How to Create the Best Corporate Videos for Your Niche

In a highly visual society, we want to give customers what they want: more imagery and fewer words. In fact, customers are much more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

To no surprise, your corporate videos will be as important, if not more important, than any content on your website. Social media was all but created for this type of marketing.

Below, you’ll find a blueprint for success to ensure your company puts out the best corporate videos, each and every time.

Following this plan of action, you’ll be well on your way to creating first-class videos that will appeal to both new and existing customers.

Some Shocking Statistics

According to Twitter, 82% of their users watch video content. We always thought those 140 characters could limit messaging. Turns out we hardly even need 140 characters!

1.5 billion (yes, that’s billion) viewers watch at least one hour of video on YouTube every day.

With statistics like these, some of the best corporate videos stand a very good chance of hooking new customers every hour of every day.

The world doesn’t just prefer to watch a video over reading product descriptions. They all but demand it.

Take a look at this video for Stacy’s Pita Chips. It’s short, to the point, and illustrates the company’s dedication to quality products in under 30 seconds.

What Do You Want to Say?

Not every corporate video is created to sell a product. While that’s usually the goal, corporate videos also serve to recruit new employees and share industry information.

Some of the best corporate videos educate consumers on the market as a whole. After they’ve built trust by sharing industry knowledge, customers are more likely to purchase their products over other competitors.

So, ask yourself what your purpose is. Do you want to sell a product or share some industry insight?

If you’re selling a product, first reflect on your company’s mission statement. What products or services do you offer? How do they benefit the lives of others?

Video production is often a group effort. Decide, right from the start, who you’d like to pull into this project to help you express your mission with creativity and zeal.

Whom Do You Want to Say It To?

Who is your audience? Once you’ve identified them, see if you can get even more specific.

For example, is your target audience the millennial generation? Are those millennials still in college or post-grad?

In only a few minutes, you have to summarize an important concept relating to your company.

You’ll want to ensure you have a laser-focused understanding of whom exactly you’re reaching out to.

Get Specific

Don’t try to do too much. Work with the knowledge that most people have a short attention span, especially online. It’s best to select a narrow focus for your video.

If you can’t summarize your video in one sentence, it probably needs refinement. We can help you with that.

If you offer a couple different services, focus on your primary skills or the ones that will resonate best with your audience.

Focus on Them, Not You

Sounds intuitive, right? This is so important, it’s worth stating.

In all your messaging, focus on the customer. Re-read every line and re-examine every video frame from the customer’s perspective.

Believe it or not, a lot of companies still aren’t getting this right. They’re focusing too much on themselves, on their story.

Are you producing something of value to the customer? Will they benefit from it? Or will it provide some plain, ‘ol fun to their lives?

You know how we’re told not to talk about ourselves too much when we go out on a first date? The same principle applies to corporate videos.

Show, Don’t Tell

Some of the best corporate videos have little to no audio. In truth, you don’t need any words at all to express your ideas.

Take a look at this corporate video from CAE. They provide training for civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare. That’s a lot to sum up in a few minutes.

However, they’ve managed to relay several important facts and statistics, and introduce key positions within their company without a drop of audio.

Pay Attention to Your Music Selection

During pre-production, you’ll want to select music that aligns with the messaging of your video. Oftentimes, music evokes more emotion that narration.

If you must, it’s okay to include a little bit of voice-over or narration. But, if the story can be told without it, give that some serious thought.

We followed the same principle in our corporate video. We chose a selection of music to convey our tone and allowed customers to see there are no limits when producing the best corporate videos. Take a look!

Tell a Story That Strikes an Emotional Cord

Here’s a video from a US supermarket chain, Publix. They’ve struck a heavy cord: family ties. Notice there’s no audio?

They’ve illustrated how their products enhance major life moments i.e. marriage and childbirth.

So, make sure you tell a short story and communicate an important human value to your audience.

Depending on your product and audience, you might want to view this as a bit of a short documentary.

Share What You Believe

Although you want the focus to be on your customer, you also want to connect with them on some level.

Make them understand you care and want to improve their lives. Okay, you want them to like you.

Now’s the time to be real. The customer should understand your values as a company, without having to talk about yourself at all.

Let’s Produce the Best Corporate Videos

Here at Viva Media, we’ve helped brands like Cystic Fibrosis Canada plan and execute successful corporate videos.

Open lines of communication, creativity, and flexible budgeting are our trademarks. We want to help you create the best corporate videos your industry has ever seen.

We’ll remain by your side from pre-production to post-production, all the way through to the execution of your marketing campaign.

Get a free quote today to start bringing your video dreams to life!

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