. We have helped our clients create case study videos to showcase their best work, show use cases of a new product or service and create sales tools to win a big new account.


A well created Kickstarter video need to capture emotion and communicate the heart of why you do what you do – ultimately to show how the crowdfunding community can come alongside and help fund your future goals! We love to collaborate startup companies to create a film that represents their project best and get it to the right audience.

You want to leave the viewer wanting more when the film ends, ready to “Kickstart” your idea with the click of a button. We’ve produced loads of Kickstarter, Indiegogo shared around the media successfully funded. Everything from straightforward and informative (with our signature graphic overlays) to just fun and silly. Whatever your style is, we can help!


Businesses are cultivating the growth of 360 & VR video through a variety of initiatives. From healthcare to education to real estate, a diverse collection of industries are jumping into the VR space. In particular, businesses are turning to VR and 360° video to give their marketing efforts a creative and unique shot in the arm.

We’ve worked with businesses from small startups to large corporations to produce 360° and VR video content that bring customers and companies closer together.

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