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What are professional voiceovers and why use them?

When the time comes for you to use a professional video production company, they will deliver your video by working through the different stages of the process.

Each stage is vital to the final outcome but one aspect is extremely important – the voice over. This is what will engage with your audience and it will also deliver your message in a way that you need it to be delivered. Their professionalism will help turn your video into a success.

Professional Voiceover Portfolio

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Professional Voiceovers

When and how should I use a professional voiceover

There is no benefit from choosing the first voice actor that comes along because there are websites out there such as that make the whole process of finding an actor easier than it ever has been.

Having the ability to see a wide range of voice actors in one place will give you the confidence to go ahead and make the right decision because you can compare, discuss and decide when you feel like you have found the right voice actor for your job.

Remember, that it is your video and you want it to deliver a message that proves just how good your brand is. If your voice over actor understands this then you can be sure that they will deliver a voice over that will simply leave your audience wanting more. That is exactly what good voice over actors do and that is why their services will be in high demand.

This relationship will underpin the success of your video and that is exactly why a professional voice over is an absolute must!

What are some use cases for a great professional voiceover?

  • Corporate Voicemail
  • Web Presentations
  • Radio / TV Commercial
  • Narration or explainer animations
  • Advertising / Marketing
Viva-Media-Toront-Video Production-Process

How does Viva Media craft a professional voiceover?

It all starts with discovery – understanding the company, product, service or subject we’re trying to explain. Once we have a good handle on things, we connect to brainstorm creative ways to present and figure out the right voice, tone and approach explain or present your content with voice. This involves throwing out plenty of ideas, good and bad, before landing on a few key voice actors to refine and ultimately pitch for your project. 

Sometimes we’ll use a framework, like a metaphor or use case, to explain what you do and the voice that is representing. In other cases, it will be a unique tonal approach that drives the message home.

A voiceover concept needs to balance creative and strategy. The creative is required to engage the viewer, humanize the brand and give them a reason to care about watching your video. The strategy is required to ensure you deliver a message that resonates with your viewers and motivates them to take the desired action.


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