Understanding the Role of Video in Content Marketing for 2019

Consumers have spoken — the future of content marketing is video.

Using video in content marketing initiatives has been successful for leading global brands. How are you employing it in your sales funnel?

Video will claim more than 80% of all web traffic by the end of 2019. You can no longer assume that images and copy are enough to engage your on-the-go audience. You can expect your competitors are making greater use of video in 2018.

Recent technologies have made video in content marketing more deployable than ever. Brands are using cost-effective video services while increasing value. They will become more affordable as small businesses scale their use of video in content marketing.

You need to identify the video method that your audience will find most approachable. You need to leverage video that increases your perceived brand value as well.

Why Is Video Important?

Today’s consumers are struggling with content overload. This can spell disaster for brands that get lost in the noise. Compelling video catches the eye and distinguishes your brand from competitors.

Videos help the customer make purchasing decisions. Social sharing is one of the best marketing tools for small businesses. Enterprise companies use videos to appeal to lifestyles and causes as well.

In fact, consumers are far more likely to buy products after watching videos. They spend more time viewing videos online than most other activities. And marketing spends on online video content are growing across verticals.

Video is versatile and engaging. With the right campaign and targeting, your investment is bound to drive sales.

10 Reasons to Start Using Video in Content Marketing

Video in content marketing is no longer about advertising. It’s about telling a compelling story. It means adding value to your viewers’ lives so they identify with your brand.

Here are ten reasons you should start using video in your content marketing. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get started.

1. Video Marketing Is Successful

The statistics around video marketing are astounding. Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. Your potential customers’ video consumption is doubling each year as well.

There are several factors driving consumers to video. These include time constraints, enjoyment, and developing a deep understanding of value. It has become the greatest success driver among content marketing formats.

That’s why video accounts for more than 35% of ad spending online. Your competitors are closing in on a lucrative engagement tool.

2. Video Is a New Entry Point for Customers

According to those statistics, a single minute of video content is as powerful as 1.8 million words. As video becomes more transferable across multiple devices, it is a compelling entry point to your brand.

You have more opportunities to use calls to action in your videos. If you have a compelling story and value proposition, this makes it easy for consumers to navigate towards a purchase.

The context of your video helps drive consumers as well. You’re more likely to impact your target audience on the right websites or social channels. Most of them can watch a video, even if they don’t want to read your content.

3. Video Performs on Any Device

Plenty of people read news articles on the go. But they may not be willing to sit and read your marketing copy. Video is transferable to any device.

No matter the consumer’s environment, he or she can easily start a video and learn more about your product and your story. Be sure to make it easy for customers to come back to your content if they can’t act upon it during that interaction.

4. Video Speaks to Wider Audiences

Your customers should not only relate to your video. They should see themselves and their values. They should find a compelling reason to use your product.

Video helps you connect with customers emotionally and with purpose. There are universal values–health, love, kindness–around which you can frame your product. You can visually connect with anyone in ways you cannot with text.

5. Video Helps Consumers Remember Your Brand

Consumers tend to remember videos they find touching or funny. They will share those videos with friends and family. This ingrains your value proposition into those people’s minds and networks.

This greatly increases their chances of recall. Shared copy is rarely read or remembered. One person’s patience to read does not readily transfer to her friends and family.

6. Video Is Versatile

Copy and images have a static appearance. Building brand consistency using these requires repetition. It’s important that consumers recognize consistency, but this can lead to redundancy in your content.

You can build a video sales funnel that works much like an inbound marketing campaign. You can develop unique video content at every stage of the funnel.

You need to engage viewers in different ways at each step. But you can maintain brand consistency in tone or theme, not just appearance.

7. Video Allows You to Engage Consumers on a Human Level

As mentioned, the best video marketing content tells a story. This can be a story about company values or how your product or brand helps people.

This is especially important at the ‘Awareness’ stage of the video sales funnel. Consumers need to identify your brand with their values. Succeeding in this way is critical to retention and driving consumers through your funnel.

8. Video Can Inspire, Amaze, and Impress

You can also engage customers with videos that open up new worlds to viewers. This can include amazing feats that align with your brand. You can also expose them to environments that are both unfamiliar and fascinating.

This and engaging consumers on a human level should be intuitive. Identifying your story will determine these videos’ success.

9. Video Strengthens Your Brand

Too many brands hide behind a logo. Consumers want to see the people and values behind the brand.

Videos that allow consumers to meet the people behind the brand are helpful. Videos that delight and amaze in a non-commercial way add perceived value as well. The value you put into your videos improves the perception of your brand.

10. Video Goes Viral

It’s uncommon for videos to spread rapidly across the internet. “Creating” a viral video is impossible to conceive. But if your video is of high value, it’s distinctly possible.

Continue to focus on the important values above. Ensure your videos alone resonate with your audience. Achieving viral status may be possible, even within that single target group.

Get Started with Full-Service Video

If you’re ready to get started, don’t go it alone. You need to make sure you get the best payoff for your investment. Partnering with a video production team will put you on the right track.

Viva Media provides a simple process for getting your operation underway. Easily get a free quote to begin your most important content marketing effort to date.

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