This Side Up: How to Create Impactful Vertical Videos

When it comes to social media, marketing, vertical video is king.

First, it’s because they can be taken using man’s favorite gadgets (mobile phones). Two; they do not require exquisite capturing skills.

In this simplicity, you can make your vertical video standout by keeping the phone steady while taking a video. Ensuring the mobile phone or camera is in a steady position with minimal movement keeps the focus on the subject.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating effective vertical videos.

Subject Framing

Vertical videos are the easiest to shoot.

Fortunately enough for the shaky people, editing apps provide a great solution to subject framing.

There exist numerous editing apps for enhancing vertical ratios. The apps can do almost everything from elongating the subject to fit the screen to scaling and cropping the subject into the desired vertical aspect ratio.

An interesting but under-utilized feature for vertical video recording is the grid option that is readily dismissed whenever it pops up. This feature is not just a decoration. It works the magic for more skilled video recording with the thirds rule.

Enabling the grid feature partitions the screen into thirds such that the image is correctly positioned on the interception of grid lines.

Even without the use of the grid feature, computers tools provide for a way to work on the thirds rule for better positioning of the subject.

Proper subject framing consequently catches the attention of the video viewer.

Short and Captivating

Just like in real life physical scenario, the outcome of social media marketing heavily depends on the first impression.

The first impression determines whether a user will swipe left, or they will continue to video the video. The truth is, most of the time, a video will be swiped left in a matter of three seconds. This means that the first minute ought to catch the attention of a viewer.

Luckily videographer tips guide you on how the first three seconds of a vertical video ought to be.

First, keep everything simple and have a clear message to pique the viewer’s interest. At this point, complex features and modifications are not recommended. The video has to be intriguing from the first second that it plays.

Short and captivating also relates to the fact that mobile phones are constantly interrupted by notifications. Leave this alone; social media users have the shortest concentration spans.

For these particular reasons, vertical videos are most impactful if they are kept short and to the point.  

To illustrate this, a 10-second Snapchat advertisement for Spotify achieved 30% increment in subscription and twice as effective purely because of its brevity.

Just 10 seconds, concise and efficient. This should be emulated for vertical videos.

Texts and Graphics

These are like the embellishments to vertical videos. Texts and graphics complement the subject of a vertical video by way of portraying one’s level of creativity.

Texts and graphics such as emojis and Gifs are away to illustrate certain reactions and emotional effects. For a basic and inexperienced blogger, inserting these transitional elements scales up to the vertical video.

Texts and graphics in whatever form make the video more enjoyable to watch as it creates a sense of humor. For a professional or more skilled videographer, tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects are the way to go.

These have tools for creating and inserting animations that personalize the video content. Through such features, videos can be customized to tell a relatable story.

Creation of videos with new and unique visual styles leaves consumers awed which the result of an impactful video.

Along with the texts and graphics, sounds play a central role in creating a video that immediately captures one’s attention.

What is common today is the use of billboard songs or the most recent songs. Some opt to use plain beats for the sake of viewers in public places. These tunes alone are capable of attracting a viewer’s attention even though they are not keen on the video message.

To leverage on this, the use of sound tunes that are appealing strategically captivates the audience. Sounds can be imported from external devices, one’s own mobile phone through the use of the readily available video editing apps.

People Love Lists

Ever wondered why written content bloggers misuse phrases like “top 5 products that help to lose weight overnight, ten steps to become a great leader” and thousands of others beginning with numbers? It is because people are drawn to numbers.

Psychologically, numbers are straightforward, and so is the information that they convey. This perception already captures the attention of the video viewer.

Videographers can as well tap into this strategy in order to create a long-lasting impact on their target audience.

Just to complement the content in the video, it makes a significant difference to introduce the video with a list.

Alternatively, strategically sneaking a list subtly conveys the purpose of the video. It also creates the impression that the video is short, winning the attention of the viewer.

Surprisingly, people may not even remember the actual points on the list, but they will remember the number and the title.

So they are most likely to revisit the social media site at their convenience. This is how effective a list can make a vertical video.

Behind the scenes

Social media users will unanimously agree that the backstory is always juicer than the edited final story.

With this in mind, why not throw in patches of the backstory into the vertical videos while marketing on social media? This could be 10-second videos of your employees assembling a product or 30-second long customer reviews or even your organization’s history.

Anything that tells a story is captivating because people will always remember illustrations and stories at that. 90% of social media consumers are fascinated by the process more than the outcome.

The vertical video can also showcase the packaging a product or even explaining how a product came to be a way to cultivate interest on the product. It also conveys the authenticity of the authenticity that products need to sell.

While trying to capture most of these, remember to keep the vertical videos as brief as possible.  Videography tips inform that splitting the videos is the ultimate solution.

Having 10 seconds long videos that narrate the backstory keeps the viewer following through the subject of the content. However, it should be keenly selected not to expose sensitive information to the general public.

Vertical videos covering aspects of the backstory create a sense of inclusiveness where viewers feel like are part of the process and that they can relate to the subject.

Behind the scenes reels than make the vertical video impactful by creating an emotional connection.

Customize and Optimize

When it comes to social media platforms, people have different tastes and preferences, leading them to different social media sites.

For example, Twitter users are lovers of content, while the Instagram flock is immersed in the flawlessness of pictures. Pinterest fans are wowed by the illustrative videos, while Facebook users are comfortable with brief and hilarious posts shared by individuals and pages.

Optimization is shaped by the length of the vertical videos with the attempt to pass across comprehensive messages.

The rule here is simple; make the most out of the least. A vertical video for Pinterest would, for instance, need a quick list, whereas that for Twitter would have a little more details to explain a product.

Vertical videos for social media marketing, therefore, can only be impactful if they are customized to suit the target audience.

As a videographer, learning to optimize differently for the different platforms achieves two things. It helps to market effectively in terms of reaching the target audience. It also attracts active engagement from the audience for product improvement.

Tapping into features like Live Chat offers the leeway to engage consumers in real time to create to achieve more from vertical videos. Additionally, through customization, videos resonate with the different types of social media users.

Ultimately, optimization and customization elements make vertical videos impactful.

Vertical Videos

Vertical videos have truly evolved to fit the tremendously changing field of social media marketing.

From the simple portrait feature found in mobile phones to the introduction of editing apps, vertical videos can bring market breakthroughs through effective social media marketing. This deeper delve into vertical videos unveils several ways to make vertical videos more impactful.

In-arguably, profiling the target audience determines the effects to be included in a vertical video, the length and the nature of the content. This trickles down to the aspect of customization that is the most important.

More than this, subject framing dictates the quality of a video which then engraves the viewers.

Overall, vertical videos can be impactful by integrating unique but straightforward features that resonate strike a chord with the target audience.

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