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What is corporate portrait photography and why do I need it?

We all know that your online brand and it’s presence is now the single most important communication channel, and no business can succeed in today’s market without a strong, polished and professional online presence.

We specialize in effective, action-driven corporate photographs that are finely crafted to resonate with your target demographic. Our work has been featured on numerous media outlets (CBC News, Global News, HGTV, BlogTO, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail) thanks to our leading-edge technical abilities, proven processes and unparalleled corporate photography techniques.

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Corporate Portrait Photography Toronto

When and how should I use corporate portrait photography?

Consistency in your employee headshots makes your team look professional and unified. High quality portraits show that you care to invest in your company’s image and therefore care about the work you do.

A professional portrait will give your employees a sense of pride. They will feel good about their place of work and their role within the company.

By choosing the right corporate photographer, you control the image seen by your clients. Do not rely on your employees to supply their own photo.

Many people in sales choose to have a photo embedded in their email signature. Consistency with all these profile photos will create a strong brand image for your company.

What are some characteristics of a great corporate portait photo?

  • Friendly expressions
  • Subject is looking at the camera
  • Visually appealing attire
  • An engaging clean background
  • General touch ups
Viva-Media-Toront-Video Production-Process

How does Viva Media capture corporate portrait photographs?

Full-service corporate photography means more than simply taking a project from start to finish. Our clients work with us well before the project is even conceptualized and we help deliver content to our client’s audience on their behalf.

What does that mean? Companies come to us with a challenge or need. We work with them developing strategy, creative concepts, and an results-driven approach.

Once the project is completed we work directly with your digital marketing team or we develop custom distribution strategies, manage campaign spend, develop digital assets, and provide ongoing analytics and reporting for your campaign.

Really, we take care of everything. We can be there for any, or every step of the way during the process.

Proven Process

We’re business people first.
Experience, creativity, and an unmatched approach to corporate photography mean the work we do is not just a pretty picture – it’s smart, well-crafted and tailored to you and your business/brand.

Efficient Production

When there’s no room for risk.
What’s at risk? Your budget, your brand, and your reputation. Put your trust in a creative partner with proven processes, experience, and a risk-free approach.

Smart Distribution

The right people at the right time.
It’s the only measure of your brands and businesses succeed. Period. We start with the end in mind and focus relentlessly on both your goals and the motivations of your audience/consumers.


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