Which Online Video Platform Should You be Using?

Estimates show that in just a few years, video will comprise more than 80% of all traffic on the internet. Whether you’re already producing video content or just getting started, you need to ensure you’re using the right distribution platform. Using the right online video platform influences how your video will be received and by whom.

With over a billion hours of video added to YouTube every day, sometimes it feels like more than just another video channel. It seems like a medium all its own. With the ability to turn someone like Justin Beiber into a star or let the world know about breaking news, online video has serious potential for you or your brand.

If you’re wondering which is the best online video platform for your company, you need to get to know what’s out there. Ask yourself these 4 questions when you release your next video.

1. Looking For A Broad Reach?

If you know who your audience is already, you can use YouTube to ensure that you target them with laser-focused accuracy. If you don’t YouTube can still be a useful way to get the word out about your products and services in a broad way.

YouTube is the online video platform to beat them all. When you post a YouTube link, you assure your audience that your video will load quickly and play at the highest possible quality. You make it easy for them to share and to embed in their social media profiles.

However, YouTube can be bland and vanilla. It gives you no extra bump for style and gives you very few options for customization. While you might be able to share it with your subscribers, it’s likely a good number of your subscribers are random bots that have nothing in common with your brand.

YouTube gives you the possibility to reach millions of people via YouTube’s platform if you intend to do most of your promotion on YouTube. If your promotion will be handled elsewhere, YouTube is less of a factor.

Post your video on YouTube but rely on it more for posterity than anything else.

2. Is Art Important To You?

Vimeo has long been the chosen video platform for artists, filmmakers, and creative types. It’s where you can find the first episodes of award-winning web series’, some of which were later adapted by TV channels.

If you’re into making abstract or creative work, Vimeo is the place for you. It’s also a great venue for creating longer-form commercials or a series of videos.

Vimeo offers a more community-based approach to an online video platform. People who upload videos to Vimeo tend to comment on other videos more frequently. It’s a great place to find collaborators for a bigger project.

Stylistically, where YouTube is more of a PC, Vimeo is certainly for the Mac user. Production value is important on Vimeo. People use the online video platform for showing off high-end designed products, fashion shows, and promotional videos for luxury brands.

If the artful side of video is important to you, Vimeo is the platform for you.

3. Are You Quick Witted?

As advertising and promotion begin to get more clever and quick-witted, Instagram has become the home of the fast-talkers and fast-thinkers. While Vimeo gives you the change to go long, Instagram requires you to keep it short. If you can create clever promotions in just a few seconds, you’ll gain lots of views on Instagram.

With their “stories” feature, companies are given the chance to break the mold of traditional commercials. Small companies and boutique brands can upload a series of 5-10 second videos and create a long narrative.

The potential for exploring new ways of storytelling is the most exciting part of the platform.

Instagram relies on native advertising, means that they can drop your videos into your audience’s feeds to make them look like the rest of the content they see. As users scroll, you have up to two seconds to catch their attention.

If you use plenty of subtitles and give them high-quality images, you can stop them in their tracks.

Social media sites allow you to target your audience down to minimum demographic descriptions. Using social media is a cheap way to promote your video to a wide audience.

4. Is Marketing Priority Number One?

Sprout Video is a platform that’s made for business owners. Even if you’re promoting a creative project, using a platform for business could help get the word out.

As far as an online video platform goes, this one gives you the best options relative to online promotion. You’ll get the ability to add in a nice big call to action button prompting your viewers to check out your website, send you a comment, or check out your products.

They also offer a standard email form so that you can get important information about your viewers right away.

Sprout offers strong data analytics services that can tell you which of your videos get the most views, how much time viewers spend, and where they are located.

If you’ve been trying to gather an audience from one part of the world and your most engaged viewers live in another part, that’s useful information.

Rather than focus time, money, and other resources on the wrong audience, you can reshape your videos to hit the right targets every time.

Your Online Video Platform Says A Lot

Choosing the right video platform for distributing your work will tell your viewers a lot about your video right away. You can communicate what your brand prioritizes and what kind of services you can offer to clients. You can also have a lot of fun if you choose a distribution channel that offers you customization options.

If you’re ready to get down to the brass tacks and produce an amazing video, contact us for a quote to get a price on content that stands out.

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