Why Has E Learning Video Production Soared in Popularity?

E-learning is a growing trend and in Canada only, one in twelve of all school courses are taught online. That accounts for 8% of all the courses offered in Canadian schools. This figure shows that online learning is well established in Canada.

Many institutions continue to embrace the popular trend as time passes. Throughout the world, many institutions also offer online learning. Some schools even dedicate themselves to offer only online education to interested learners.

Forget about the myths that claim the outcome is less for eLearning students.

Learning is an integral part of human growth and development, and there are many forms of online learning methods to embrace. One that is soaring in popularity by the day is the eLearning videos trend. E learning video production grows popular by the day.

Reasons for the Rise of E Learning Video Production 

That is because learners love watching videos. When they have to choose between reading and watching a video on a particular topic, most choose to watch the video. So why do learners love e-learning videos?

Here is why e-Learning video production is soaring in popularity and why learners love them.

1. Videos Engage Learners and Attract Interest

E-learning videos are a favorite to many because they engage the learners. Videos help learners retain information much better. Complicated topics that are difficult to understand without visual demonstration are explained better with videos.

Videos tend to simplify complex explanations and provide an easier explanation for the learner.

E-learning videos are also interesting to learners because they break the monotony that comes with reading long texts. An eLearning video in the middle of a long text, for instance, acts as a text break. A text break is useful in providing instructions that would otherwise be too complex to grasp from a text.

2. Videos Challenge Your Opinion on eLearning

The constant advancement in technology means that as learners, we often need to redefine eLearning. Today, people are moving away from traditional modes of learning. Such involve modules that last over long periods to cover several study objectives.

Learners are moving to “microlearning” because it is comprised of concise learning assets that include website resources, apps, and the famous eLearning videos. Moving with the trend is what this is all about and the current eLearning trend is the eLearning video production.

3. E-Learning Videos Satisfy Multiple Learning Styles

Most people do not enjoy reading long texts, and that is why they prefer watching educational videos. However, some learners do not mind reading. Interspersed text screens included in eLearning videos appeal to such individuals.

Thanks to this, eLearning videos have the capability of satisfying both the needs of those who only want to learn by listening and visualizing, together with those who also want to read some text while at it.

4. Reach Learners on the Go

E-learning videos can deliver otherwise complex messages to learners within a short time. Because of this, people can engage in this training format wherever they are. Whether you are commuting to school or work, or you are in the airport lounge, as a learner, you can study thanks to eLearning videos.

Mobile learning was foretold years ago, and it finally arrived. With the availability of affordable phones and mobile data packages, many learners have the chance to stream eLearning videos.

5. Share Ability and Collaboration

One of the biggest advantages of eLearning videos is the shareability feature. What this means is that learners are able to share other videos with each other at the touch of a button. When you come across a video that you find interesting, and informative, you often feel the urge to send it to that person you feel needs the information as well.

Through that, knowledge and skills spread without everyone having to enroll in the course.

6. Videos Teach Responses and Behaviours

Videos on topics such as soft skills or other topics under a human resource course, for instance, help learners learn how to respond and behave towards other people. The actors in the videos display the appropriate behavior a learner needs to emulate. They do so through the language, body language, gestures, responses and voice variation.

Motivational videos that focus on behavioral change help learners change their behavior. That is achievable because of the powerful stories given by narrators.

7. Videos Chunk Information

It is almost impossible to read a text in portions without feeling discouraged by all the other texts that await you. You can clearly see the millions of words waiting for you below there while reading.

With videos, chunking information improves the learners’ experience. A series of videos helps learners keep knowledge much longer. Videos come in short easy-to-take in portions.

These are convenient for learners, who do not have the patience or the time to complete a lengthy eLearning activity. The best part about videos is that each portion of the video focuses on a specific concept and learning objective.

For instance, if we decided to convert this article into a sequence of eLearning videos, there would be a different video for each of the seven points listed here.

E Learning Video Production Is Redefining Online Learning and You Do Not Want to Be Left Behind

Videos give you the opportunity to understand complex topics much more easily because of the visual presentations. You also get to have an interesting time when you choose to watch eLearning videos. E learning video production has a lot in store for you.

You can be assured that producers and educators will be able to provide you with videos that cover every topic you can think about. If you are one of those learners that do not enjoy reading books or long texts on the internet, eLearning videos are most definitely for you.

You can now have access to information through a method that you enjoy.
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