Show Me the Money: How to Make Money Vlogging

How’s this for a sweet gig?

You sit at home chatting with your buds about your favorite subjects and you watch the money pour in. No, we’re not talking about winning the lotto or pulling off a con. We’re talking about vlogging.

Vloggers have taken the internet world by storm and they’re making a killing doing it. Want to get your piece of the pie? If you know how to produce genuinely valuable, interesting, and in-demand content, you can. Here’s a look into how to make money vlogging.

How to Make Money Vlogging

If you’re not on top of internet terminology, vlogging is short for video blogging. It’s all about making a consistent video series with valuable content about a specific topic.

For instance, there are beauty vloggers who offer makeup and skincare tips. Tech vloggers are also particularly popular, making videos about the latest gadgets and tech tips.

Sure there’s editing, planning, and posting. At its core, though, vlogging is just you sharing your expertise and talking about your favorite subject on camera. Here’s how to turn it into an income stream.

Product Placement

No matter what your niche is, you can bet that someone’s selling something. Those “someones” will pay you to talk about their products on your blog.

Let’s use the beauty vlogger example above. A makeup company may pay you to tell your viewers about their new eyeshadow palette and give a makeup tutorial video that uses the palette. Or, you could do a “listicle” style of vlog highlighting your favorite new products of the year including that palette.

You need to proceed with caution, though. Don’t accept payments in exchange for reviewing a company’s product well. You’ll lose your credibility with your viewers and you could end your vlogging career before it starts.

Selling Ad Time

The most obvious way to make money from your vlogs is to sell ad time. You can run a company’s ads at the beginning or end of your videos. You can even take “commercial breaks” partway through your video to show an ad. 

Be careful with your ad placement, though. Pre-video ads tend to work best. If you place too many ads within the video, your viewers will get annoyed and stop watching. Most viewers won’t watch ads at the end of your video either, which means you won’t get paid.

It’s easier to sell ads than you think if you’re vlogging on YouTube. YouTube has an established program called Google AdSense. You set up your account, select a few preferences and you’re up and running.

Selling Verbal Ads

When it comes to ad time, you don’t have to show companies’ pre-filmed ads. Instead, you can get paid to do a quick verbal ad for a company or their products.

In some cases, you can have a set price that companies can pay to sponsor an individual video. Talking about your video’s sponsor sounds less “salesy” than a straightforward advertisement. 

Selling Your Own Merch

As you build your brand and gain a following, you can start making money without the help of advertisers. One way to do that is by starting your own line of merchandise.

Design t-shirts, bags, stickers, and other items with your logo. Fans will be happy to pay to sport your gear. As an added bonus, you’re getting free advertising every time those customers have your logo on display.

Keep in mind that this takes more start-up effort than most of the other money-making options on this list. However, it’s still a handy way to turn a profit after you’ve built a fanbase.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known way bloggers make money. They team up with companies like Amazon by posting a link to a product’s page in their blog. When someone buys the product through that link, the blogger gets a commission.

You can do the same thing on your vlog. Let’s head back to that beauty vlogger example. You could post a vlog about your morning skincare routine. In the video’s description, include an affiliate link to each product you use.

Selling Webinars

The most important factor in being a successful vlogger is to have a defined niche. You need to be an expert in a specific field. As you grow your following and establish your reputation as a pro, you can start selling more detailed information in the form of webinars.

For that beauty vlogger, for instance, perhaps you know so much about beauty because you’re a professional aesthetician. You can lead a webinar about how others can jumpstart their career in aesthetics. 

Make sure that your webinars offer more value than your regular vlogs, though. There needs to be a reason for them to pay you, and you want them to walk away from it feeling like the content was worth the cost.

Selling Social Media Ads

It’s as true for companies as it is for individuals: you need to use multiple marketing channels to make a name for yourself. You can make money through those different channels, too.

Social media is essential for any vlogger. You should use it to publicize every new video you post, but you can post and share other related content too. Through those increasingly popular social media channels, companies will pay you to post about their products.

Setting Up a Site with Ads

If you want a strong online presence, you need your own website. As handy as your YouTube channel will be, you need your website to serve as your digital home.

Your website can be a second place to embed your videos. You can also post blogs or other types of related content, and offer a way for new advertisers to contact you.

Don’t miss out on the revenue you can make from your website either. Sell sidebar ads and banner ads on your site. This is also a good place to post affiliate links for yet another income source.

Advertise to Your Email List

Remember how we mentioned using multiple channels to reach your fanbase? Add email newsletters to that list.

As you build a following, encourage your fans to add their emails to your mailing list. On a regular basis, send out e-blasts calling out your latest videos and offering more related content.

These e-blasts are also another way to sell ads. Your sponsors can buy ad space in these e-blasts so their message will land directly in your viewers’ inboxes.

Be wary of buying email addresses or collecting email address without asking for the addressees’ consent, though. If someone gets your emails without asking for them, they’re likely to mark your email as spam. The more that happens, the more likely you are to get caught up in your other viewers’ spam filters too.

Sell Guest Spots

Most vloggers think of income generation as something separate from their content. In truth, you can integrate the two more easily than you think.

Consider selling guest interviews on your vlog. Companies can pay a fee for you to interview them on your vlog. For instance, the company that makes that eyeshadow palette from our example above can pay you to interview one of their executives.

This is a win-win situation. It gives the advertiser a chance to tell your viewers about their product. It also gives you informative and interesting video content. Plus, your viewers get to hear about a new product from the horse’s mouth.

It’s important to retain some control over how these interviews go, though. Make sure the interviewee doesn’t start sounding like a sales pitch. Practice with them in advance to give them an idea of what’s too salesy and what isn’t.

Become a Company Spokesperson

As you become an influencer in the digital world, you can make money in the “real” world too. You can become a celebrity in your own right, and this can lead to a wide range of income opportunities.

One option is to become a spokesperson for a company in your area of expertise. It doesn’t have to be this formal, though. You could start out by starring in a few commercials for related companies.

Making a Living As a Vlogger

With new technology comes new opportunities. There are viable and lucrative careers blossoming today that didn’t exist five or ten years ago. Vlogging is one of them.

As you learn how to make money vlogging, though, remember that it all comes down to branding. The key is making yourself an expert in your chosen niche. You need to find the perfect focus area, post consistently, and make a name for yourself.

Making a living as a vlogger is a form of entrepreneurship. You’re starting a business and you’re your own asset. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort it takes to establish a brand, you could make money just by being yourself and talking about what you enjoy.

If you need some help with the production side of your vlog, reach out to our video production team.

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