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What are food videos and why use them?

In the more traditional advertising sense, the Food Video stay with…well, the product. Shifting the focus from the who or why, the Food Video showcases your product and helps the audience understand how the to make a recipe or showcase a food item that can fit into their personal or professional lives.

Food Video Production Portfolio

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Food Videos

When and how should I use food videos?

List some strategies you can use to spotlight food in a particular video and/or across your channel.

Think about a video concept for a standard how-to recipe video. How might you transform this concept into something a little bit more fun and entertaining?

How do you think your audience perceives your brand? How do you communicate your brand to the audience?

How can you encourage viewers to actually try the recipes you show at home?

Think about your audience and target viewer. List some ways you could experiment with the format and break away from standard recipe and how-to videos.

What are some characteristics of a commercial video?

  • 60 seconds or less
  • Bite sized and shareable (we're talking about the video here)
  • Generates buzz and excitement
  • Motivating call-to-action
  • Highlights food functionality and ease
  • Provides an in-depth or entertaining (but always mouth watering) walk through
Viva-Media-Toront-Video Production-Process

How does Viva Media
create a concept for a food video?

Viva Media partners with an industry leading food agency (The Food Group) to create concepts for food video content by first fully understanding the message we’re conveying and why it’s important to your audience. 

By partnering with TFG, we’ve helped build some of the world’s most iconic brands, products and businesses. Plus together, we eat, breathe and live food. Spotting trends, launching products, driving culinary innovation and finding new ways to reach your customers.

A partnership with us means you’ll have a team dedicated to unlocking your unique point of difference—knowing every challenge and opportunity, and providing end-to-end strategic solutions.

From conceptualizing the recipe, to staging the props, to finding that perfect space, The Food Group makes it really easy to get your project off the ground.

Together, we’ll find engaging ways to package that message, whether it’s simple or complex, into the right concept so that it better connects with your target audience. We also take into consideration where the food video content will be distributed so that we can properly create certain production and design elements for the project.

How do you measure success for a food video?

Measuring success for a food video is reflected in high-level marketing metrics. Since this isn’t a piece of sales material meant to drive conversions, it is better to think about the overall impressions. In the video world, these figures include views, comments, and social shares.

How much does a food video cost?

Depending on the style, a food video typically costs between $10,000-$30,000. However, that cost increases depending on the complexity of the recipes, creative concept, props and of course production time. 

How long does a food video take to create?

Because food videos are meant to grab attention and make your mouth water, they often require additional time for production. For example, our spot for Nestle required special locations, recipe development, hand models, prop sourcing and fancy motion tracking done in post. All of these things take time, but you can plan for 5-6 weeks.


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