The Essence of Sound: Why Having High Audio Quality Is Important in Any Video

Are you a creator looking for a lucrative but creative outlet for your filmmaking skills? Are you looking to upgrade your video quality for your advertising business? Do you want to make a touching highlight video for your business or organization?

All these you can do with video production.

The problem with video production companies is they focus too much on visuals. Excellent audio quality is important too, if not more.

Whether you’re prepping for a video interview or a product highlight, you need high-quality audio. Below, we’ll tell you why it’s important in any video you create. Read further to see the recording tips we included.

Music Sets the Tone

There are two major elements in a video: visual and audio. Sound and music are powerful tools creators must use to set the tone of their videos. When you choose audio for a video, you most likely have a genre in mind that you know will match your video.

Take the story-based Thai drama commercials for example. The soundtracks they use match a tragic or sad storyline. When the commercial is a comedic one, they use light music and pair it with sound effects.

It’s the same with any videos you make. In video marketing, highlight and introduction videos are often what creators shoot. From the many casual, quirky tracks out there, choose one that will best suit your subject.

If the business is in the travel and tours industry, look for music that sounds relaxing and inviting. You can make this more specific, too. For a travel and tours highlight in Hawaii, get a background track with a ukulele element.

If you run a niche business like creating goth products and clothing, you could use music from popular goth-rock bands. Find a playful tone that matches the colorful creations in your cake store. If you already have a theme for your company, you can use that too.

There are millions of tracks that are available for you on the internet. Make sure you don’t violate any copyright laws when you pick from the internet. Music creators are also available for hire to create a unique soundtrack for you.

Sounds Evoke Emotions Visuals Can’t Do Alone

Imagine a wedding video without proper audio quality. When the couple recites their vows, their words are unclear and muffled. Yet, it’s got the slow-motion effects and well-placed fade-ins.

Imagine that it’s got the perfect video editing, but it’s had no audio editing of any kind. It wouldn’t be as sweet or remarkable. You would flip If it were your wedding video, especially if you paid for the video service.

This is why quality sound for video is important. This applies to live recordings, dubs or inserting background tracks in. With high-quality audio, you can produce a touching and inspiring wedding video.

Music arouses emotions from within us that visuals alone cannot do. The effect of an actor’s performance is more powerful when you hear the tone of his voice. You would be able to see and hear his dismay, happiness, or frustration.

If you’ve seen a film without sound, you may notice how you don’t feel the same depth of emotion from a film with sound. In contrast, the sudden absence of sound can show tension, shock, or boredom of a character.

Many video creators underestimate the power of quality sound and music.

When you create any video, think of a track that will evoke the emotion you want your audience to feel. It takes creativity and patience to find the perfect one, but it’s worth it in the end. You never know when someone might feel inspired to support your Kickstarter project because they felt touched by your video.

It Can Be More Important Than Visual Quality

You may notice this: people will still watch a video despite its grainy or blurry quality. The reason is that the audio has decent quality. If you asked a person to watch a video that has both terrible audio and visual quality, chances are they won’t want to.

You may notice that you exhibit this behavior as well. While you go through your Facebook feed, you might stop at a video. It might have bad visual quality, but you could still hear what the people in it are saying, so you watch it anyway.

This is because the quality of the audio is more important than video quality. There are exceptions, like making a video for the sake of detailed art. Most of the time, people will ignore the subpar visuals.

Does video quality affect sound quality? That depends on where you upload your video, but for most sites, the answer is yes. Often, you cannot see a video in low resolution that maintains audio data for a larger file.

Take YouTube’s bandwidth compliance for example. It moves a video’s resolution lower if it senses that the bandwidth cannot load it at medium or high resolution. The audio quality changes with the video’s quality, size, and codec change.

According to research, video quality has a significant influence on one’s perception of audio quality. While audio quality has a much smaller effect on video quality, it’s important all the same. This is most true to perfectionist creators out there.

High-Quality Audio Stands Out

Would you prefer to buy a high-quality speaker over a low-quality one? Of course, you’d choose the high-quality speaker. Why is that?

People prefer sounds closer to real life than inaccurate sounds on their speakers. Speakers of low quality could have no balance, no bass control, or a low frequency.

It’s the same with the audio of a video.

When you create a video and add sound effects, you have to make sure it sounds realistic. If it should match with a visual, give the sound effect proper timing. This way, you give the video editing a professional feel.

When your event video has quality audio and video editing, people will notice it. It has more chances of getting shares and likes. There will be more awareness for your organization and people will want to visit your next event.

With product videos, you need to get everything your speaker is saying. If they’re selling products, they have to be able to deliver their message in a clear manner. If they’re giving testimonials, viewers will want to understand what they are saying about your products.

Don’t let them strain to hear what the speaker is saying. If they have to do it with every video, they might leave the page and never look back.

Your Audiovisual Projects Say a Lot About You

Businesses that use video marketing have 54% increased brand awareness. You may not know it but what you put out there reflects on your organization or business. It reflects not only on the video quality but also on your audio quality.

Do you use heavy synthesizers? People will get the notion that your company is too old. Adding drums that beat too fast per minute can make it seem like you’re trying hard to make something exciting.

Balance your audio with your video quality. There’s nothing bad from getting great video equipment and software. Yet, leaving your sound quality behind says a lot about your priorities.

Poor audio quality can cast a huge shadow on the image of your company. Remember, first impressions last, and you don’t want a bad one for your company. This is very true to businesses or organizations that promote through videos.

Recording Tips for Great Audio Quality

Get equipment that records both quality video and audio. This is a smarter investment than buying separate equipment for audio and video. It’s also cheaper, making it perfect for low-budget filmmakers.

If you’re going to record outside, expect the microphone to pick up wind and other ambient noises. A little wind noise is impossible to edit out of your audio track. Use a wind muff in windy areas or choose a quieter location.

For better audio during a live recording, hold the mic closer to the subject. This will result in less background noise but make sure to keep the mic out of the shot. Better yet, use a lavalier mic or pin mic to pick up the speaker’s words better.

Make sure to check the speaker’s frequency and audio level before you start recording. Check your audio quality while you are recording. This way, you can re-record anything you need to.

Echoes make harsh sounds so try to look for a carpeted room. Got a decent-sized closet? Make it into a makeshift sound booth to record your voice-over in.

Shoot and Record in High Quality

Those are the reasons why you need an excellent audio quality hand in hand with great video quality.

Well-made videos are key elements in promoting your products, organizations, or company. Video production includes the elements of visual and audio. Make sure that you place high standards for both these two elements and not only on visuals.

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