The Next Big Thing in Video Trends: Marketing Your Business in 2019

Marketing changes quicker than almost any other industry. In one moment, you’re preparing high-definition, cinematic videos to post on major platforms and advertise your company. Then in the next moment, you’re setting up amateur livestreams and filming square videos to market yourself.

Part of the reason for this quick pace is that video trends and marketing trends go hand in hand. As video changes, marketing needs to keep up. So while people start posting their videos on social media, or disregard basic editing for a more authentic feel, your company should do the same.

Going into 2019, it’s intimidating to try and keep up with new video trends. Technology changes, and so does the way people use it. Yet, films continue to be one of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy and attract attention to your business.

Keep reading for some tips on how to keep up in the ever-changing world of video marketing.

1. Live For Your Livestreams

As more companies are built digitally, there is less of a human element to business. The days when you would have to interact with a living, breathing person to get something you want are over. And while that may sound like a utopia for some people, others are desperate to find some humanity with the people they shop with.

You can capitalize on this. Your video marketing should be tailored to portray the human side of your business. Nothing does this better than through livestreams.

By hosting livestreams of your company, your clients and customers can see you at work and glean a little bit about you. They will be able to tell which employee is the one to tell jokes at the office, or which employee is the quiet one. Clients and customers can learn about your company’s culture and your personalities, which humanizes you.

It also satisfies a deeper curiosity people have about where products come from. By hosting livestreams, people will be able to learn about how the work you do is done. They’ll be reassured that it’s coming from a good place, encouraging them to purchase it.

2. Video Trends Are Getting Smaller, Literally

Video may not change as much as you expect in 2019. Yet, there is one small difference that can make or break your social media campaign. And it’s a very small, short, and square difference.

That’s because, unlike video marketing trends of the past, videos are getting shorter and smaller. Instagram has paved the way for square videos to become commonplace since they’re easier to watch on phones. Social media, in general, has also reduced the time you have with people’s attention.

If your video is longer than 30 seconds, don’t expect your social media campaign to be effective. People are constantly scrolling through their feeds, and you can’t expect them to stop for minutes at your video. You want to mimic the styles of videos that average people post on social media.

Those videos are short, amateurish, and they usually have a square aspect ratio. There’s no reason you should be any different.

3. You’re A Marketer, But Also A Storyteller

Despite the shorter and smaller windows of opportunity you have with people, they still want you to tell a story. Apple’s recent holiday video was wildly successful, despite being a whopping two minutes and 53 seconds long. And it was only successful because it told a powerful, intimate story that just so happened to feature the company’s products.

It’s annoying to be bombarded with ads all day through the internet. People reflexively ignore them, no matter what they’re selling. The only way to catch and keep people’s attention is by selling something other than your products.

Instead, you should approach your video marketing like you’re trying to sell people stories. Don’t approach videos as if you are trying to sell a product. Instead, approach them with a story to tell, and simply find a way to include your products naturally.

The result will be more engagement, more shares, and a more powerful impact overall. Videos are meant to be an artistic medium – there’s no reason to change that for the sake of marketing.

4. The Nature of Reality Is Changing, Virtually At Least

The development of virtual reality tools has become one of the most distinguishing things of 2018. And it won’t stop with the new year.

As more people adopt virtual reality into their daily lives, you need to keep pace and go where they are. That means tailoring your videos to be more than just passively consumed. They need to have a level of interaction that encourages people to actually engage with them.

For most video producers, this means adopting 360-degree video. With 360-degree video, audiences can physically turn around and be virtually surrounded by a new world. They can immerse themselves in your video and watch whatever they want in it.

If you’re producing 360-degree video, make sure to include something interesting at every angle. It’s a brand new format that people are still figuring out. That means you have the opportunity to come out as a pioneer of the format.

By placing something interesting at the feet of audiences, the main production in front, and something behind them – you can establish yourself as a 360-degree video leader.

5. Blogs Are For SEO, Vlogging Is For Everyone

More and more industry leaders are taking the next step in curating their personal brand. Rather than posting personal blogs that share their thoughts through a text format, they’re vlogging instead. CEOs are other executives are getting more comfortable appearing in candid videos, where they can be seen as something other than a leader.

In these videos, company leaders can be seen as simply people.

These can be set up as a series featuring your company’s executives talking in day-to-day conversations. However, they can be more than that. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just appear human.

More companies are producing TED-talk style videos. In these videos, company leaders tackle large, hard questions that affect the company and people in general. By trying to answer questions on anything from climate change to existentialism, companies become both approachable as well as inspirational.

Video Is Only Changing As Much As The Rest of The World

In 2019, it should be easy to see that there will be a lot of changes. New technology is changing the way people interact with the Internet. The way people consume media will change as they become more conscious of misinformation.

They will also continue to demand more media. More video trends are showing that people want intimate, quick, and natural videos of you. All you need to do is give it to them.

Through your company, you have the opportunity to tell enchanting stories and bring people together. With nothing but a phone camera, you can catch the attention of people across social media. All you need to do is keep up with them, and that’s the hard part.

It can be better to allow professionals to prepare your video content. This way, you can guarantee it will be relevant to people’s interests, and professionally created.

Contact us, and we will help ensure your marketing campaign drives your company’s growth faster than before. It may even be something worth making a movie about!

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