Video Marketing & Distribution

What is video marketing/distribution and why use it?

Video marketing as an industry is worth $135 billion, which is almost more than television advertising and digital advertising combined. It is clear marketers are buying in when it comes to creating video, but what video distribution techniques are they using to boost their brand’s visibility?

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Video Marketing & Distribution

When and how should I use video marketing & distribution?

Social video’s effectiveness depends upon authenticity. Today’s tech-savvy buyer is tired of being fed blatant advertisements. You have to humanize your brand, and nothing is better at that than video. Like I’ve said in the past, today’s buyer puts the level of connection they feel with a brand over the function of the product when making a purchasing decision.

Videos are also a great way to help you close the sale. 88 percent of shoppers watch product review videos before making a purchase, and they trust these reviews as much as they would a suggestion from a friend.

What are some characteristics of a great marketing & distribution plan?

  • Two minutes or less
  • Clear and concise
  • Conversational tone
  • A focus on benefits not features
  • Specific call-to-action
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How does Viva Media create a concept for a video marketing or distribution campaign?

Just as with any other type of marketing, nothing matters more than metrics. How do you measure the success of your video distribution efforts?

The answer starts with your objective. Is your goal to spread brand awareness or acquire new customers? The top benefit of video marketing is it doesn’t force you to choose between the two. Before the rise of video, traditional advertising was for reach and digital advertising was for customer acquisition. Now, brands are using video marketing as a blanket solution for both objectives. Almost 64 percent of marketers have brand awareness as their top objective for their video distribution efforts, while 58 percent have customer acquisition occupying the top spot.

Best Practices for Website Video Marketing

If you run campaigns of any kind, then you likely already have landing pages. And whether they’re part of your own website or hosted on a separate platform, video content can improve them.

In addition to engaging visitors, embedding videos on your landing pages can help increase conversion by 80%, according to Unbounce.

But how do you do it? First off, make sure the video is relevant. In many cases, you’ll want to create a video specifically for this page, as nothing hurts click-through rates like a specific link to a generic video. Next, make sure it’s the main attraction, and isn’t surrounded with excessive text or graphics.

Best Practices for Facebook & Instagram Video Marketing

By the numbers alone, Facebook could be considered a video network to rival YouTube. Of its two billion users, nearly all watch video, for a total of eight billion average daily views, reports TechCrunch.

Unlike YouTube, where every post is a video, videos on Facebook compete with posts that are text and images, and so stand in great contrast. Users also encounter videos as they scroll down through their feeds, so playing with different formats such as vertical video can help increase your performance.

If anyone appears in your video, remember to tag them. Also, a word of caution: Eighty-five percent of videos viewed on Facebook are viewed without sound. So if your video has dialog, make sure it has captions.

Best Practices for YouTube Video Marketing

One of the first spots you’ll want to upload to is YouTube. The video sharing website has nearly two billion users – a potential audience so large it’s impossible to ignore.

But while it’s great for search, YouTube alone is not a comprehensive video strategy, as the whole platform is designed for people to get lost watching other people’s recommended videos (the cat video vortex is real).

Your goal should be to use the channel to gain attention and drive viewers back to your website. There, they can consume more of your brand content free from distraction. As a bonus, once they’re back on your website, you’ll be able to track their behaviour with video engagement data.


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