What Are Drones Used For in Marketing?

In just a few years, the FAA expects there to be over 3.5 million drone pilots in the US. While drones might seem like they’re meant for hobbyists who otherwise would be flying model planes, the number of applications they offer is growing. Even marketers are starting to imagine what are drones use for in campaigns.

Drones often have cameras attached that can show vast sweeping locales and get into places traditional cameras can’t. They can show dangerous animals in the wild or protected nature reserves. Drones can be used to get difficult video or photography that just a few years ago, you’d have to hire a helicopter to capture.

If you’re still trying to imagine how you could be using drones in your marketing campaigns, here are 5 ways to think about them.

1. High Production Value Videos

Producing high-end videos for your company used to be a benchmark of being a major player in whatever industry you’re in. Once out of reach prices for videos have now reached more earthbound levels and can now be made by anyone with a sense for shooting and editing. This is great news for small to medium-sized businesses looking to show off their products and services.

Drones now allow businesses of any size to shoot high-definition videos of vast worksites, large commercial developments, and the surrounding landscape. These wide and sweeping shots allow your business to place your products and services in the context of a wider world for the low cost of a drone rental.

Creating great looking images can help you to show off your site and get buy-in from potential investors. Now, you don’t have to take big financial risks just to make a video.

2. Show Off a Site For Cheap

Instead of renting cranes, jibs, and all kinds of technical camera equipment, just a drone will allow you to get the same effect for a much lower price. Many businesses like to tell potential clients that they’re part of the community. By starting off at a landmark site and flying over to your business’s doorstep, you can tell customers just how embedded you are in the neighborhood.

You can also show off an exciting new locale for anything from a real estate development or a wildlife reserve. Some sites might remain closed off to anyone but construction staff. Let your drone be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there.

If there is any doubt about the progress, safety, or staffing at the place where you’re building, your drone can show the site for you. This can help get even more investors and get potential clients excited about what you have to offer.

3. Allow For Interactivity

Interactivity in every respect is what clients are looking for from new business ventures. A drone can help you to market a product or service by letting your clients explore the way they want to. You can also capture enough video that shows off every angle of your site, that you’ll leave no stone unturned.

Turn your clients loose on the footage with a strong interface and you’ll be able to use drone video as the guide for an interactive tour.

People love the potential for flying or directing a drone on their own. Let them be the co-pilot and tell your drone pilot where to go and what to look at. They’ll get to play director and feel satisfied with the transparency of your project.

4. Drones Can Act

Drones don’t have to just be camera operators and cinematographers. They can also be the actors in your marketing materials. In new videos for Amazon and other delivery services, drones are shown delivering packages and traveling all over the world to do the work they do.

If your drones will be doing any of the service delivery for your company, show what they can do by turning the cameras on them. Let them act by showing them at work.

Take your writing one step further and dress up your drone. Show it as an actual actor and see how much mileage drones can give you. People will be excited to see a drone anthropomorphized on their screen and acting with the same quirkiness a human actor would have.

5. The Sky’s The Limit

When you’re dealing with drones, it’s a matter of fact that the sky is the limit. With so many ways to explore your marketing potential, drones can show off products and services while even being the products and services.

You could choreograph a group of drones if you’ve got a big enough budget. If your budget matches your creativity, you could put on an exciting light show, perform acrobatics, or get your drones to fly in a formation.

Drones could be carrying banners for you, they could be showing your clients that you’re prepared for the future, or they could dare your clients to dream. By employing drones on your next marketing project, you are showing that you’re not afraid of innovation or new technology.

When your company uses drones, you’re telling older companies that you’re not afraid to take risks and embrace new ideas. You tell the world that simple isn’t enough. You’ve got big dreams and are going to use the technology to match.

Familiarize yourself with laws surrounding drones on public land before you go on your next adventure with yours.

Changing Definitions To What Are Drones Used For

If you’ve been paying attention in recent years, drones are starting to pop up everywhere. Drones are becoming a popular Christmas gift for people who might otherwise be apt to go out and fly a kite. Drones are stepping in where once expensive digital equipment prohibited people from doing interesting work.

If you’re on the search for drone videography in Toronto, check out what we have to offer.

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