What to Know About Ads in Your Video on Facebook

What to Know About Ads in Your Video on Facebook

Video content creators can easily drive revenue by utilizing ads. Facebook video is booming in popularity; it’s easy to share videos, and they attract a wide variety of Facebook users.

Therefore, it’s smart to enable Facebook video ads. But before you jump on the opportunity, it’s important to understand how Facebook video ads work and how your fans may respond.

Here’s a guide that tells you all about video ad placement and video on Facebook.

Understanding Facebook’s Video Ads

Facebook devised video ads as a way for brands to better market their products to their customers. Statistics state audiences view a video on Facebook five times more than they view any other kind of content.

It’s easy to understand why; you can scroll through Facebook, and most of the posts in your feed are videos.

Therefore, there’s a large market on Facebook.

Facebook makes these ads available at certain prices, ad lengths, and overall views. Facebook also measures other conversions, such as website visits and sales from the ad.

Ad placement depends on various factors, such as interests and target audience.

You Need to Fit Certain Requirements to Enable Facebook Video Ads

While everyone would like to make money on Facebook, your Facebook page needs to fit certain requirements.

Here are the ways brands can make money on Facebook video ads:

You Need to be a Major Brand

Facebook released video ads in 2015. At the time, only certain companies could enable video ads.

These were major companies who partnered with video on Facebook and have established leverage with a fan base and online presence. Examples included Fox, Funny or Die, and Tastemade.

Today, you can enable ads without being a major brand. But this still requires you to have an active fan base.

You Need to be an American Brand

If you and your brand are based in the United States, you can enable video ads.

However, the same doesn’t apply to international brands who use video on Facebook.

While it’s frustrating, Facebook video ads is still a new service. It’s predicted Facebook will extend its video ads feature to international users. But there’s no word on when exactly that will be.

You Have to Fill Out an Application

Facebook doesn’t provide a clear-cut explanation on who can enable ads and who can’t. Other than your country serving as a restriction, there aren’t any specific details concerning who can and who can’t place ads.

Instead, you fill out an application. This application asks you basic information, including:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Facebook Page URL
  • Your Facebook Page Title
  • Your Show
  • Your Show Description
  • If You Have Any Partners

After you fill out this application, it gets sent to Facebook. From there, Facebook either approves or denies your request.

It’s easy for any brand in America to fill out this application. However, video ad acceptance is strict.

Facebook will more than likely only approve accounts with a lot of likes, fan interaction, pages that have already utilized video extensively, and pages that are already monetized.

Facebook Video Ads are Different than YouTube Ads

Before discussing the differences, it’s best to first get out the similarities.

Facebook has a split revenue system: 55% goes to the content creator, and 45% goes to Facebook. This is exactly how YouTube does this.

However, there are far more differences.

When you scroll through Facebook, the videos are first displayed with the sound off. This also includes the ads.

Facebook places video ads differently than YouTube. That’s because viewers have an eight-second attention span when viewing videos.

When someone opens a video and immediately sees an ad, they’re discouraged and move into the next video.

This is why Facebook places mid-roll ads. You’ll already become engaged in the video. So when the ad finishes, you’ll continue watching.

YouTube ads play before you watch the video. Users go to YouTube specifically for longer and quality video content. Therefore, viewers are more likely to watch the ad.

Facebook also automatically plays suggested videos. Before the beginning of these videos, the ad will appear before the video. This is one of the few times Facebook plays an ad before the video content, similar to YouTube.

Ads in Facebook Live Videos

One of Facebook’s most popular tools is their live videos. Since so many brands utilize live video, Facebook found a way to monetize them.

If a live video lasts more than five minutes, Facebook places an ad that lasts no longer than fifteen seconds.

It seems really annoying — who will want to interrupt a live video?

But look back at live television, such as the SuperBowl. Commercials always played when there was a break in the segment.

When you watch a live video, there are times the correspondent is walking, changing positions, even talking to someone else. When Facebook notices there’s inactivity, they will stream an ad.

Your Viewers Might Not Like the Ads

Video ads can be annoying. It’s been a trend since the days before the internet — viewers skipped through commercials and movie-goers attended the theatre late to miss the previews.

If you conduct a search on Facebook video ads, you can find tutorials that show how to turn them off. Even other services are offering paid subscriptions to prevent intrusive ads.

Therefore, your fan base may not enjoy the video ads. They enjoy your content but are annoyed by the random ad interruption.

You care about your customers, but you need to drive revenue. You can easily post a disclaimer before every video to inform your viewers. Or, you can just utilize the ads and hope your viewers won’t mind.

Start Making Video on Facebook

The social network is always thriving with innovation, and videos are one of the ways Facebook is standing out. And with ads, video creators are able to monetize their videos easier than ever.

This feature is still under development, but soon all video creators can make money from video content.

Do you need help with video content? If you’re based in Toronto, we create amazing quality videos that will boost your social presence.

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