What to Look for in a Video Production Company

Getting ready to launch a video marketing campaign?

Want to make sure you have the very best video content?

When it’s time to create some great content for video marketing, it’s important that you find the right production company for the job. There are some things you’ll want to think about to make sure you’re making a great decision when choosing a company to work with.

Below are a few things you need to be looking for in a great video production company.

1. An Excellent Portfolio

Any high-quality video company should have a professional portfolio which shows off their best work and demonstrates what they’re capable of. Watching a video reel is the best way to quickly find out if a company is the real deal.

It’s important to check out a company’s video reel online before you get started with hiring them. If they don’t have a portfolio you can easily check out online you’ll need to ask for samples of their work.

Look over the videos and content they’ve created. Do the videos look professional? Do they have a specific style and will it work for your brand or business?

Make sure that the filming and editing are well done. Edits and changes should be smooth and seamless and the video should be pleasing to the eye.

2. Glowing Testimonials and Reviews

In addition to a portfolio, it’s important that you check out a video company’s testimonials and look for reviews on their business.

Testimonials on a company’s own website can be insightful, but don’t stop there. Online reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook can also be a big help in finding out if the company is professional and if they can be trusted to handle your project.

You should also ask to get in touch with a past client or two to discuss the company and see what their experiences were.

3. Great Communication

One of the most important things you need to look for in a video production company is their communication style. A video company or videographers who aren’t able to communicate well can be very difficult to deal with.

Videographers should be personable and friendly and the company should be able to easily ascertain what your vision is for a project. They should work hard to make their work compatible with your goals and expectations.

If there are any problems with production or if there is a delay when it comes to editing they should tell you about it and make sure you know what is happening.

4. The Ability to Stick to a Schedule

Unprofessional video companies often get behind and have a hard time staying on schedule. It’s important that a company is able to meet deadlineswhile still providing a great end result.

Even if a company completes the filming quickly, for example, they may still be extremely slow when it comes to editing. If they aren’t timely with their work and meet deadlines during every part of the production process, it can be frustrating. A company should prioritize meeting deadlines and always deliver your project when you need it.

It’s hard to find out beforehand how successful a company will be at staying on schedule. However, if you do your research beforehand by checking out reviews and testimonials, you may be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

A company’s communication abilities are also a good sign of whether you can expect them to stay on schedule. If they take forever to reply to emails or return phone calls they may be slow with other things as well.

5. A Passion for the Work

It’s also important that a video company is passionate about the work they’re doing. Try to assess if they take pride in their work by looking at their website carefully and when discussing your project with them.

Some video production companies will only see you as a paycheck and won’t care much about the quality of the work itself. However, when passionate people are involved they’ll have a focus on creating high-quality work. They’ll have very high standards for the videos they create no matter what its end purpose may be.

Ideally, look for a passionate company to work with. If you do, you’ll receive much better videos as a result.

6. Creative Skills

Surprisingly, creative skills are sometimes difficult to find in a video company. It’s important that you evaluate a video company’s creative thinking abilities by evaluating their portfolio work carefully beforehand and by discussing your project with them.

Some video companies will take a cookie cutter approach, providing the same style and look for a video for everybody they work with.

While the basic skills in the production process will be similar, great videographers should be able to move beyond the basics and inject some creativity into your project. A great video company will work hard to meet your specifications while also not being afraid to think outside of the box.

7. Specialized Expertise

Every video project will require different things and you’ll probably have different needs for your video project than others will. If there is a specific vision you have in mind for your video then you should find out if the company has the video production skills and expertise to deliver what you’re looking for.

Think about what kind of special skills or video styles you may be interested in having for your videos and ask what a company can provide before getting started. Make sure that they’ll be able to handle your project and provide any special effects, techniques, or services you’re looking for.

8. The Right Price

As you probably understand by now, not every video production company is the same, and some will be higher quality than others. Unfortunately, the quality and professionalism of a production company won’t always coincide with the cost of their services.

Many poor quality companies may charge a high price for their services while in other cases a professional and knowledgeable company will provide less than you would expect.

While you shouldn’t choose the absolute cheapest option, there isn’t a need to pay for the most expensive option you find either. Most of all, look for a company that provides the quality and services you need.

Choosing the Right Production Company

Choosing a video production company can take some time and effort but it doesn’t have to be too difficult. By remembering to look for the things above you’ll have a great time working with the company you choose and getting some great video content for whatever your needs may be.

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