Why is an Explainer Video a More Effective Selling Option?

Looking for a way to advertise and educate your audience in less than 90 seconds?

No, the answer isn’t a written blog. Infographics are useful but they require people to spend time deciphering the explosion of information in front of them.

The best tool at your disposal is an explainer video.

When someone wants to learn a DIY solution for a broken door, they’ll look up a video guide on YouTube. When someone wants a review of a new phone before they buy it, they’ll look up a video to see the device in action.

But why do people love this kind of content? Why should you use them when reaching out to your target audience?

It all starts with the fact that people recall visuals more than anything else.

People Remember Visuals Better

It was once thought that people have a preferred way of learning. Some people learn better through auditory methods while others learn faster through visuals or kinesthetic methods. That way of thinking no longer holds up but there is one fact that remains: visuals have a higher retention rate than auditory materials.

So while a person’s rate of learning is the same regardless if they have visual or auditory materials, there’s a higher chance they’ll recall the visuals more.

The great thing about an explainer video is that it focuses on visuals more than anything else. Using simple but easy-to-understand art in these videos allows your viewers to remember the details you’re trying to convey.

Explainer content also excels in this regard because of their visual flair. The style and colors pop out, helping the audience quickly identify where to focus and follow the video’s narrative flow.

An Explainer Video is Concise

Explainer content often doesn’t last more than a few minutes. This is crucial because shorter, concise videos are perfect to get a message across to your audience. You don’t waste time beating around the bush.

People browsing the Internet don’t have a shorter-than-normal attention span.

That’s not the hurdle you have to overcome. The issue is that it’s easy to distract people with sensory overload, something the Internet is so good at. The Internet throws so much at viewers every second that it gets difficult for even the most serious person to focus on one thing at a time.

This is the reason why more than 75% of people stick around to finish a video if it runs for only 60 seconds. Make it longer than a minute or two, people might not finish the video. Because they’re short and straight-to-the-point, you get the guarantee viewers will finish the video and understand the message.

Compare this short burst to a traditional slideshow presentation. Not only do you force the audience to click to see the next segment but the slide or page has to load each time people want to proceed.

Videos, especially with how fast modern connections are now, load fast and allow audiences to sit back and absorb the material.

Videos Show Both a Problem and a Solution

A great explainer video doesn’t present information in a static format. They don’t present information as “We’re Company A, we sell Product B, and you should buy them because of Reason C.”

Instead, they tell a fluid story and no other marketing strategy or tool does this to such an effective extent.

Effective videos showcase a problem and use the video to present a visual representation of a viable solution. This takes viewers on a linear progression and this helps connect the story to their everyday lives. They realize they undergo similar issues and find relief seeing a solution presented to them.

That last bit is the final push. Seeing a solution in a video convinces audiences to convert and make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletter. The call-to-action, hidden as a presented solution in a video, transforms them from a viewer into a customer.

Explainer Videos Have High Utility

You don’t have to limit your video to only one platform or one viewing device.

One of the benefits of explainer content is their high utility. You can post a video on YouTube and direct people there or you can take that YouTube video and embed it on your site. You can share it on Facebook or tweet it out.

Videos also have the benefit of optimal compatibility regardless of where people watch them. They serve their purpose whether viewed on a mobile phone or on a big, UHD television.

The best explainer content tells their story with nothing but music and text or art in motion. This ensures your video works even if the viewer can’t hear the narrated words because they’re on the subway train or a bus. If you need to use voiced narrations, it’s not a big hassle to add subtitles.

More Effective Than Any Other Medium

All it takes to see the power of an explainer video is to scroll down your Facebook news feed. Since late 2016, video posts dominate social media. Posting a video on Twitter no longer counts against the limited character total and Instagram now allows for longer videos per post.

Did you know that videos account for 74% of all Internet traffic? That means a majority of people on social media platforms, like Facebook, share videos more than any other content, including videos.

If you want to get a message to someone scrolling so fast on Facebook, an explainer piece is the best way to go. People don’t have to click through pages of a slideshow, they don’t have to stop and read walls of text, and they don’t have to calculate anything on the fly.

The video does it for them. Videos can show examples in motion and in a very short amount of time. It explains all the ins and outs of the topic for the audience.

Create Amazing Videos Today!

Explainer videos are among the best tools at your disposal. They’re quick, effective, and easy to share. The only downside is you need professionals to produce them for you.

Videos are not easy to make. They can cost money too. The good thing is the return on investment (ROI) makes up for it and you’ll widen your reach through multiple platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

If you want high-quality videos, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Not only do we offer professional video production but you can get a free quotetoo!

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