Top 10 Tips for Introducing Your Team With Video

More and more businesses are investing in video to reach their target audiences. A great way to start is by creating a digital bio video to help introduce your team to the world. It can make your team seem more friendly and accessible, which will put your company in a good light.

No matter what your industry is, introducing effective video content is a great next move.

Not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered. Read on for our top ten tips for introducing your team with video.

1. Keep It Simple

People who are new to video sometimes think that they have to make videos super complicated to make them interesting. Stay away from this mindset!

The best thing you can do is to keep it simple. Don’t try to do too many things at once. You don’t have to have a drone camera or fly-over shots of your headquarters to make a great bio video. Just focus on the employee in the video and let them be themselves.

2. Explain Their Jobs

So what should each person talk about in their video? Usually, the main idea is to have them talk about their jobs.

This is an especially good idea if you don’t have standard job titles that most people would recognize. This helps people to understand what each person’s role is in the company and who they should go to for certain questions or issues.

As an added bonus, this can also be used internally in really large companies. You could introduce Mike from the eighth floor to Sally on the third floor through a bio video.

3. Show Off Achievements

If you have any team members who are particularly outstanding, make sure you highlight that in the bio video.

You can highlight both external and internal awards in this video. Did someone win Employee of the Month three months in a row? Encourage them to talk about that in their video! Earn recognition from a professional organization? Highlight that, too.

This helps to show people how great your team is and can even boost self-confidence in your employees.

4. Choose Your Location Wisely

Once you have a general idea of what each person should talk about, make sure you choose the location for filming wisely. You want it to have some visual interest, but it also shouldn’t be too distracting.

The cramped break room might not be the best choice, but you also don’t want to be somewhere that has nothing to do with your company.

If you have a green screen, this is a great opportunity to use it. Otherwise, choose a setting that fits the personality of the person in the video.

5. Have A High Production Value

If the sound is terrible, the video quality is low, and the lighting is too dark, you probably won’t get too many people watching your video. Make sure you take production value into account before you turn the camera on.

Even though the average viewer probably doesn’t know what a boom mic is or how to light a scene, they will notice when it’s done badly.

If this isn’t something you have a lot of experience with, you can always hire a production company to take care of it for you.

6. Mix Up Your Footage

You don’t just want to have one person talking at the camera for three minutes. We might not want to admit it, but our attention spans are getting shorter. If you want to hold your audience’s attention, you’re probably going to have to change it up a bit.

You can include some footage of each person going about their daily tasks at work, whatever that may be. Even just a few shots of them talking to colleagues will help to add some variation to your video.

7. Pay Attention To Clothing And Makeup

You don’t need to hire a professional makeup artist, but you should get some powder to make sure that each person doesn’t appear too shiny on camera. You can let each person decide on their own how much other makeup they’d like to wear.

As far as clothing goes, there are things to consider other than “be professional.” If you’re on a green screen, don’t wear green. It’s also smart to avoid busy patterns since those don’t show up well on camera.

8. Quality Over Quantity

When was the last time you watched a five minute video about someone you don’t know?

Even if your production quality is stunning and the video subject has the most endearing personality in the world, people will still check out if the video is too long. Shoot for somewhere between ninety seconds to two minutes.

It’s enough time to get the message across without being too long-winded.

9. Know Your Message

Speaking of getting a message across, make sure you know what that message is before you start filming. Do you want to mostly highlight job duties, or do you want to talk about personal fun facts and what people do outside of work?

If you want employees to talk about achievements that aren’t necessarily on their resume, it’s helpful to know ahead of time what angle you want to take. Knowing what your message should be will help you to keep your video focused and within a good time limit.

10. Tell A Story

Finally, one of the best things to keep in mind is to remember that you’re telling a story. It’s up to you to decide what kind of story you’re telling about each person, but keeping that in mind will help you to create a video that other people want to watch.

It’s not just a video resume or a bullet point list. Create a video that helps people outside of your company understand why you wanted each person to be part of your team.

Start Making Your Own Team Bio Video

Ready to get started making your own bio video for your team? We can help you create a top-quality product.

Viva Media is a full-service video production company. Our team includes experienced videographers, editors, and copywriters, and we’re passionate about what we do.

Find out how we can work together by requesting a free quote today.

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