The Inexplicable Reason Explainer Videos Work (Explained!)

The Inexplicable Reason Explainer Videos Work (Explained!!)

Are you looking for a fresh and effective way to explain how your products and services can benefit potential customers?

Sifting through the latest marketing techniques and strategies to find out what works and what doesn’t can sometimes be an exhausting game of hit or miss. But, one video marketing technique stands out from the others as a captivating and engaging way to show and tell consumers about what you have to offer them.

Explainer videos are popping up all over the internet. And, there are plenty of reasons why they have gained such popularity.

Read on to find out why explainer videos are the hottest new marketing trend and why they are a win-win for you and your customers!

Explainer Videos, Explained!

So, what exactly are explainer videos?

Although you may not realize it, chances are that you too have tapped into this video marketing magic at some point.

How It Works

Businesses use a short video to inform and educate potential customers about what they offer, how their products and services can be used as a solution, and why the customer should choose them.

These videos are typically a simple, clear and concise explanation that targets the brand’s specific audience. They use vivid animation, professional, high-quality sound effects, and straightforward concepts that are easy for the viewer to grasp and understand.

Why You Should Consider It

This trending video marketing technique has proven to be highly effective. Here are five reasons why it’s gained huge popularity among consumers, businesses and marketing pros.

1. It’s Preferred by Customers

The latest statistical data reveals that 79% of consumers would prefer to watch a video to learn about products and services.

2. It’s Effective

91% of consumers surveyed have watched explainer videos at some point. And what’s more, of these, 84% have been convinced to make a purchase after watching the video.

One study found that 54% of people are turning to video to find out how a product works.

Email and click through rates show significant improvement when “video” is included in the subject. That’s because people are 4 times as likely to watch a video than read about your products and services.

3. It’s Recommended by Marketing Professionals

If you aren’t using video as part of your marketing strategy, you may not be keeping up with your competitors.

Marketing pros cite video as one of their top sales boosters, a major source of returns and key component to achieving their goals.

97% of marketers credit video for helping to better explain products and services and 81% of marketers believe it is directly linked to higher sales, according to Hubspot. 76% feel that it increased traffic to their website.

Businesses and marketing professionals also indicate that they plan to depend on video as one of their strongest marketing strategies going forward. 99% of the businesses surveyed by Hubspot that currently use video marketing said that they will continue.

It also shows promise for even greater growth among businesses. Of those that haven’t caught on to the trend just yet, 34% plan to invest in video in the coming year.

4. It’s Efficient

When consumers visit your website and are able to view a clear and concise explanation of what your company offers and why it could benefit them, it can be largely beneficial to your company’s efficiency.

It saves time because, typically, when using video, no longer are employees required to make lengthy pitches to potential customers to sell your products or services. Customers can get the largest part of information that they need just by watching a short video.

It also often saves time on the overall sales process by creating a bridge for customers to learn about the product, and then purchase the product via your website. It makes it possible for this to completely eliminate the need for a salesperson to serve as a middle man.

It’s also easier to share your video URL with interested consumers, rather than spend time on the phone or in person explaining what the video says in less than a few minutes. You can email or text the link to anyone without tying up more than just seconds of your time. Then, the customer can watch the video and if they do have further questions, they can often utilize the site’s contact information to inquire further.

5. It’s Cost Effective

In addition to saving you time (which as you know, time equals money), video is usually less expensive than many marketing techniques.

Even when you employ professional video production services, which is highly recommended to get the best quality and effects, it a fairly inexpensive option that produces continued results when placed on your company’s site or used as an ongoing way to share information.

Unlike television advertising, videos are not given a specific time limit to run “on air”. Instead, digital video marketing relies on traffic to your site, sharing and posting online to gain views.

And, when you factor in all of the ways it can save money, it can be viewed as a real bargain. It enables employees to focus on other tasks, potentially allows for fewer staff, creates a uniform definition of your brand without confusion, and drives online purchases and communication.

In addition, it allows for further marketing strategies when used in emails and shared over social media. And, it allows an easy method for customer to customer referrals when they can share your video with others.

The Botton Line: Start Hitting the Record Button!

If you want a marketing strategy that works, explainer videos can work wonders for your business.

It offers customers a complete explanation, but does so in a way that provides the brief clarity that they desire. It’s a non-intrusive way to share the benefits of your brand with your audience and direct them to making a purchase or contacting you. And, it saves you time and money.

Why wouldn’t you want to use something that makes marketing this easy?

Ready to get started?

Click here to find out how to create the perfect video to boost your business today!


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